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Author: Richard Carter

When we watch a movie it is fairly clear (unless we’re seeing a documentary made up of film clips of the actual events) that it is a sort of dramatization, an artistic effort by the film maker to tell a story. Even those that are labeled a true story generally have the fine points, the details so clouded with creative license, that the stories are made questionable at best. Take for instance “The Fourth Kind”, the most recent  example of a story reduced to mystery. The “Travis Walton Story” and other the films, likewise, seem strange when compared with the  initial facts. For those who have read the  recollections of Travis, you can see just how far a story can be twisted and elaborated on by a film maker and then offered up to the public.

I like the movie “Fire in the sky”.  I like it a lot, but I would have rather seen a film closer to the events and all the beings encountered in it. I believe the story would have had more value to  people who look to these films for aid, a visual representation of an important event.  The American public is used to being sold a bill of goods in many different ways. They know that politicians are as unpredictable as the weather, that products in the store are great today, but may be recalled after numerous deaths associated with them down the line a bit.

They know that in films, the phrase “a true story”  only means it will have elements of the truth, and sometimes very few of them.  I’m sure Mr Walton does his best at speaking engagements to remind the audience of this fact.  These situations are tragic because, I believe, there may be few subjects more important to mankind as a whole.  We know there were testings on portions of an  American public, unaware. We know there have been  incidents around the world that, at first, were known, in the beginning, by only a few.  That dubious relevance to our lives during that time of initial  ignorance  made it no less important and shocking once believable incontrovertible facts were finally brought to the public.

Reports of this kind and those of Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum, and hundreds if not thousands of others since then,  are issues just as important in their own way as the myriad of news stories that come across our TV screen.   As such they deserve a more stringent and respectful effort by film makers to adhere to the story,  why buy the rights to a story you have no intention in accurately  telling?  This only takes a very valuable, singularly important moment and belittles the experience the suffering of its victim.  It robs humanity of a desperately needed, fuller view into our reality, and the reality of the subjects we seek to mystify.   It is in it’s own way a cover up of sorts, maybe not devised in a government board room or even contrived for any other reason than better marketability .  It is still, whatever that motive, conscious or unconscious, a blinder . It is an effective way to keep the subject locked in a realm of uncertainty that won’t bring us closer to an enlightenment, but will instead always illicit from the public a  quizzical response.

Richard Carter


Fly the Friendly Skies?

Author: Lori Carter

Picture 1 – taken3/14/2011

It is a question that has plagued us for decades “What are chemtrails?” No matter where you live in the United States you are bound to look up at some time and see them. Rumors abound all over the Internet on what they are, who spreads them and the purpose behind them. They are more common, first in America and secondly in larger allied countries.

Some people believe they are covert operations by our own government, possibly spreading viruses, experimental biological substances and diseases. Population control, weather control, and just plain outright human experimentation are on the top of the list. Many government based groups insist they are normal waste from the jets, yet if you watch a regular jet fly next to one of these, you see that their trail evaporates within minutes instead of spreading out over the skies.

Picture 2 November 13, 2012 from Hospital lot

Conspiracy theorists claim the government uses these trails to create clouds to obstruct certain aerial activity from view of the populace. UFO’s flying through our skies, military plane convoys going from one place to another or spy drones observing our comings and goings and general activities are also high on the list of the beliefs for these man made cloud formations.

Scientists, biologists, and certain departments in the government claim that the air is being seeded with a combination of minerals that will help reflect some of the devastating rays that are causing global warming. Other sources claim that the government is trying to control the people by dropping sedating compounds on them, and still others claim they are spraying to kill their own biological experiments that have gone wrong and escaped into our friendly skies.

Will we ever know the truth? It is doubtful. Just because there have been many ex-military personnel that have come forward to assure us that UFO’s and extraterrestrials do exist and the government knows it, if someone came forward with proof of what is being sprayed in the air, exactly what would we be able to do about it?

Why would anyone want to crisscross a sparsely populated area of only about 17000 people, an area that is mainly made up of privately owned farms and properties, when the nearest commercial airport is KCI, just over 90 miles away and the closest military base is the Marine Corp. Mobilization Center approximately 80 miles away.

Picture 3- today – Taken from the Highschool

The pictures you see are numbered. The first one was taken just to the west of us (15 minutes from the border of Kansas) in March of 2011. The color was reversed to clearly show them.  The second was taken the other day, to the west again, just a couple blocks from our house, and yes, it is a very large chemtrail. The third was taken today from the hospital and high school parking lots, this time toward the northeast.

Author: Lori Carter

You can actually see about how tall this tree used to be

These pictures are unusual for one reason only. As you can see there is a big break near what looks like the top. This was one of the tallest trees in our yard. The breakage occurred a few months ago, I think around July or August, but because of all the leaves, we couldn’t see exactly where it was broken. We had thought it had been just a large branch. The funny thing about it was the morning we found this hanging across our driveway; there had been no storms or strong winds in the area.

Now that the leaves are mostly gone, we can clearly see that this was the trunk part of the very top of the tree. Looking at the thickness of the trunk and the breakage, we are baffled as to what could have caused this since this was a very healthy pecan tree which was always very green and leafy during the spring and summer.

If you take the part that is broken and hanging down and just imagine it standing straight up, you can see how tall the tree was. What could have broken our tree in such a way that it wasn’t just the top, but the break was many feet down the trunk. That would take some force, much more than any winds or storms we have had around here this year.

The morning we found this, there was no sign of damage to any of the other trees. Usually when there are high winds and strong storms we get a few, small dead branches on the ground from each tree the next day. As I said, the night before this, there was no storm or winds.

The length you see hanging is actually shorter than it originally was. Rich had to hack off quite a length of branches so we could get the car out of the drive way. Figure on about 3 more feet in length than what is presently visible, as the uppermost branches were actually touching the ground in the driveway after the breakage.

Remember, Richard has photographed objects near this area on some of our returns home as is shown in the picture below and the street view shared with us by Stone D’Arte in an Update on an Interesting sighting.

The front yard, not 30-40 feet from the damaged tree. Taken last year

Damaged trees and forestry is not new in UFO sightings. There have been several reports over the years that show they often come very close to homes and properties. I have listed a few links for you below.

I know what our theory is but we would like to hear yours. Are they getting too close?

This picture was taken on different night of the same area.


Salsberry, Mass. 1968


Rendlesham Forest

Poplar Bluff, MO. 1970’s

Virginia as reported to Mufon in January 2011

Author: Lori Carter

Our friend Stone D’Arte, from Toronto, Canada has sent us a picture of the street she had her sighting on with a few notes. We are including these notes and the picture here. Check back often, I am presently waiting on another person here near Rich Hill (13 miles down the road from us) to give me information about a sighting they had. Things seem to be getting very busy everywhere. Could it be a sign of something coming, who knows?

Didn’t know if you wanted a pic of the street that I saw it going down? Here it is if you do. This is the view I get looking out those windows, same level I was sitting at when I first saw it. I did stand up and run over to the windows with the kitties, so it would have changed my visual perspective some. I could see it better. I didn’t draw anything on it, was afraid it would block the view for you.

1. If you look down the street past the little white car and then a red car, that’s the street it went down, Dufferin St. There’s a big brick building on the opposite side of that street which seemed to be a good backdrop because it’s a solid huge building that runs almost a block long. The street that you can see pretty clear to the right is Temple, my street.

2. There’s another big old house that sits on that corner of Dufferin and Temple, and I could see the flashing and twinkling coming before it came past that house. This is why I first thought it was an emergency vehicle. When it came on into view I could see it very clearly in that blank area.

3. It moved kind of slow at first after coming into view. It also illuminated enough I could see the little white car and the people’s yards.  I could see it wasn’t on the street level.  It was above those little cars in height. I used the little white car as size reference. It seemed to turn but then didn’t. Maybe it just amped up the light, I don’t know because it got really bright-shining into my dining room. It went down a bit further and that’s when I couldn’t see the object itself anymore, only the light. It would have been behind those other houses I guess.

4. I could see the light even through all the trees. I got a good view again as it went up in the air and then gone out of sight.  When it zipped up and away, that was really fast.

Hope that makes sense.



Author: Richard Carter

One of the, sometimes, disturbing and delightful facets of our existence is the fact we never fully know what’s ahead.  Oh, we can make educated guesses or predictions, claiming to have had enough experience in one field to know the possibilities, but, “Surprise”, hey it’s just around the corner.

Such was the experience waiting for us last night; one that still has me as excited as I used to get just before a football game in high school, or as giddy as a girl must feel getting ready for her first prom.

I have no problem with it. I’m high as a kite and nothing stronger than Power-Ade has coursed through my veins.

There are experiences that mystify you and those that truly terrify you, but there are also those that leave you with a Cheshire cat grin for days. This is one of the reasons I push so hard at times, here, for you all to truly join us in this work, one, admittedly, we have strayed from as of late. The event, yes event, was one I relish, mostly because as the 10th century Arab traveler (Ahmad Ibn Fadlan) states so often in his real records and Michael Crichton’s -The Eaters of the Dead, “I saw it with my own eyes.”

A portion of each of our outings is the attention to the sky over our vehicle as we travel, not a paranoid view but an acknowledgment of the reality we have experienced in the past. Last night was relatively clear.  The Milky Way was visible, the vapory white among its constellations just beautifully there overhead. And it was in that very patch of sky it happened.

Around 7:30 we were on O-Highway, heading back north, and were looking for side roads to re-explore. I was leaning my head out the window looking up and started an experiment I often try.  We believe that the regular pulses of our flash from the camera have in the past on multiple occasions, possibly attracted some sort of visual activity overhead.  This is complicated to explain because the different types of phenomena have been quite varied.

In this case, I was just releasing occasional camera flashes straight up.  I had, only in this quick view of the sky, taken two pictures. The first, with the flash, was of course of nothing. The second, taken just before this happened, also showed nothing.  The flash setting was on auto with red eye reduction to remove the pink or purplish tint I was experiencing with other settings.

I Leaned out, not looking into the view finder, but holding the camera out away from my face, above it far enough up that I saw, not the fullness of the pulse of the flash as you would facing it , but only its halo or corona around the dark camera’s housing from behind and below.

I took this shot and the results were a as before, a bank screen filled with slightly tinted noise. But, what did happen was within a few seconds after the flash, maybe, just maybe, 2 seconds there was an answer from the sky. This wasn’t the tiny flashes or twinkles that YouTube is full of. It wasn’t a pin prick of light at a distance, or something in anyway comparable to a star. This was not a flash of light, a stretch of lightening like light. It was, instead, a concentrated circle of light at the end of my arm, possibly starting out 3 inches wide and pulsing out huge to 10 or 20 times that, still in a full circle of sudden light.

It had gone from 3 or 4 inches to, at my arm’s length, probably basketball size. The most interesting characteristic of this light was the fact that it had no point of dissipation towards the outer rim of its circumference.  It was as solid and bright at its rim as it was at its heart, it’s very center, and if this makes sense, it seemed slower in coming on and going away, and it didn’t seem abrupt in its transition.  The size I mentioned, when you guess at its expanse in the distant sky overhead must have been huge. The further away you would estimate it to be, seems to me, to only add to the reality of its size.

This, by itself, has me very excited, except it wasn’t the only sight of its kind.  This same method used again twenty or so minutes later, likewise ended in a strange result. This time, holding the camera again as high away from my face as was sensible, lying my head on the window, sill looking up stretching my arm up, I let go a flash. In return, a second or two later, it was as though the light bounced off something or it was temporarily illuminated as it moved away.

There was a long object or source of a light’s glow or a reflective surface of that shape that was there suddenly in view and then gone like it moved quickly away.  Possibly, in this case, the dull sort of light was a reflection, but why and what would there be that low over us with a tubular shape for light to rebound off of? With a light much different from the very intense warm white light of the earlier incident?

This was not the only oddity of the evening. We saw moving objects in the sky along the roadside and another bright light that resembled that of the one we chased or were accompanied by on F-Highway, a year or so ago, one we photographed and labeled the domino craft.

The evening, however, began with a strange fire, one just after the series of bridges on B- highway heading east in Rich Hill.   When we came upon it at first I thought it was a telephone pole, but was wrong and as I bailed out and ran over to it was clear it was one tree. What was strange about this was that it was in a wooded area where no other trees or bushes were ablaze. The tree was ripped with flame down one side only, and there were portions of it surely broken off, scattered on the ground throughout this area, some quite a distance from this shattered tree of some size.

Another truck had just pulled up or was leaving, and the men in it said there’s nothing to it. It was just a freak thing that occurred occasionally and it was contained. Lori asked if the fire dept. was on the way, and they answered “why it won’t go anywhere”.   I think my pictures show a scene a little less than in control, spread on in large burning chunks as though the top had been knocked off and strewn about.

I understand in nature that wild fires occur, that sometimes, for whatever reason, things ignite, but I also know something about the laws of gravity and for sizable chunks of burning wood to be strewn out over a 50 or 60 yard area from a single burning tree, one without a wide array of branches isn’t the regular pattern for a burning tree.  Most usually drop their incinerated limbs around their base. They don’t cast them out over a wide area.

What am I suggesting?  Generally it would be nothing, just a case of one more lesson about the misunderstood activity of nature, but I like to examine things within the frame of other events around them, to see if there a possible connection.   Asking these questions isn’t a reach for the bizarre, an effort to take something out of the realm of the natural and sculpt a new framework for its place in reality.   It is an attention to past experiences of others some quite famous that indicate that, often, when something is passing low through the night sky contact to trees occurs. If it was a small plane there would be proof of its place there among the fire that its wreck might have started. If it was a meteor, there is the chance it could have broken off a portion and scattered this about. It could have been hot enough to cause ignition in this contact and pieces aflame that dropped to the trees feet could have started the fire there.

In ufology, there are cases where a craft taking off and/or landing has caused fire where it passed too low over a section of woods and tore branches or the tops off. We know from the Betty Cash and Vicky Landrum case that great heat sometimes accompanies them. At a relative distance, their car became painfully hot to the touch. This, even as military helicopters descended around it and escorted it away.

Did a UFO cause the fire we found? It would be ridiculously irresponsible to assume it with so many other more natural origins for it? We have to also remember, not ten minutes away, the huge light was seen, this and other aerial objects we still can’t identify. It would be irresponsible, but in an ever increasing world of categorically fringe possibility, it must remain a viable theory  none the less.

Richard Carter,                        

We had mentioned earlier that we would be glad to post any other sightings and reports. We have mentioned some that were reported to us by a businessman, nurses at the hospital and a receptionist, all of who chose to remain anonymous. One our Facebook friends who lives in Canada posted a sighting she had on Thursday night and has agreed to allow us to re-post it here. Read it through, it is a very interesting and almost frightening sighting that shows, as she puts it “that they are getting braver” especially since the location is right in the city. Thank you Stone D’Arte for sharing this with us.

Stone D’Arte  Thursday November 8, 2012

Sitting here last night and had been thinking about the election and what may come next. I got up to shake it off, went to sit at the computer to check FB, and low and behold–I saw something pretty wild right out of my dining room windows. Let me describe-I’m situated on the top floor of the building and my dining room windows are huge, so I can see quite a ways out and over to the next main street. First I saw what I thought was an emergency vehicle with lights blaring coming down that street, as it came closer, I saw it was NOT a vehicle at all-just a ball of glowing bright light which appeared to have several colors. It gave effect of “twinkling and flashing”. It was NOT touching the street, but looked to be about 5 ft. above the surface. Approx.-the size of a small car. There was NO sound. It also seemed to turn towards my direction, but then zipped back down the street it had been on. It appeared to pick up speed and then I lost sight of it for a second or two. The next thing –I could see whatever it was-go upward into the sky slowly and then it zipped away completely out of sight. My view of that -was partially obstructed by tree tops. It twinkled and flashed the entire time that I could see it. This was about 1 am in the morning and from what I could tell our neighbors must of all been asleep-no lights on. The whole sighting was maybe 20 seconds. And nope I didn’t have time to grab the camera–if I had I would have missed it. This is in a downtown Toronto area-urban and heavily populated area. I know what I saw and that was not a car or an illusion. No alcohol or drugs in my system whatsoever. So, yes they’re getting braver.

Author: Lori Carter

What do we really know about the orbs that are often found in our pictures? Searching across the Internet, it seems that most of them are not seen by the naked eye, but found in the pictures later. I often wonder why that is? The only conclusion I can come up with is that they move faster than we can see, but a digital camera can catch them because it shoots within seconds. Maybe, they also have some kind of field around them, something that disturbs the air around them that hides them from the human eye, but a camera, not being human, can see through it. I don’t know the answers but there are reports of orbs, round balls and such in UFO, spiritual and paranormal reports.

Picture from Rich Hill area

This picture was recently sent to us by a friend in the Rich Hill area. You will notice a white orb in front of the bushes, behind the farm equipment. What is so interesting is that it was caught on camera in broad daylight. While Rich and I have caught some orbs at dusk, before all the light is gone, we have very seldom had one appear in broad daylight. In fact the only two I found in our archives was one out by Passaic and another one caught in the sky in front of storm clouds of 71 North as we were on our way to Orrick, Missouri.

Our friend asked us what we thought it might be. I suggested it could be spiritual, or maybe some kind of drone or, and I say this just as my opinion, it might be a dimensional door that opened for a few seconds. I see what looks like a square shaped shadow behind it. What do you think? The other pictures are just some samples of orbs, balls and such that we have captured on our cameras over the last three years.

Orb Caught during daylight- Passaic

First Picture/ Out East Dakota at dusk

Orb or Craft caught out by 1500 rd.






Orb by Rich at Island Mound