Author: Lori Carter

Picture 1 – taken3/14/2011

It is a question that has plagued us for decades “What are chemtrails?” No matter where you live in the United States you are bound to look up at some time and see them. Rumors abound all over the Internet on what they are, who spreads them and the purpose behind them. They are more common, first in America and secondly in larger allied countries.

Some people believe they are covert operations by our own government, possibly spreading viruses, experimental biological substances and diseases. Population control, weather control, and just plain outright human experimentation are on the top of the list. Many government based groups insist they are normal waste from the jets, yet if you watch a regular jet fly next to one of these, you see that their trail evaporates within minutes instead of spreading out over the skies.

Picture 2 November 13, 2012 from Hospital lot

Conspiracy theorists claim the government uses these trails to create clouds to obstruct certain aerial activity from view of the populace. UFO’s flying through our skies, military plane convoys going from one place to another or spy drones observing our comings and goings and general activities are also high on the list of the beliefs for these man made cloud formations.

Scientists, biologists, and certain departments in the government claim that the air is being seeded with a combination of minerals that will help reflect some of the devastating rays that are causing global warming. Other sources claim that the government is trying to control the people by dropping sedating compounds on them, and still others claim they are spraying to kill their own biological experiments that have gone wrong and escaped into our friendly skies.

Will we ever know the truth? It is doubtful. Just because there have been many ex-military personnel that have come forward to assure us that UFO’s and extraterrestrials do exist and the government knows it, if someone came forward with proof of what is being sprayed in the air, exactly what would we be able to do about it?

Why would anyone want to crisscross a sparsely populated area of only about 17000 people, an area that is mainly made up of privately owned farms and properties, when the nearest commercial airport is KCI, just over 90 miles away and the closest military base is the Marine Corp. Mobilization Center approximately 80 miles away.

Picture 3- today – Taken from the Highschool

The pictures you see are numbered. The first one was taken just to the west of us (15 minutes from the border of Kansas) in March of 2011. The color was reversed to clearly show them.  The second was taken the other day, to the west again, just a couple blocks from our house, and yes, it is a very large chemtrail. The third was taken today from the hospital and high school parking lots, this time toward the northeast.