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Author: Lori Carter

We haven’t posted for a while because we wanted to think over what direction our research should take and whether we should continue it at all. Our initial goal was to try to find out what happened to us in September 2009. Unable to find immediate answers we continued to observe, log and report what we found in our area, as far south as Nevada and as far north as Orrick. Even though we have thought about backing off from the research just because of the emotional aspects it brings to our minds of our initial abduction, we only have to go a little distance from our home to find anomalies that are not normal, even when we are not looking for them.

 Chemtrail Picture 1 - taken3/14/2011

Chemtrail Picture 1 – taken3/14/2011

I did a post not long ago entitled Fly the Friendly Skies. I received comments from a gentleman that was trying to convince me that all the “Chemtrails” we see in our “friendly skies” are normal and harmless. Soon after that a friend and co-researcher from Canada sent me a link. As I looked at the information, I decided to do a bit of searching and found that this one report is all over the internet. It was air analysis of Chemtrails in a certain area.

Taken November 13, 2012 from Hospital lot

Taken November 13, 2012 from Hospital lot

While you do not see much on Chemtrail analysis, it is because most researchers do not have the means or the funds to do this type of research. This study was done in 2010 and just recently released. It was done by a college and backed by a politician. Since it is all over the internet, I have to assume it is actual or the school and the politician would have posted rebuttals or denials of the report.

I am including some pictures, just taken yesterday along with others we have gathered over time. The person who tried to convince me that this was normal asked for proof of the theories I had mentioned in the other article. I hope these links will suffice, since, as we all know, even with the freedom of information act, not all documents and information is released upon request. You be the judge.

Taken yesterday from the Walmart Parking Lot

Taken yesterday from the Walmart Parking Lot

It was suggested that I look at a map of commercial flight patterns across the state. I am still searching for such a map. The link I was given is for searching the flight patterns from one location to another of a particular airline. I do not have the time or ambition to look up how many different commercial airlines there are and map them out to every large city in the neighboring states around Missouri.

If anyone knows where I can find a complete map that shows the flight patterns of all commercial and military aircraft over our area, I would love to see it.

This bright, rainbow type light showed up in the middle of the chemtrails

This bright, rainbow type light showed up in the middle of the chemtrails

Additional links for you to look at,–congress-exceeds-billions-to-spray-populace-like-roaches.html

Dwindling Belief

Belief – A state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing.(Merriam Webster Dictionary)

Discernment-To detect with the eyes a figure approaching through the fog. To detect or sense other than vision. To recognize or identify as separate or distinct. To come to recognize mentally. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

Author: Richard Carter

Our lives are largely built on foundations of belief; it is a portion of almost every act and choice we make. We trust the hundreds if not thousands of drivers we pass on the other side of the yellow line to remain within that designated area. If we didn’t we’d never start our car and leave home.

We trust our children to be where they are expected during the day. We trust our mates to be loyal, and we trust that when we pay our bills those monies will be applied to that issue.

We even, in lesser forms of belief, rely on the responses from machines, such as the water to come on when we turn the nob, the lights to flash with a switch.  We trust that our food is of a safe quality; otherwise we’d never place it before our families.

From the moment we wake stumbling through the house in search of our clothes and toothpaste, we are reliant upon a string of faiths we use to function in a healthy unguarded fashion.  And sometimes our trust in another human is misplaced, and we’re disappointed, or maybe “ we” are the source of a similar disappointment felt by another.

Let’s face it, the power goes out and drivers sometimes stray across the yellow line. Belief and trust are not, in any way, an action that guarantees a certain outcome. But, that doesn’t stop us from getting up and inevitably trusting again, in a certain type person, or a make of product.

So, living an existence so laced with belief, why then is it so difficult for some to believe? NASA tells us about the makeup of atmospheres on planets we can barely see, some just specks in the swirl of space. They can tell us the temperature of Mercury, and categorize the asteroids of great size that may come close to the earth, or can they?

Recently a meteor passed earth near the moon.  It came into sight around 48 hours before it whizzed past.   The space agency that guards earth and its 7 billion inhabitants, as of October 31st 2011, who tell us of storms on Jupiter, misses something that could knock an eight hundred mile wide hole in earth, seeing it only two days away.    Many of us place great faith in science. My life has been bettered by it, but are we confused in that trust? Every man made institution, every organization has its weak link.

It seems, sometimes that these experts, as willing as they are to rest on their laurels, none the less will admit their present knowledge is like a drop in the sea. The Knowledge of all that is, is an open ended infinite thing, where we are forever the student.  So with this truth about our condition how any of us are so able, so qualified that we can make judgments, and create empirical guidelines for things they have never sought real answers for.    In a time of massive tensions in our country, with a large portion of the public so dissatisfied with our leadership that they have sought to have their states removed from the union, with countries positioning themselves around us  in a warlike posture, picking sides, our faith, and our dark belief in human nature seems confirmed.

America has been blessed.  In modern times our soil has been free of war.  We have had the luxury of commenting on such issues in the peaceful warmth of our homes with our daily requirements   our entertainments and the pleasure of our excess unhindered.

Will America know a time like Britain experienced in the blackouts of world war two, victim to more terrifying tools of destruction than mere bombs?   Are the recent near misses of meteors or asteroids, just warning of what’s to come?

In a time when the impossible becomes the daily, the new discovery or reality, what isn’t possible? One thing for certain, we can’t hide our heads from these realities.  We can’t rely on have faith in the decisions of men and women just as frail as we are, just as easily turned by public pressure  or political gain.

Our faith, our trust would be better spent on the one who warned us of this time, a time of dissolution, a dissolution hidden in the guise of our addiction to our gain.  Only now is the damage to the very structure of our country becoming more clearly evident. With our country broke, with people petitioning for removal from the union,  with violence on the rise and any remnant of our past ethics  treated like an inconsequential   joke, don’t we need to be a god fearing nation now more than ever before?

When asked my belief, I say a Christian, but I do it with a weak voice, knowing just how different my life at times can be from that, how wrong my thoughts and assumptions can be, but that doesn’t mean I’m unaware of what’s right. I was blessed by being born in a time that allowed me the memory of something better.

With the horrendous violence in the last week alone, there will, I’m sure, be more calls for gun control but in Beijing, China a man, on Friday stabbed 22 primary school students and an adult villager. Luckily none of the victims died. So is it really guns or the tools chosen for violence, are they the problem, or is it the glorification of their use in music and film that imbed this mentality of dissipating human worth in the young and old alike?  I think it is has to do with first the loss of parental rights to discipline our children, and then the following inevitable loss of control over them, one that is essential in a constructive society.

Without this, parents lose the ability to set guidelines within their homes  and create in their children an understanding of human value and worth. I could be wrong but I believe when parents were forced to accept this huge limitation in their child rearing, they drew back and have grown distant,  leaving their kids in an unconscious way to a system and society that has few positive role models. The hero of our day is the gritty anti-hero, the one whose feet are more on the side of willful lawlessness than on the side of common sense.  Drinking this in, these kids grow up to be the young man who opened fire on the students in Connecticut this morning.   Just like disease that lies malignant,  but unseen in the body, the lessons our young are learning are ones that not only take root but blossom in the darkest of ways .

In a country that sees nothing but the dollars, any new wave in music or fashion may bring arguments in opposition stand little chance.  Maybe it’s too late for our country to put on the brakes to alter our course. If that’s true then we need to find a new unity together so we have a chance facing the challenges ahead.   Belief in each other yes , faith in God?    I tend to see God as a very human being in many ways.  I guess he has the right to believe in us , to recognize us only as much as we do him. It’s time to turn away from petty differences, from our personal addictions, from our indulgences and go home while we still have time.

Lori and I would like to extend our condolences  to the families of those lost today, and those of the living trying to come to grip with this new all to0 regular presence in our lives.

Author: Lori carter

This question has been plaguing me for days. As I was going through some photos that we haven’t posted yet, I started thinking again “where do we go from here?” It has been 3 years and 3 months since our initial abduction(s). I do not believe we are any closer to finding out who/what accosted us in the woods east of town on that September night in 2009.


Domino craft

Archie alien

Alien in Archie

We initially contacted a “UFO” investigator when we realized we had missing time, no memories of events and voices that were on the tapes in the car. We were promised “regressions” and a lie detector test and advised against going public with what we thought had happened. The regressions and lie detector test were supposed to be administered to us free of charge, but that changed quickly to them asking us if our insurance would cover them, which of course it would not.

The investigator encouraged us to keep making our trips and wanted us to turn anything we found over to them right away. It was almost two years into the investigation when we found out that the investigator, who, by the way wanted to write a book about our experiences, had not turned out report into the organization but was investigating our case on their own. We immediately cut our contact off with this person and starting looking for a different investigator.

All we found were groups who wanted to chat online, see our pictures, and make comments. We ended up in several arguments and were actually accused of photo-shopping some of the photos. We have never done anything more to our photos than lighten, darken or enlarge them. Needless to say we stepped away from these groups also.

the shape is roughly oval yet possibly with a saucer like rim around its middle, my eyes cant figure it out, can yours?

the shape is roughly oval yet possibly with a saucer like rim around its middle, my eyes cant figure it out, can yours?

eye in tree

Eye in a tree

So here we sit, three years later. We have already run one car into the ground and are hoping the one sitting in the driveway will last a little bit longer. We don’t go out on runs as often or as far as we used to but still shoot the sky around us whenever we leave the house.


Grey in the woods

We have found some really strange entities, apparitions and craft in the pictures we have taken. We have had many harrowing and chilling experiences throughout the last years, some that included an indication that Rich had been taken out of the house a few times and came back with injuries that were unusual and unexplainable including coming to without his clothes out in a field a mile away from the house.


Greenish Grey under bridge in Passaic

We have photos of a grey in the woods, lighted domino type craft in the sky, a large awkward creature under a bridge, a figure in the field, faces of unknown creatures peeking out at us from between the foliage and Clem, the green guy that looks like a grey off the bridge out in Passaic. We have shared everything we have found, have been on a radio show, and have sent our pictures everywhere including newspapers and television stations, only to be utterly ignored.

One of our original motives for getting into these photographic studies, besides looking for the group we ran into, was to warn others in our small town of the possible weird and dangerous things they should be watching for.

Are burned out? Maybe just a little. Are we still interested in this subject? Absolutely, but we just don’t seem to have the gusto for the adventures that we once had. We will still study the skies, go on small trips and share what we do find, but in the end, what can we prove and what can we do about it.


Possible craft that followed us from Adrian

There are reports all around the world, day after day, of strange beings and craft. The funny part of this is the fact that many pictures that end up on the internet are familiar to us, for the reflect similar ones we posted a few months ago, a year ago and even three years ago.

We have discussed many subjects on our website including aliens, UFO’s, paranormal, spiritual, and criminal events. We have even discussed the possibility of dimensions, elves, fairies and such. The fact remains that there is a lot of strangeness out there that we had never once thought about, and now it is an everyday subject in our lives.



So where do we go from here? All of this has become a big part of our life, so the research will continue, and whether we ever find out the truth or not, we will continue to share our findings with anyone who is willing to open their eyes and see.

The pictures posted are reminders of what we have found in the last three years, and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

jurt 001One of the most frustrating, yet stimulating, facts about this study is that you’re always going to be that sophomore in high school.  By that, I mean we’re never going to graduate, never going to know in a complete sense the sum total of knowledge in this subject, we won’t even get close.   I have had, during this learning process, to adjust my thinking and shave away a great deal of my skepticism. I’d be a liar if I said the visual portion of our data wasn’t largely responsible for it. But in this I’m referring to photos of odd machines and vehicle like objects in the sky or strange figures moving about in the fields and woodlands. The issue, I’m bringing up today, needs no proving. It is not a question of the proper interpretation of a distant light; it isn’t a guess at what was on a hillside, or swimming at the vague distance below. Its proof is solid. I can walk up to it and touch it.

Our problem began two days ago when we realized that a modification, a repair had taken place in our home. Until two days ago there had been a large crack an inch wide in places, long and irregular. It stretched across the ceiling where a bay window attaches to the house on the north side.  It had appeared rather quickly so I hadn’t ruled out it was settling of the house. I had no other logical explanations for it, and aside of plans to fix it, I had few other thoughts about it. I was as concerned as Lori was about the size of the gap an inch or wider in places; you could see the lathing strips through it.

But something happened, and it almost feels stupid to complain about a fix instead of a problem, except we had nothing to do with it, had no knowledge of it. (We are certain of this) Oh, we spoke on a number of occasions about making it a priority, but, you must understand that I was consciously steering away from the project because I didn’t yet have the mesh I wanted to use to overlap over the opening.  This could not have been done by either of us alone for good reason. . During our waking hours we are together generally in the same room or only a doorway away separated for very short periods of time. Lori has problems of balance due to previous head injuries in her youth. I was born with epilepsy, treated, yes, but I have dizzy spells occasionally, and for mutual reasons we both look out for the other.

Finally, this adds up to neither of us being ninja like in our movements through the house. Neither of us could be graceful nor quiet enough to work on a ladder without the other knowing. Neither of us takes naps during the day, and again if one of us did the other would be roused by the smallest sounds.  Both of us have lived in areas with a high crime rate, and been victims of violent crime, so we learned over the years to sleep light.  I can’t imagine either of us could, in a crowded room, try to balance on a ladder with a trowel full of some sort of wood putty, work over our head, not without the other behind them, below to steady them. It would be a noisy, messy operation to fill a crack wider than my fingers in places in a 7 foot stretch of separated ceiling. There is this and the fact that I believe her when she says she knows nothing about it.

I think the heart of the problem here isn’t that a needed home repair has taken place; it’s that a situation has occurred, something we have no memory of.    Lori and I take pride in our accomplishments as small as they may be and if either of us had done that, fixed the ceiling, we’d still be walking by it in proud moments of satisfaction, commenting about it.  Another disturbing point is that it looks like it was repaired a long time ago.  Finally, we don’t have the paint that would be necessary to blend the repair into the rest of the ceiling. We have only had a complete absence of memory over an important event once before, and that was the nights of our abductions which included strange human voices on our recorder.

So, what possibilities are there? We are buying the house from a very decent man, but one who now leaves these issues to us, to the people buying the house. No, I don’t expect it is even a remote possibility.  Besides, he is very ill, and doubtlessly his money is being spent for his treatments, not hiring repairmen to fix buyer’s houses without their knowledge. He would not be planning this for the short periods we’re out of the house!!  With no key to our new locks, it’s illogical.   Also there would be the smell of the fresh paint. So what else?

Nothing is quite as disconcerting as the belief that others have been in your home. In this scenario, someone has a way in and is there long enough to perform a fairly lengthy repair job. I’ve resurfaced walls, worked with mortar and trowels, repaired and replaced whole walls. I know it is not a quick job. It doesn’t dry quickly enough, and finally gravity works against you.  The wider the openings, the higher the chance of the bonding agent free falling out of the gap, hence the reason I planned to purchase the mesh.

Yes this is the “Midnight Observer” and not “This Old House” and yes, there is a bizarre parallel I’d like to mention. A year or so back, I was involved in meditation research.  During my exercise I would take breaks and get up and walk through the dark house and stretch my legs, carrying the camera along. I would take pictures from the kitchen through the rest of the house occasionally.  In one I found what appeared, in the picture, to be an opening in one of the walls directly facing me. It was like a near perfect square suddenly opening in the wall. Within it was what appeared to be a possible figure, almost stepping down into it. This was not visible to my eyes or at least I was unable to recognize it.

This was all visible through the doorway to that room, that bay window area on the north side of the house.  Now before you say okay, it could have been the shapes of the windows in that bay area, well, no it couldn’t have been. The man we’re buying this house from had not been able to fix the windows in this space and had boarded them up. This was all painted a very even, light tan shade,  boarded over windows and the walls all the same light shade.  The vantage point down the hallway  of my camera was not barred by furniture. There was no explanation for the dark square about 6 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide; this in the same bay window area the healing of the ceiling takes place.

We’ve examined the logical, the physical possibility that reasoning adults would first examine, but that said, let’s wander a bit and talk about other scenarios, theories  far from new others out there a bit more.  Maybe  this person, a stalker of some kind, like (Dwaine Chilliness), might have been watching us, waiting for us to leave and then picked the locks and entered the house. To do what? To rob us? To lie in wait in a closet to kill us? Or to grab the ladder and joint putty and fix our ceiling???

We have a policeman living next door, within view of our back porch entrance to the house. He is aware of the previous problems we’ve had with a stalker. Would you take that kind of chance breaking and entering just to do home repairs knowing they could return at any time?? I can hear the laughter at the police dept. right now as you try to explain that one.

From there you better get the friendly councilor and the white coat that ties in back ready,,  because the last of the theories vying for the role of possibility is just plain out there.  It is  about Unusual suspects,  and not ones you can round up on the corner or around the block at the bar.  These suspects are from way out of town . Its about realms , dimensions and a possible method that some travelers might use. And frankly, to even begin this portion of the conversation and explain these notions, I can’t strongly enough emphasize  its  of a highly hypothetical nature.

Dimensions; Imagine you had the ability to travel between them, well  maybe not travel between them as much as overlap them.  What if you had this method down to a science? What if you had a highly accurate kind of correlations and computations, allowing you to plan the meeting of the two down to the inch?  They could be so precise you could remain within a building in your dimension and pick an exact spot in another and not necessarily move, but instead, align the two locations together, ever so slightly overlaping them. Maybe you could bring them together in such a way, that for all useful purposes, this target would be attached  to your building at the point of this overlapping. This dwelling  and the room you wished to enter would be open to you through this breach caused by the connection, by the overlapping.

In this way abductions or scientific forays could be performed with the least visibility, with the least trauma for your subjects, giving you optimal access to them and everything in their environment.  But lets say   maybe you put a little too much zing in the “way back machine” and you cracked the roof of your subjects home,,,. No problem. This system would give you easy access to return at the right time for repairs once you realized your mistake.  ( Yea, the stalker with the lock pic kit and the  home repairs fetish sounds more reasonable all the time.)

Richard Carter

 Note: There are cultures that still believe in unseen creatures, ones that sometimes plant crops, repair fences, and mend buildings for the people they like.