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Author: Lori Carter

Lights at the Sheriffs Dept.

Lights at the Sheriffs Dept.

Sunday, March 10, 2013 and it’s raining outside again. I wonder if we will experience the same thing tonight that we did last night. Butler, “The Electric City”, so named for being the first city west of the Mississippi River to have electricity loses power whenever the weather changes. If it rains, if it snows, if it is hot, or if it blows you should automatically start reaching for your flashlights. They usually get it back on pretty quick, and it usually only goes out in pockets.

If our electricity goes off, we can usually see lights on one block to the south of us, and one block to the north. If it is evening, you can usually see the glow of other lights around town reflected on the horizon or off the clouds overhead, but last night was different. Last night the whole town was plunged into darkness for close to two hours.

I had just set my watch ahead, from eleven to twelve, as we were getting ready to shut everything down for the night. The lights flickered off, not once or twice, but five times before we were plunged into total darkness. Luckily I already had a flashlight nearby because of the forecast of thunderstorms. Another odd thing about this was the fact there was no thunder near the time the electric went off. We heard a few very distant rumbles a few hours before.

What is strange about this scenario, is the fact that they flickered so many times before they went off, that the whole city, with the exception of the Sheriff’s office and the county jail was plunged into complete and utter blackness and the fact that it was off for so long. I have never seen it this way in the almost six years that I lived here and Richard says he doesn’t ever remember it happening this way in the almost thirty years he has been here.

Within a few minutes, I found myself standing at the north facing window of the house, looking out over a darkened city as I watched Richard walk down the sidewalk, north toward the square. I checked my watch, five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes I stood there shivering, not sure if it was fear setting in or the lack of heat in the house.

As I stood there, I realized “this is how it could happen”. One little town at a time, plunged into total darkness just about the time most people are getting ready for bed. Everyone just shrugs it off, goes ahead and says their good-nights and wanders off into the slumber of the unaware.

Whether it would be a military power, our own government, some radical militia group, criminals, a super storm or an actual alien invasion, how much simpler could you make it. Everyone wakes up the next morning, unaware of what might have taken place overnight. Maybe several have disappeared from their homes, maybe your block is surrounded by military trucks, or soldiers come knocking at your door. Maybe none of this happens right away and you just sit there, waiting for the electricity to come back on.

All it would take would be several smart bombs aimed at the right targets. Smart bombs originated with the Germans in 1943, how much more exact could they have been developed by now. A smart bomb is aimed at a particular target, with less explosive force to take out that target with minimal damage to surrounding property and structures. It has been determined that one or two E-Type smart bombs, strategically aimed could knock out all the power within their radius of effect.

We bought a little transistor radio a few weeks ago when the two snow storms that hit were predicted, only to find out that it would only pick up one station, the local station, which on weekends might be pre-recorded. We were unable to get any information that would explain this strange blackout.

Technology is a large part of our lives. People don’t buy daily or weekly newspapers like they used to. They watch the news on cable television, scroll through it on the internet, or listen to it with their earphones. No one waits for a letter from a relative. They simply e-mail, text or call them.

What would happen if the whole nation was plunged into darkness, or the whole world for that matter? If all the grids were taken down at once, there would be no way of communication.

Maybe it’s time to look into the way they lived in the middle ages. How did they cook? Where did their food come from? How did they protect themselves? How did they live?

Take into consideration that HAARP is rumored to have been the cause of some of these super storms while some scientists believe that a pole shift has caused the super storms that hit areas like New York, New Orleans and other states on the East Coast. Thousands were plunged into darkness for longer periods of times than we were. Maybe these are practice sessions to start teaching us how to survive should the technology and energy grids go by the wayside.

I guess it is time to get a better radio, stock up on more of each kind of battery and maybe look at a way to cook outside. Whether it is martial law, meteors or asteroids or sun flares, whether it is a military take over from our government or that of another nation or whether it is an alien invasion or a multitude of super storms, we could eventually find ourselves thrown back in time, to the days when people actually had to live without the conveniences and technology we have in our lives today.

jurt 001One of the most frustrating, yet stimulating, facts about this study is that you’re always going to be that sophomore in high school.  By that, I mean we’re never going to graduate, never going to know in a complete sense the sum total of knowledge in this subject, we won’t even get close.   I have had, during this learning process, to adjust my thinking and shave away a great deal of my skepticism. I’d be a liar if I said the visual portion of our data wasn’t largely responsible for it. But in this I’m referring to photos of odd machines and vehicle like objects in the sky or strange figures moving about in the fields and woodlands. The issue, I’m bringing up today, needs no proving. It is not a question of the proper interpretation of a distant light; it isn’t a guess at what was on a hillside, or swimming at the vague distance below. Its proof is solid. I can walk up to it and touch it.

Our problem began two days ago when we realized that a modification, a repair had taken place in our home. Until two days ago there had been a large crack an inch wide in places, long and irregular. It stretched across the ceiling where a bay window attaches to the house on the north side.  It had appeared rather quickly so I hadn’t ruled out it was settling of the house. I had no other logical explanations for it, and aside of plans to fix it, I had few other thoughts about it. I was as concerned as Lori was about the size of the gap an inch or wider in places; you could see the lathing strips through it.

But something happened, and it almost feels stupid to complain about a fix instead of a problem, except we had nothing to do with it, had no knowledge of it. (We are certain of this) Oh, we spoke on a number of occasions about making it a priority, but, you must understand that I was consciously steering away from the project because I didn’t yet have the mesh I wanted to use to overlap over the opening.  This could not have been done by either of us alone for good reason. . During our waking hours we are together generally in the same room or only a doorway away separated for very short periods of time. Lori has problems of balance due to previous head injuries in her youth. I was born with epilepsy, treated, yes, but I have dizzy spells occasionally, and for mutual reasons we both look out for the other.

Finally, this adds up to neither of us being ninja like in our movements through the house. Neither of us could be graceful nor quiet enough to work on a ladder without the other knowing. Neither of us takes naps during the day, and again if one of us did the other would be roused by the smallest sounds.  Both of us have lived in areas with a high crime rate, and been victims of violent crime, so we learned over the years to sleep light.  I can’t imagine either of us could, in a crowded room, try to balance on a ladder with a trowel full of some sort of wood putty, work over our head, not without the other behind them, below to steady them. It would be a noisy, messy operation to fill a crack wider than my fingers in places in a 7 foot stretch of separated ceiling. There is this and the fact that I believe her when she says she knows nothing about it.

I think the heart of the problem here isn’t that a needed home repair has taken place; it’s that a situation has occurred, something we have no memory of.    Lori and I take pride in our accomplishments as small as they may be and if either of us had done that, fixed the ceiling, we’d still be walking by it in proud moments of satisfaction, commenting about it.  Another disturbing point is that it looks like it was repaired a long time ago.  Finally, we don’t have the paint that would be necessary to blend the repair into the rest of the ceiling. We have only had a complete absence of memory over an important event once before, and that was the nights of our abductions which included strange human voices on our recorder.

So, what possibilities are there? We are buying the house from a very decent man, but one who now leaves these issues to us, to the people buying the house. No, I don’t expect it is even a remote possibility.  Besides, he is very ill, and doubtlessly his money is being spent for his treatments, not hiring repairmen to fix buyer’s houses without their knowledge. He would not be planning this for the short periods we’re out of the house!!  With no key to our new locks, it’s illogical.   Also there would be the smell of the fresh paint. So what else?

Nothing is quite as disconcerting as the belief that others have been in your home. In this scenario, someone has a way in and is there long enough to perform a fairly lengthy repair job. I’ve resurfaced walls, worked with mortar and trowels, repaired and replaced whole walls. I know it is not a quick job. It doesn’t dry quickly enough, and finally gravity works against you.  The wider the openings, the higher the chance of the bonding agent free falling out of the gap, hence the reason I planned to purchase the mesh.

Yes this is the “Midnight Observer” and not “This Old House” and yes, there is a bizarre parallel I’d like to mention. A year or so back, I was involved in meditation research.  During my exercise I would take breaks and get up and walk through the dark house and stretch my legs, carrying the camera along. I would take pictures from the kitchen through the rest of the house occasionally.  In one I found what appeared, in the picture, to be an opening in one of the walls directly facing me. It was like a near perfect square suddenly opening in the wall. Within it was what appeared to be a possible figure, almost stepping down into it. This was not visible to my eyes or at least I was unable to recognize it.

This was all visible through the doorway to that room, that bay window area on the north side of the house.  Now before you say okay, it could have been the shapes of the windows in that bay area, well, no it couldn’t have been. The man we’re buying this house from had not been able to fix the windows in this space and had boarded them up. This was all painted a very even, light tan shade,  boarded over windows and the walls all the same light shade.  The vantage point down the hallway  of my camera was not barred by furniture. There was no explanation for the dark square about 6 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide; this in the same bay window area the healing of the ceiling takes place.

We’ve examined the logical, the physical possibility that reasoning adults would first examine, but that said, let’s wander a bit and talk about other scenarios, theories  far from new others out there a bit more.  Maybe  this person, a stalker of some kind, like (Dwaine Chilliness), might have been watching us, waiting for us to leave and then picked the locks and entered the house. To do what? To rob us? To lie in wait in a closet to kill us? Or to grab the ladder and joint putty and fix our ceiling???

We have a policeman living next door, within view of our back porch entrance to the house. He is aware of the previous problems we’ve had with a stalker. Would you take that kind of chance breaking and entering just to do home repairs knowing they could return at any time?? I can hear the laughter at the police dept. right now as you try to explain that one.

From there you better get the friendly councilor and the white coat that ties in back ready,,  because the last of the theories vying for the role of possibility is just plain out there.  It is  about Unusual suspects,  and not ones you can round up on the corner or around the block at the bar.  These suspects are from way out of town . Its about realms , dimensions and a possible method that some travelers might use. And frankly, to even begin this portion of the conversation and explain these notions, I can’t strongly enough emphasize  its  of a highly hypothetical nature.

Dimensions; Imagine you had the ability to travel between them, well  maybe not travel between them as much as overlap them.  What if you had this method down to a science? What if you had a highly accurate kind of correlations and computations, allowing you to plan the meeting of the two down to the inch?  They could be so precise you could remain within a building in your dimension and pick an exact spot in another and not necessarily move, but instead, align the two locations together, ever so slightly overlaping them. Maybe you could bring them together in such a way, that for all useful purposes, this target would be attached  to your building at the point of this overlapping. This dwelling  and the room you wished to enter would be open to you through this breach caused by the connection, by the overlapping.

In this way abductions or scientific forays could be performed with the least visibility, with the least trauma for your subjects, giving you optimal access to them and everything in their environment.  But lets say   maybe you put a little too much zing in the “way back machine” and you cracked the roof of your subjects home,,,. No problem. This system would give you easy access to return at the right time for repairs once you realized your mistake.  ( Yea, the stalker with the lock pic kit and the  home repairs fetish sounds more reasonable all the time.)

Richard Carter

 Note: There are cultures that still believe in unseen creatures, ones that sometimes plant crops, repair fences, and mend buildings for the people they like.

Author: Lori Carter

Our friend Stone D’Arte, from Toronto, Canada has sent us a picture of the street she had her sighting on with a few notes. We are including these notes and the picture here. Check back often, I am presently waiting on another person here near Rich Hill (13 miles down the road from us) to give me information about a sighting they had. Things seem to be getting very busy everywhere. Could it be a sign of something coming, who knows?

Didn’t know if you wanted a pic of the street that I saw it going down? Here it is if you do. This is the view I get looking out those windows, same level I was sitting at when I first saw it. I did stand up and run over to the windows with the kitties, so it would have changed my visual perspective some. I could see it better. I didn’t draw anything on it, was afraid it would block the view for you.

1. If you look down the street past the little white car and then a red car, that’s the street it went down, Dufferin St. There’s a big brick building on the opposite side of that street which seemed to be a good backdrop because it’s a solid huge building that runs almost a block long. The street that you can see pretty clear to the right is Temple, my street.

2. There’s another big old house that sits on that corner of Dufferin and Temple, and I could see the flashing and twinkling coming before it came past that house. This is why I first thought it was an emergency vehicle. When it came on into view I could see it very clearly in that blank area.

3. It moved kind of slow at first after coming into view. It also illuminated enough I could see the little white car and the people’s yards.  I could see it wasn’t on the street level.  It was above those little cars in height. I used the little white car as size reference. It seemed to turn but then didn’t. Maybe it just amped up the light, I don’t know because it got really bright-shining into my dining room. It went down a bit further and that’s when I couldn’t see the object itself anymore, only the light. It would have been behind those other houses I guess.

4. I could see the light even through all the trees. I got a good view again as it went up in the air and then gone out of sight.  When it zipped up and away, that was really fast.

Hope that makes sense.



Author: Lori Carter

What do we really know about the orbs that are often found in our pictures? Searching across the Internet, it seems that most of them are not seen by the naked eye, but found in the pictures later. I often wonder why that is? The only conclusion I can come up with is that they move faster than we can see, but a digital camera can catch them because it shoots within seconds. Maybe, they also have some kind of field around them, something that disturbs the air around them that hides them from the human eye, but a camera, not being human, can see through it. I don’t know the answers but there are reports of orbs, round balls and such in UFO, spiritual and paranormal reports.

Picture from Rich Hill area

This picture was recently sent to us by a friend in the Rich Hill area. You will notice a white orb in front of the bushes, behind the farm equipment. What is so interesting is that it was caught on camera in broad daylight. While Rich and I have caught some orbs at dusk, before all the light is gone, we have very seldom had one appear in broad daylight. In fact the only two I found in our archives was one out by Passaic and another one caught in the sky in front of storm clouds of 71 North as we were on our way to Orrick, Missouri.

Our friend asked us what we thought it might be. I suggested it could be spiritual, or maybe some kind of drone or, and I say this just as my opinion, it might be a dimensional door that opened for a few seconds. I see what looks like a square shaped shadow behind it. What do you think? The other pictures are just some samples of orbs, balls and such that we have captured on our cameras over the last three years.

Orb Caught during daylight- Passaic

First Picture/ Out East Dakota at dusk

Orb or Craft caught out by 1500 rd.






Orb by Rich at Island Mound

Author: Lori Carter

We varied our route somewhat from what was stated last night. We didn’t actually get on the road until 7:18 after we got gas. We took the route out 52 West with a left turn onto “V” as planned. We then took a left on 1002, which goes by the pig farm we had the pictures of the weird hand in the dumpster from. The area around the pig farm has changed, The gate was open, but the house that sat at the top of the farm is gone. It is unknown whether it was torn down or if some natural catastrophe happened. The dumpster where we found the deformed “pig” appendage are no longer up by the gate, so we just kept going and did not linger.

Our method for shooting pictures is simple. We drive slowly down the roads, stopping for a few seconds, enough time to shoot one or two pictures into areas that draw our attention. We are using two cameras now instead of one. I shoot a picture off to my side when we stop, and often shoot up the road and behind us as we go. This is more of a precaution than research, because we believe that the human element in our abduction could have approached us from the rear.

We continued, crossing over 7001 at 7:43, crossing 5001 at 7:58 and driving past Island Mound (the site of a famous Civil war battle.) We turned around at K Highway at 8:04 and decided to go back the way we came instead of taking “K” to “52” and back into town. We stopped at Island Mound on the way back, and Richard walked the fence line. I took this picture of him as he stood inside the gate. You can clearly see an orb up to the left of him. If you enlarge the picture you can see that it was in motion.

Orb Moving toward Richard at Island Mound


We continued down 1002 back to “V”, went left on “52” at 8:49 toward Butler. We decided to take a detour on the way down the dairy road. We call it this because it runs behind a Dairy Farm on “52” but we haven’t been able to locate a street sign. We had found several oddities along this road on previous trips. We drove down, over the bridge, and turned around just past a hunting cabin. We went down “Dairy” road at 8:55 and exited there around 9:20. We arrived home at 9:35. As far as we can tell, we did not lose any time on this trip. We will share the findings of our photos after Richard has had time to process them all.

48 Hours

You understand that we are always trying to be aware of our surroundings. We always keep a camera nearby. Yet, there are certain events that stand out above the rest, that are jarring reminders of the reasons we take this so seriously.

Two nights ago was just such an evening.

I was out on a regular trip, a necessity. It is one that takes place every 48 hours. During the summer months, I make this trip by bicycle. It allows me to enjoy the evening air and contribute further to the regimen of exercise that I’ve found is vital to my overall health.

This, and the fact there are a lot of things I’ve never outgrown, one of which is my love of riding. Lori, is at these times safe, visiting with my mother who has a carry and conceal permit ,,and a  large Doberman named Mindy.

I had started, as I finished my chore, going down a little further to the west, to the railroad trestle and the mound I’ve written of on many occasions, just one of the hot spots in town. It is usually dark by this time, roughly 9:00 at night.

In our hundreds patrols around the overall Bates County area, on many occasions we’ve had a follower,

a light or set of lights once close enough to make our contact with our jeep’s roof. On foot, as well, we’ve not only had lights but visible structures flying over us. Not just within the city limits, but in the very heart of town (the 10 block area in which the Courthouse is centered). So, every time I go out with Lori or alone I know the chance is there.

I had gotten in and they had finished with me quickly, and as I left, I already knew there was a good cloud cover overhead hidden in the darkness. I turned and rode with the bike’s light on, west towards the mound. It was only a few blocks to the corner, past the football and track field, and then to the very dark, seldom lit spot, that stretched a city block or more on the other side of the trestle.                                                                                                                                                               

I was at the intersection, only lit by the eastern sources of light overhead and behind me. The trestle was only 40 ft or less away. Through the opening below it, a streetlight illuminated a patch of road at the far corner of the block. This was the backdrop I saw something move against. The area of road illuminated was far enough away that nothing in the foreground of view could be completely revealed in it.

I’m not about to guess at height, but the figure moved across the street with what might have been chest shoulders and head illuminated by the back drop. It was crossing to the north. This placed it in the general vicinity of the mound area.

To explain this better; as you pass beneath the low trestle, you immediately are met by two walls of foliage. The one to the south bearing view of the saw mill, and the other to the North, following the western slope and ridge the Trestle is laid upon.

To the west of this, well within a hundred feet is the Mound, itself and to it’s west is the old, deserted CO-OP building and further to the north sits a dog food plant.

After seeing the form move by, just a dark silhouette, I instantly knew it wasn’t an animal. No known animal is of that height and structure.

So, I figured it had to be a person, for some reason not wanting to be seen, avoiding the open street. Any number of explanations could be the reason for it. None I could think of were good and I decided not to go through, but felt myself heading across the street down into the hollow and through the opening anyway.

On the other side, I stopped as quick as I could, stepping off the bike with it in between me and whoever was to the north, visible nowhere.

The street, to my left, was the best lit area. I was facing the brush with the trees and the slope to my north. There was heavy movements in the brush and among the trees. I looked up the slope to see if the figure was climbing to cross over to the other side. There was nothing and the sounds weren’t receding into the distance. They were as close in their proximity as the first noises heard, very close.

I clicked a few flashes at the area the sounds were coming from, but in the light of each flash there was nothing visible that I could make out during their short bursts. I took 3 there in that initial spot. I pointed the bike’s light into the area sweeping it, and not hearing anything else swung a leg over my bike and onto the pedal and prepared to move a little closer to the mound to take a few more.

Now, what happened next would have to have been funny to an observer. No one or nothing had rushed me or made a menacing statement from the dark. I couldn’t find anything there in my immediate view so I reasoned it/they had gotten far enough back out of sight and were just waiting for me to leave.

It wasn’t by any means the scariest situation during our investigations of the area, so I figured it a curious event like many others and prepared to move on, only I couldn’t leave (I couldn’t move). I had started to stepped up onto the pedals and just couldn’t move a muscle. The bike fell over into the sparse tall dead grass and dirt, the bike half in the road, half out of it with the light still on.

I didn’t make a rush at getting up, knowing my position was not good. A car might come through and not see me till it was too late, or the noise I heard might begin again, this time coming towards me.

I just laid there like I had no place to be. The stuff in my back pack sandwiched between me and the ground. It wasn’t that I wasn’t trying to get up, i couldn’t.

When I was able to, I noticed that I wasn’t scratched up, but i did have an odd aching a tingling in my right hand towards the finger tips  The only thing similar I’ve ever experienced was during the worst portion of a hospital stay in the city. They kept me asleep as much as possible (out of it) but I woke once hearing their voices around me. I wanted to let them know I was awake but couldn’t talk. I couldn’t move. I was wide awake inside, in terror thinking I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move a muscle. I tried to make my eyes bulge or jump to make them move, so one of the nurses might see. Finally I heard one’s voice saying hey he’s coming around, in a minute I was once more asleep. But this was a drug induced situation ordered by a doctor.

The differences are that in the street episode I wasn’t scared, I was aware I couldn’t move but it was okay. I got up, but didn’t take pictures of the mound as I’d planned earlier. Instead, for no good reason, I turned and rode back out through the trestle, stopped on the other side and walked along the east face of it taking pictures. I heard movement through brush, but it was fainter leading me to believe whatever or whoever was there was moving along the western side, possibly monitoring my progress.

I went home with no further incident. Lori and I walked the bike home together the last few blocks, after I stopped for her at my mothers home. The pictures reflect a much different trip home, with presences near us we were completely unaware of.

In closing I need to add that 80 percent of the places we examined during the study were areas I’d never seen before, places we’d never been in before. I got out at each location for some amount of time, many times walking in the dark a block in front of the jeep, taking pictures of both sides of the road. So I’m comfortable with the process.

We’ve been on bridges, struck by invisible objects that sent shudders through the concrete and steel, and shook the Jeep, had aggressive hillbilly types try to trap us on dirt roads, and literally went home with our guts in knots for days after things we saw and heard. So, the regular pursuit of this subject, though it always is approached with caution, is not approached like Don Knots in the Ghost and Mister Chicken type fear.

There is no life without some possible immeasurable degree of fear. There is logical fear.

But, fear given its reins, cripples us and steals all the fruits of discovery. If when I go out,I’m unreasonably afraid, then it will inhibit reason as well making the trip pointless. I was not frozen with fear, otherwise I’d have been near sick with it on the ground. If it was never a factor before, I don’t see it as one in this case.

Also, there is one important detail. I tried to call Lori from the Hospital, just to see how the visit was going. My cell phone, tried both inside the waiting room and outside would not work. I tried it over and over, maybe 7 or 8 times, sure that I’d just charged it. I was kidding with Lori and asked her if she had taken the battery as a prank, she was offended a bit and we checked, everything was in place, and the phone now worked when I tried it.

Examine the photos and the facts. Is there something else that may have occurred ?

So whats the reason for the republishing of these other images below?

It’s the fact they all occurred on the same deserted corner , and abandoned lot, that has had strange lights, strange machinery  parked on it , and figures that don’t  meet the description of railroad personnel.

The reason is (this photo) it is made of two taken on different evenings.  I started going up on my bike without lights to initially give me away. Until I started shooting, they were both taken within 30 yards of the other side of the small trestle like bridge, the southern most one still in Butler.

On the first occasion the lights were dimmer, and I believe on the ground. In the second one they were what I would estimate as 30 to 100 ft in the air,



The wide gap, in my estimation, is because we have no way of knowing how large the lights really were. This could affect the possibilities for their position and the lack of  knowing  what they were attached to makes further efforts at measurement  pointless.



Now, the  difficulty we have always seeing this light is due to its type, we believe.   If I understand correctly, light consists of  types of electromagnetic radiation traveling in wave. This is sometimes visible to the eye, but MOST frequencies of light are not visible.  This could account for the clusters of multicolored light found in our photos . There is no way I could be that close to them and not see them in their fullness unless this was the case, unless something was muting them slightly.

This mound, behind these buildings, part of railroad property, is consistently active with strange lights and figures and objects.  There is no explanation for a deserted lot to have this kind of activity, to have squared openings show up in some photos and then not in others taken only days later from the same positions.  Sure, the obvious thing to do would be just to take an iron rod and a machete and go cut away the weeds and tap the rod looking for holes or hollow cavities or entrances covered with wood, sheets of plywood.  But, then, I’d be writing these articles on paper in my cell, because I don’t have the money on hand to waste  paying fines for trespassing on Railroad property.   We’ve made it clear, without the permission of the owners, we never cross property lines day or night. If the zoom on my camera can’t get us where we need to be  were just S.O.L.



The mound first got our attention when we noticed that taking a picture of the property on an  early winter day, we found stuff on our film that just wasn’t visible  at the time,  stuff we went back to confirm, , to see if shadow or angle or some tricky aspect  of vision could have come into play.

As it was, we found nothing looking carefully at it from every position along our way.  There was nothing to suggest the shape of something bell-like sitting amid the tall dead weeds. There was nothing to represent the walking figures, or the metallic colors to the object.

To the right there is the image of something with a round top, kind of bell-shaped, or like a short squat bullet trash can.  The object seems to have figures of some kind moving around it.  All this is old news, but when you take into consideration all this, to west of the trestle, and then take a look at whats going on  400 yards to the east of the trestle over the football field and Bates County Memorial Hospital, you have a lot of activity in a relatively small area,  lot of mysterious activity. Wander down the hill another 4 or 5 hundred yards, and turn north and you can see the courthouse we photographed the night we caught a rounded object clinging to its wall, and then floating out 30 ft or so, only to change to bright yellow and zip off to the south.   Now you’re on the block we live on and everything else, except our journey to northern Missouri to Orrick, all the weirdness in the huge collection of images we have, took place within 15 to 20 miles of here.  Yea, you’re in Missouri in the Midwest, but don’t squint your eyes or look to hard at the woods you drive through,   because you just might see something that starts you wondering if  you’re not in Kansas, but instead  Missouri and Oz, intersect.













Your not  supposed to see anything in the blurry image to the left, its enough that (with my eyes  i did, ).

We all leave for better worse a tale all our own, a tiny condensed history of words  said, affections shared ,and experiences lived.

Some of these are made up almost entirely of( our  memories) in the minds of others, they keep our stories alive, and us fresh in the minds of our descendants .

But sometimes there are other ways these non physical elements of our past are stored. Just as sound was recorded at one time on wax,  It seems when a particular moment or act in history  is powerful , enough, passionate enough it can remain like a scar  on a location, like a sometimes violent echo, this  a lifeless recording of sorts.       Some believe though that Death is not enough to separate us from the physical things we were familiar with, the people we knew.    Even when those persons are all gone, when those places have collapsed or burnt or been replaced with newer structures, for some reason these places (sometimes just lots of land )remain spiritually inhabited.

something made of energy or fire or light, it literally steps out of the wall, at first aq patch of flame maybe a ft wide, its whole body then steps through.

One  evening  i took some pictures  just before bed and not even examining them that night  layed the camera aside and went to bed.    As i was going through e-mail in the morning i uploaded them into the computer, and was amazed at what i found.

On two separate occasions strange light was present in the bedroom, on other occasions the room, seemed to be morphing  the pillows and head of a bed were melding together in a bog sagging fold. .

On another night i found a wet spot to my right on the edge of the bed,, there was an impression like you’d find when someone sits down on the corner of the bed.  The curved impressions, of the hips  the indention only wet. In one morphing photo the wall and nightstand near my right side of the   bed was    changed, instead of there being a dagger stand and things clearly a mans, there was a mirror an the nightstand and the same picture in a stand there. there was flowered wall paper or material and a lace cover upon the long table

During my work in the kitchen at night in visualization and and the projection of images onto film through meditation i had  reoccurring photos showing portions of a large woman, once a hilarious  scene,   all this moves me to think that there is someone here, who for matters of belief or the lack of it found themselves a sort of prisoner here,,maybe too simple to look beyond the familiar, unable to go on to the place we are supposed to travel .    This is a woman i think, and  perhaps the strongest most defining act of her life was involved in  a relationship that took place in this house,,  maybe she was a victim forgotten who perished here with no relatives, perhaps the wet seat like mark was an indication about her fate.

Maybe she ,just like many of us, was so addicted to the emotions and passions of this life as one of the dead she still hungered for physical comforts, still wished to feel the warmth of continuing companionship  the need to  rouse a lover in the night.    Who can say what each of  us will feel ,,what we may still need.    as we are thrust through the other side of the veil.

Walking up the street towards the house with Lori,at first i thought a child or short woman resting against the bottom and side of  one of our trees, then as it settled still,,and i tried to blink my eyes to clearness, i took a picture and   later  i found  none of the details i saw. Another shot taken to quickly botched,, but,   That’s okay , the chances are very  good its not the last weird thing that will ever cross  our path.


There was an episode on the old Lost in Space program, about a being named the Keeper, who traveled around the Galaxy collecting all kinds of creatures, that  from our perspective would be considered most monstrous.  But how possible would this scenario be?

With the sure knowledge that we have had visitors for some time from outside the earth, might not some races of beings collect species for their curiosity and experimentation?

We break rather easily, so replacements would be needed. Are some of the disappearances without a trace  just signs of another keepers passing?

Researchers are exposed to all sorts of things, especially those in the field of the paranormal. Still, inescapably, there are moments you can never be prepared for, never make sense of.

Many of the things we have brought you are really recognitions of the cameras all seeing eye, largely chance encounters.

But, there are things seen that never fade, never seem less shocking than the moment in which they were committed to your memory.

This is just such a moment; We were on a day trip, a patrol not often done on Dakota st.  The reason for this is, we refuse to travel far down that road without some form of backup,at night or in daylight. Given the fact it is the area of our abduction and subsequent sightings afterward, it is just not a move we take lightly. With the activity on the square , we felt that the two bridges entering and leaving town  to the east still needed occasional photographic examination.

So agreeing only to follow it for a mile, we headed out.   As Lori drives very slowly I watch for areas of visibility back through the canopy of very old trees, ground level openings to exposure within the tree wall.    We stop to take images when necessary, which is often,  and as we  drove down Dakota, with the bridge ahead of us, I was taking images of a weeded area along the face of the forest.

I was holding the camera outside the window, and saw movement in the grass.There was no time to identify it, at 60 or 70 yards possibly 80, it  happened too fast. I just remember jerking my camera up and instinctively aiming, without looking in the view finder.   Something that looked like figures was rising quickly, attached to a rope or cable, being drawn straight up and disappearing into the very low, hanging storm clouds.   I saw with my own eye,  something flesh colored,  twisting loosely in the air like a bunch of  fish on a line.

Remove the fantastic possibilities from the equation and you still have a baffling mystery.  Let’s look at a few possibilities, and please call me out if they sound like B.S.    One;  first maybe an airlift, but of what kind?  Most farmers, as far as I know, have little use for freight helicopters. The area the object was lifted from had weeds of varying heights, some chest high. Above were branches of large trees nearby, that would have made it unsafe for a helicopter to descend into the area.

I know, in various spots and very different climates around the world, certain planes can fly low, hook into lines and fly on with the cargo they have picked up. This is especially effective in the arctic due to the absence of trees.   Still, these operations are usually highly professional and are connected to military or scientific groups.   Far to close to us in daylight conditions for an aberration, you can say they weren’t bodies if it makes you feel better,  but what are they then, and what was the thick dark cable extending far above the treeline into the clouds?   The whole thing took maybe less than three seconds.

Okay lets say they WERE bodies of some kind, possibly skinned animals instead. I’ll agree it could be a possibility, but even in the blurriness of the photo , the lighter form looks like it could have arms raised above its  head.   What could be so important in those woods it would need this exotic treatment?    Aren’t most animals killed, taken to a four wheel drive vehicle of some kind, and hauled away in that fashion?

No , there is an element of haste in this.  What was lifted was taken up on the very outskirts of a small town where its thick wooded areas begin and properties grow sparse.   It was lifted in this fashion because, while hidden in the high weeds, it was nigh invisible. Their claiming of it, bringing it from ground level to their means of transportation amid the clouds, took only 3  seconds, very little time for a public to take notice.  But, the very clouds that hid their means of flight also inhibited their view of the ground. Maybe at the height necessary for this operation they didn’t even hear our engine or the gravel as we came down the road.   Maybe that is why we had the chance to see it.

Objects concealed by clouds  performing mysterious acts, it’s a reoccurring formula isn’t it?


Author: Lori Carter

It may seem like we are all of sudden obsessed with the talk about zombies. First and foremost, you need to understand that “the Midnight Observer” was already in the works before our abduction. We had both been victims to many unpleasant situations in our lives. Physical abuse, mental abuse and criminal acts were on the top of the list.

We were starting the site as an awareness site for friends, family, neighbors and their friends, family and neighbors to warn of the covert and extensive criminal acts. We wanted to set up a site that would help people learn to watch their backs, keep their children away from criminal elements and drugs, and be able to lead a safe, pleasant life. Our intent was to post about the crimes and how they were affecting our area; then we were abducted.

For almost three years we searched, trying to find out who and/or what had interfered in the peace and tranquility we were finally able to enjoy. It may have seemed that the “Midnight Observer was dedicated just to UFO’s, extraterrestrial and paranormal elements. But if you have read, actually read the articles and looked at the pictures, we were also showing what we believed to be human activity covertly taking place.

It is our goal to look at all the possibilities of danger that could be a threat to those we care about. If they pass it on, that is great, because that many more people will become diligent, observant and careful. When the story about Rudy Eugene hit the news, in the same week many other similar events came to light.

We are not vigilantes. We are not encouraging militant actions, covert operations or the harmful acts against other humans. We are just looking at the possibilities and trying to warn others about possible pending danger.

We both are interested in being self-sufficient, because we believe at some time or another; things in our neck of the woods, as well as around the planet are going to drastically change. Whether it comes from the air, the New World Order movement, Kabala, the rich or elite, or government sources, we have the right to protect ourselves and our families. We have the right to live, survive, and exist as best we can.

There are many references to secret alien, government, and elite group activities. There are rumors, circulating since 1947 that our government and private individuals and groups have been working with aliens, trading us for their technology and knowledge.

None of this can be completely proved, but is something to be aware of. In the last article, Rich mentioned a scenario on the big picture about a mist coming down and covering a town that is asleep. It could have been chemical weapon of sorts that could change the mentality of the humans who are saturated with it.

Conspiracy theories will always be talked about, but think about just one thing. If an alien force, maybe even with the enlisted help of some humans, decide to decrease our population or work toward eliminating it, how could they go about it without destroying all the natural resources of this planet with their ultra-weapons.? Wouldn’t it be easier to have a race start killing off their own kind?

Maybe all the experiments they have performed on humans over the years weren’t just for crossing their DNA with ours. Maybe at some point, they changed the DNA of many people so that at a certain time, maybe when their children grew up, or their children’s children grew up, the DNA would trickle down to the point where it started changing people into some kind of animal, a cannibalistic animal,  a zombie type creature.

This is just one possibility. The other, of course could be that they are putting something in the air or water that affects only certain people. At the time of the killing of Rudy Eugene, an autopsy, as far as I could see, had not been performed that would actually point to the use of bath salts. This was an assumption at that point, and there has not been information disclosed that confirms it.

The world is in turmoil and panic over the use of bath salts now. Maybe it isn’t something that simple. Maybe it is a new bacteria, one that affects the mind and can be transferred from one person to another through the bite or saliva of the infected person. Maybe it was instigated to draw our attention away from something larger.

Zombie apocalypse? Maybe, but maybe it is something that is being introduced into the population to decrease our numbers. Think about it. The zombies kill people. The people who don’t die contract the disease and go on to infect and kill other people. Armed forces are brought together to try and eliminate the zombies already infected, and end up killing thousands up thousands in error because they aren’t sure which ones are good and which ones are infected.

Maybe this is the tribulation that is talked about in the bible. The “prince of peace” will show up soon and be able to stop the zombie virus from spreading. It is the perfect scenario, since he is supposed to convince the people he is the messiah by saving them from something and reestablishing order on this world.

Just a few thoughts that have entered my mind. We still watch the skies. We still take photographs wherever we go. We will continue to share information and theories on anything we find, whether it be a human event, an extraterrestrial hiding in the bushes, a UFO in the air, or a zombie attack.

Our goal is to present what is on the plate each day, and zombies are the main item on the menu right now.