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Lori and I hope you’ll be careful  prowling around  tonight, enjoy the holiday,

you never know ( who or what ) you might meet.





Pre Trip Post

Because of all the weird events over the last few years, we have decided that we will prepost a message on here when we make trips. It is 6:53 PM, Tuesday October 23, 2012. We will be leaving the house in  few minutes heading down Highway 52 West toward Virginia, Missouri. We will turn left on Highway V and then turn left at the second road, take it to Highway K and back out to 52 heading back in to Butler. This estimated time should take us no more than 2 hours including a stop for gas. We will share our finds in this area within the next few days.

The study of the supernatural is like a mystery, if we are willing to dive in and examine it closely, we see it’s rarely just about the sensory experiences at hand.  There can be layers and connections. Many that unfold into fragments reaching into our past,( and into our future ).

Times Forgotten/ Times yet to Come

(In those times, Men were not considered the supreme rulers of our planet; the world was peopled not only with humans and animals, but with Giants, Gods, Monsters, Ghosts, Spirits, and Elves, many of them the equal of Men in cunning, strength and power.)

Nancy Arrowsmith, from (A Field Guide to the Little People).

Whether you’re an exponent for the theories and beliefs about Dimensional beings or see your feet firmly set on the ground, dismissing the subject as poppycock, there are curious records, sightings and testimonies that are difficult to avoid.

And in our research on the subject we are seeing a growing pattern for ancient efforts that have not only separated us from a clearer picture and the realities of many things now dismissed as mythology but insights into the scripture

We know the Bible lists numerous fantastic entities and other beasts, nearly all of those mentioned and a few fearful creatures that are not.  So the question I guess is , have these things (the Bible tells us were real) either all died or been killed, ?or  like the elves in the fictitious- Lord of the Rings,, gone on to their own form of the  Grey Havens. Found their own side door leaving our dimension? Or could they have left that door open a crack on their way out?

The most famous of the beings, Monsters Listed are the Angels and Demons ( I Added the monster label to these, because some if we are to believe the scriptures became servants ,, and promoters of the spread of evil.)Some even believe they became the demons that plague men and women to this day.

But after them The Godzilla’s of these beings created by God, were Behemoth and Leviathan. Few though speak of their brother a primordial creature of the air called Ziz.

In Jewish apocrypha and pseudepigrapha such as the 2nd century BCE Book of Enoch, Behemoth is the primal unconquerable monster of the land, as Leviathan is the primal monster of the waters of the sea and Ziz the primordial monster of the sky. In the 2nd century BCE 1 Enoch Leviathan lives in “the Abyss”, while Behemoth the land-monster lives in an invisible desert east of the Garden of Eden

compare the outlines of the griffins head with the rough outline of the shape in the photograph, the beak like mouth, the shape of the forehead even the shape resembling an ear,, odd to say the least, just odd

Some believe these creatures were killed during the times of the creation,, yet the following seems to counter this opinion describing an event occurring at the end of time,,, not the beginning.

(A Jewish rabbinic legend describes a great battle which will take place between them ( Behemoth and Leviathan)  at the end of time: “…they will interlock with one another and engage in combat, with his horns the Behemoth will gore with strength, the fish [Leviathan] will leap to meet him with his fins, with power. Their Creator will approach them with his mighty sword [and slay them both].”)

Sounds a bit like a Godzilla movie doesn’t it, only this is a portion of a record just as important to believers as the other scriptures and parables dealing with God and his servants.  More importantly it is one that takes place in the future, not the past. It also would lead one to believe that in the meantime both creatures are somewhere still alive and well.

There is the contradiction, do we believe they died during the creation, which makes little sense, or is the Jewish record right around the time of the feast god serves to the good a meal after their destruction as the excerpt alludes?

Also we have to weigh in mind the sources,, Christian record originating in Jesus’s teaching and the Apostles preaching ends in an anticlimactic, event during the structuring of the records that become the Bible.

In those books left out of the Bible , they deals with characters like Enoch and even Daniel , we are kept from the events these priest’s in monastic quality control felt were too wild for the message they wanted to leave us. Daniel poisons a beast Dinosaur like one of the Gods worshiped by king Nebbacenezzer.

How many other (THINGS) did the priests feel were too difficult for the peasant mind to wrap around? How many other stories of beasts and beings died there on the cutting room floor around the feet of those thought pious?

How big is this,? Is it merely a groundless obsession of those bored with the mundane world?  Not in our case, we miss those days of idol curiosity, examining things in the plant and animal world, looking for new expressions in artwork.

Who is to say that we weren’t supposed to know about these things? Weren’t supposed to question and analyze the hints of the fantastic presenting themselves alongside the natural world,, maybe just a mysterious facet of the same?

Maybe in one of those books /scrolls destroyed in the great Alexandrian Library, or in those doubtlessly still lying undiscovered in a clay pot or cave in the sea of deserts and tunnels and buried wells, perhaps there are records that describe many things in a real light that we today can only look at  at unsure to say the least.

Richard Carter

Still the Struggle with Belief

Author: Richard Carter

Luckily we live in a world built upon foundations of fact. It’s a place where all our realities are concrete, things you can see and hold in your hand. Everything is either proved out in science or the belief systems that vary throughout the world.

First only a portion of the above is true.  Much of history is records of warriors of various peoples representing one belief system or another, trying to elevate one form of piety above the other.   Though interests, today, lay in fuel and land acquisition as well, there are underlying bitterness that can, none the less, be traced back to the crusades and further back still.

Our history and growth is laced with contradictions. We are a paradox as a species and really quite comical when we honestly evaluate our selves.  There are sureties of course. We can analyze materials before us and know with some certainty just what we’re dealing with. We can make compounds and devise better ways to make things, and history is full of the proofs of our ascension.

Yet one of our strengths or weaknesses is our ability to so proficiently hedge on our bets, to double back in our logic, trying to cover all the bases.  Belief sometimes seems more a potpourri of idiocy, a hit of an intoxicating drug than a decisions based on reason.

We put our lives in the hands of science every day.  We ingest the compounds and foodstuffs science proclaims fit for our consumption.  We ride in machines made of tons of metal and plastic at high rates of speed trusting the knowledge of engineers in the world of automotive design and construction.

Our lives are so molded by the staples and trinkets of science that when the power for them is temporarily lost, some of us, on one level or another, all but panic.  It must be concrete in our world, have substance in either mold-able material or proven theory, but, at the same time the second half of man’s growth; his cultural ascension proclaims the exact opposite to be true. Here lies the twist, the crux that makes us so odd.

That which is real in our world must have substance- it must be measurable and detectable by instruments we have devised to prove out such things, but Religion has none of these qualities, none of these requirements.  Still it has immeasurable power in our world of facts and figures and updated technologies.

On one hand we are told not to believe in supernatural beings sometimes seen with our own eyes,  yet we’re told as well to get up Sunday morning and get dressed to go worship not just (another being) but one considered all powerful.

There are no fairies or spirits of the air. They are the childish dreams inspired by bed time stories, but we are told not only that there are Angels (winged beings, of the air,) but that each of us has one, our guardian Angel.   God himself is a truckload of contradictions to the assumptions in our world based on facts. He can appear as a mist, as a column of fire, as a burning bush, or in a number of different ways.    Just take away his title and suggest you’ve seen similar anomalies and you’re not far from the 72 hour visit to the hospital or the drunk tank.

You could lose your family, your friends, your career, for passionately testifying of your experience with something fantastic, but if you claim it is a religious experience you’re thought, by most, to be blessed.

So, why is it we have such a hard time, are so inconsistent in our guidelines? Why can a once crippled man casting away his crutch as he dances away from the healing preacher at a revival or someone talking in tongues carried away filled with spirit, be that much more believable than a person relating  their strange experience with bright lights and an almost euphoric  abduction?

There is a Holy city in Italy because the early leaders of the church were closet generals, on a much larger scale. They found a weapon stronger than the edge of a sharp sword or axe, excommunication. They knew that as the belief grew so did the dedication to it by its followers. The larger the faith, the more concrete it looked from the outside to others and so man’s general need to be part of a group aided these leaders in every pronouncement , and verdict leveled at Europe and the surrounding world. The churches blessing was often tantamount to the success or failure of a venture, whether that outing was the expanded trade routes of a merchant or the campaign of a war lord.

Today the Holy city has its own police force and I believe unit of military like security. This and the millions of churches throughout the world, the countless followers all a product of a being we cannot see or touch, one whose only link with reality lies not in the requirements of science and the mature world, but in a feeling in our hearts, a conviction in our minds.

The things seen and experienced by the ever growing number of us, that have no place in our grown up mentally stable world, are no less fantastic , no less heart felt and believed than the teachings and beliefs in our religion that suffuses many of our lives.

Not so long ago an ex-preacher, responding to one of our articles, claimed if it’s not in the Bible it doesn’t exist.   If he had the time or willingness to listen, I’d show him the multiple places where the bible proves out the very events in our days that he denies are possible.

So finally those of us who claim to be believers need to bear our mantel with pride and not half-heartedness. We need to use the same logic and open mind we apply to our God, the Supreme Being who lives in the clouds with his armies of winged creatures much like us. That is what we’re taught, right?

Note, Any references to governmental presence and militarily garbed men, is not a suggestion that we  know about secret projects, or any participation by any government.   At this point as we mention below , there could be bandit like groups gangs working the small rural highways and back roads of our area. using the false front of enlisted men as a cover for their activities and giving them a way in which to stop motorist to more easily perpetrate their crimes.   Everyone from Hunters to naturalists use camo to help in their activities,, is it a coincidence that the second time we were stopped that night such clothing was present?  our question is are there members of an organization  be it governmental or privately owned assaulting people not only in our county but in your neck of the woods as well.  we hope you’ll do a little research yourselves and try to help us  answer that question.

Author: Rich Carter

Lori once wrote an article for her other more uplifting sight  –  Positive Mornings, the name of it was (Levels). We have passed through multiple levels as well in the process of our work here, and it is confusing work . There were plans at one time to chronicle    about  20 percent of the information that  has never made it here. . There are memories and images we might never be able to adequately explain, or even coherently express. Maybe someday we’ll choose to .

While we photographed the countryside by night, during the study, we have mentioned episodes of lost time, in which figures in military garb were photographed near us in the countryside, but, what we haven’t explained is another set of images entirely.  These are ones that were intentionally covered with just enough “NOISE”; a computer effect, a kind of static pattern of color or an overlay to disguise the real events shown in an image.

These are produced in varying layers, some so sheer you can make out facial features without processing at all. The contents of the image are still visible.  In others it can be applied in a layer that is completely opaque.    The image we’re going to talk about is one that fits the first description. In the weeks ahead, I’ll occasionally talk about one of these other photos, but, today I will only cover the one dealing with me. Lori, if she ever chooses, will decide the time  to discuss her suspicions about these periods of time in detail.

The one that was brought back to my attention this morning was one in which I was tied to a pole in a basement. The grate or floor drain  was visible;  the one that some washing machines used to empty into. It showed me tied at the waist with my hands behind the pole, from the waste up, leaning forward, yelling.  You could see my tongue, my teeth, eyes, ears and hair clearly. You can even see enough facial lines in the black faces around me to tell there was laughter and evil intent. They were Black and had on what I would describe as camouflage;  the older style used by our military,  common enough and easy to get a hold of. I wore the same during my time at the Fort Leonardwood engineers training in 79.

One had a what was clearly a gun.  Whether it was real or a replica to scare me, I have no idea. It was a rifle of some kind; M16 like , not necessarily one , but it had that appearance.  Finally, directly in front of me, one held a POWER DRILL; holding it up towards my head, less than a foot away. This is one of the very same forms of torture used by troops in the detention facility.  We  could assume, in the more clouded photos, that nothing could be guessed for sure, but this was not one of those. It was fairly clear, leading us to wonder why they’d use such a half-assed effort on one and not the others? It seemed it was either a mistake on their part or they were not very cautious when they were photographed around the trees across from my brothers home outside town.

Mistakes on their part were a pretty regular thing, but how do you prove these aren’t hunters to a Policeman?  They are, in fact, a pack victimizing travelers on roads with little traffic.  These roads are “Perfect” because they give the pack time enough to extract people from their vehicles and gain their objectives before having to leave the scene.  This is done after the people there have been conditioned not to remember.  This sounds ridiculous, I know, like secret agent stuff in backwoods mid America ? Yea!  But let’s remember that the motives of these men are not tactical. They are criminal.  Their ultimate purpose is to rob and rape people who will leave unaware they have been. They are a group of bargain basement Nimrods, that are probably high half the time they are out there.

One of the drugs used can be purchased by the average high school or college kid.  We are not alone in this victimization. On campuses, the problem is so large that there are separate departments of Campus police. Some deal only with date rape type scenarios.  We feel it was either their mistake or they were left so clear, nearly untouched that harassment after the fact had to be the intention.

Lori recognized me immediately. Two other people I worked with through e-mails also agreed it was clearly me, and it was in my camera. These parasites had time to immortalize some of their deeds and then were too chicken shit to leave them and be done with us.  As time went on, new photos found their way into our picture files, not of our making, computer art of war insignia and stylized battle scenes below it.  At any rate, someone  was getting into our computer and creating havoc; deleting whole files, and doing away with some of our best, most revealing, images in the process. They were ones that told a clear story of the condition of the countryside. They were things that could never be replaced.

The reason my  thoughts this morning were being drawn to these memories was because of a news story I read, one in which the 39th President, Jimmy Carter, spoke out about the condition of human rights  world over, and his disappointment that America  was no longer the champion for these rights. See article here.

He stated that, at one time, we had been the example to the world . These complaints were not limited to the drone strikes against countries harboring terrorists, but laid, as well in the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.   I won’t comment on the right or wrong of these actions. Some are obviously corrupt.  If your going to torture a man for vital information, take care of your work and live with it, but don’t threaten his family with sexual assault.  That lowers us to the level of the gangs our police are fighting a war with, and I might add, one in which they are barely holding their own.

I still haven’t given the exact reason for the mental connection between this article and our experience.  It’s that, among the tortures used there, water-boarding is used over a hundred times as are the threats  of sexual violence against prisoners families, and finally they threaten, intimidate them,(the bound prisoners) with automatic weapons and POWER DRILLS.

This site has been a labor of love and a painful experience at the same time. It is amazing to us, how many wonders we have stood and watched, been chased by, what we are more than willing to call bragging rights. If it’s earned its good.   But, by the same token, certain things we’re forced to relive are like crawling through glass.  They are a bitter pill to say the least.   For Lori, because they cut into the peace God brought to her life years ago and for me,  because it throws me into the worst of situations personally, ones in which we have no control.

Lost time is a tool of cowards, who find in it the ultimate invisibility for their actions.  You can wish with all your soul to strike back, but it’s like wailing away in the wind at phantoms.  Unless you look long enough, you let your mind wander through the same filthy trail they have taken and understand how they think.  From thousands of photos, you draw out clues, not only to what happened to you, but how it was done. Through further research you find the probable drugs that made this possible, a realistic view of the events in your encounter begin to form.

There are other times, in other places, when the evidence has pointed to something far beyond the abilities of humans.  One night we believe we experienced both,  after the UFO experience and the alien looking figure in front of the jeep. That same night, a military cleanup crew or worse found us as well.

Many famous encounters with UFOs,  one by three women and a boy, ended with a rush of helicopters overhead moving to escort the craft somewhere.  Are there non-military or personally owned military of a cabal level? Are our forces used in certain interests here on home ground? or is it merely crime rising to another shocking more highly mechanized form?   The possibilities continue,, but my personal feeling is that our Military leaders, for the most part, are genuinely trying to retain a portion of the honor linked with them.   I believe, just as there is crime in society, the military forces has a growing number of inductees that are just criminals joining  in the “any port in a storm” spirit.   There are a dangerous rise in rape cases, perpetrated against men as well as women and the crimes on foreign soils are too frequent to ignore.

The worst part is, there are selfless men and women dying to protect us in an effort that drags out in a place that will never be at peace.  No enforced policing by outside governments will ever be enough to restrict their centuries old conflicts. It only brings other innocent well-meaning young people into the line of fire.  The criminals among these honorable  service men and women bring a shadow on us all, one we need to reluctantly be aware of .   I hope, when our search is finally over, that we find the crimes against us are of, instead a gang related sort.

Please use caution in your nighttime travels as well as those in the daytime in unfamiliar areas. We tend to see the middle east as unstable but really it is a mental condition settling over us all. Peace to you and your families.



How many of you have seen the movie “THE MIST”? Well, this isn’t a segue into statements that we’ve seen mammoth sized dimensional beings. What it is, is a reference to a portion of the film where the MP says “its our fault” and this leads to an explanation by one of three young military men preparing for leave.  The statement was about a Project Arrowhead. This was interesting to us, because of one evening’s drive to Kansas, just over the border, still east of 69 highway.                                                                                                             

That evening, just after dark, we drove out 52 until we reached 69 highway. There we turned left onto it and  drove less than a mile, watching for well wooded roads alongside to the east and west.   We saw a road almost immediately to left, drove up turned and crossed the medium onto a gravel road. We began to go up a gradual slope with pastures to each side. Five minutes up this road the fields ended and forest began.

Up ahead at, the peak of the hill, were two elaborate radio towers  like I’d not seen before.  There was one on each side of the gravel and clay road. About 100 yards from the these, I saw little or nothing on the right side of interest. Once we’d turned around at the top, heading downhill now, I saw, maybe 40 yards down from the towers, something on the ground off to the right, a number of odd shapes. So, I took a few images as we passed figuring I had photographed fallen  limbs or something like that.

Further down, maybe another 50 to a 100 feet was a clearing by the road. It was, maybe, 30 ft at its widest and gradually rounded off to an open path between the trees at its far end heading north. In this area was a symbol painted on the ground. We stopped to be certain and it was a large arrow. The drawing shows its shape. There was nothing near enough to this, in the form of greenery, to obscure its position from the air.  It would have been clearly visible  from anything flying over.                                                                                                                             

Maybe 10 to 15 ft long and 9 or 10 ft wide, it was sharply in contrast with the dry dead grass it was painted on, maybe a few inches thick, almost tan in color. The arrow was pointing North.  This made me very nervous and we started to leave. Just passed a few medium-sized trees and dense foliage was a group of figures in sleeping bags.  Some were half in and some were half out of them.  There were both men and women there; the details of this I realized later when the images were enlarged and lightened.

There was no blur in them.  The group was very close to the road, maybe only 30 yards from it. One or two were sitting up and had taken notice  of us as we passed, but most were stretched out, maybe 6 or 7 in view.  After our suspicion of military involvement out east of Butler, hearing the phrase “I love recon” used on the tape we had, I wanted no part of this and urged Lori to get moving down the hill.  This wasn’t necessarily of any consequence. I knew there were military units in Nevada and assumed that the National Guard might be having some field training excercise. I still wanted no part of it.

As we put distance between us and them, I was taking quick shots out the window at a 45 degree angle or close to it, at the fields to the right of me.   Something seemed to be moving in the field, running in a flanking fashion 50 yards out.  It was difficult, in the dark, to discern details but the outline was very clear.  It even had illumination along one side from the moon.  It was something running on two legs but not legs that bent like ours do , but in reverse where the thighs and calves meet the knees. It was almost ostrich like in shape. Where a thin neck and small head would leave its torso, there was in this case, a thick neck area and a head shaped much like a dogs, only 3 or 4 times bigger and thicker.

I told her to keep driving. I was so excited I was talking like a little kid. I was saying something like “oh I think we’ve got something this time”.   By the time we hit the highway, I was already switching to the mode to view each image.  As for the object running along in the pasture studying us, there was nothing on those images but an empty field, nothing at all.  I was really bummed and started feeling like I needed to test my eyes, but I was certain there was something running along beside us , its head turned towards us.   I’ve hesitated to add the final detail to this portion of the trip because it is ridiculous,  but the ostrich like form also looked like one of the smaller bird eating dinosaurs, only it had a short, thick neck and a large canine or reptile like head.  It had ceased following us down the slope after a few hundred yards .

The next detail found while processing was that of the figures on the ground, again in the first clearing near the hill’s top, coming back down.  It didn’t look like men sleeping. There were helmets, but they were one’s in congruent with general military practice.   Some soldiers are shown with stuff painted on their helmets,  feathers tucked into their helmet bands etc. The helmet on the ground,  still on the head of the wearer was like those in deeper portions of Vietnam, only there was something distant, something wrong with it. You could make out reddish color muted, but, visible throughout the image. You could see a helmeted figure in the foreground , not just half pressed into the earth,  but there was the appearance the figure was mashed, with one arm at an odd angle.

There were two more.  One was lying under a log of considerable size, maybe close to 2 ft thick at the widest end. Each had helmets.  The log was cleaned of bark at the other end and all the twig and small sticks and branches were removed there . 2 ft down it’s length there were short stubby areas of branches and sticks cut off it, but, left were the stubs maybe a few inches thick.  Lori as well saw each detail. We drove out there again shortly after that night and there were no signs of any of it.

The arrow on the ground wouldn’t have such significance if it were not for the fact that I’d seen the very same symbol on a number of occasions before. The same identical arrow-head, not like the traditional arrowhead but more like roadside sign arrow, clear distinct in shape, once on the dry floor of a culvert pipe here in town over by the two plants that make and box candy.

The other occasions were once in another culvert pipe under a few inches of yellow water and the last on the wall of a concrete bridge onlyvisible to those walking along the little hollow that ran along each side of the bridge banking the water below. The Radio towers, if that’s what they were, were like nothing I’d seen before. We have covered close to 60% -70 % of the roads in Bates County and have been close to a number of the radio towers in the area, none that looked like these.  Did these have anything to do with the strange figures we found there that did appear on our film?

Was there a good reason why we saw this being that had to be nearly 9-to 10 ft tall running along, following our movements?  What about the mysterious arrows, some that seem only for the benefit of a viewer above?  Why would they be placed as well, in pipes for someone or something to read? Could they be guide markers? For who or what? Maybe for someone obviously traveling out of sight, with the roads above them. Why, in a populated area, would training exercises be set up to move covertly through a farm town? Was there something going on up on that hill that they didn’t want anyone to know about?

What about the soldiers? I’d leave room for doubt had I not seen the others preparing to sleep, ones we failed to see at all on the way up.  Could all of this been ghosts, spectral figures or dimensional entities, very close in appearance to us?  And what about the eerie similarity between the project Arrowhead being attempted in the small town in the movie, and the strange creatures in the film and our brush with the one that ran along with us on the Kansas trip?

There is talk of both our government and the Russians trying to perfect their microwave advantage, one that the Russians claim will place a victim in a Zombie like state with the use of Microwaves, and complex radio /telephone towers that look like portions of a machine Ming the Merciless might own. There are  the stories we’ve heard through ghost hunters living nearby about possible portals that were opened by kids playing around with magic at a bridge reputed to be haunted by a witch. There is also the fact that these images, along with others were stolen from our computer right in front of us as we were looking at the screen. This, of course  made us very nervous .

Do writers form concepts from their creative juices alone or do they have grape vines in which the information  trickles down? Is there a personal experience involved?   Do they try to write truths into their fantasies that are veiled in fiction but much closer to origins of fact?

Is this a way to desensitize us further, creating a more intimate knowledge of these things that will soon make themselves known? Look at the percentage of Steven Spielberg’s recent films dealing with alien or dimensional contact. Super 8, Cloverfield ,the Mist, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET, AI – Artificial Intelligence, the new version of War of the Worlds,and even the Indiana Jones movie  had to do with an alien skull or other aspects of aliens, UFOs and dimensions.

One last thought on this; Okay, let’s say that the  scenario was true and the Government was preparing us in a manner they thought best for, not a full disclosure, but, an introduction, using writers and filmmakers the same way they did entertainers during the wars to keep the troops spirit up.   There have even been films about alien districts here on earth. How many of these concepts are scenarios we may have to live in someday? How many are already well-kept realities that we unknowingly consider fantasy?

Just a note,

Please forgive us at the end of the last article , the final statement was in too large a box to be seen, only half was revealed.  we will make a better effort to give the information we send in whole,   It has been corrected please give it another read when you have time ,

Richard and Lori

It may be a few days before posts will continue, computer problems are making posting a nightmare and must be remedied

 Illustration by Richard Carter

Hi- This is one we’ve been waiting for, not  a moment  to only air our views but also to  stop for a real assessment. It will be in at least two seperate articles,.

Before we begin, i hope everyone understands, that  most of these aren’t creatures categorized  by any UFO  group were aware of, or the  bearers of scientific monickers,, they are  instead our own extended family of a sort.these individuals,  (Some of these may never have been photographed before.)  In the eyes of the skeptic much of this if not all of it, is gross miss-interpretation,, the thing to remember is the skeptics accusation are their own trap,,,their thinking is (that the believer wants to believe so badly he or she finds  UFO’S,  Aliens,and Ghosts everywhere they look.

At the same time these rigid thinkers forget,, that in being obsessive  and inflexible in their disbelief , they likewise prime themselves for the same accusation ,,, Their  obsession  in trying   to keep their world and universe unrealistically safe and simple is dogged. This obsession makes them even a greater example for the retardant properties of the close minded.   Our time should not be wasted in combative dialogs on sites where nothing takes place but the pampering of ego’s.

The opinions of others, have incredible worth.  They help  us  not to become detached from one thing while we  search for another.   But at the end of the day they are still just opinions , their attacks should not be allowed to drain us of our desire to learn more, and   If you have made the choice to believe and are committed to that belief,,, what difference then does all the bickering in the world with skeptics matter, what does it accomplish?     .

There will not be lengthy statements about the time of day or the weather, the speed we were driving at or the number of batteries i used that day. What there will be is an accurate  description as thorough  as our memory and  knowledge allows  of the subject in the photos,. thing to remember  is that this is an ongoing process in its infancy,, we hope to capture images of the same creatures as well as others in the future,, hopefully from this growing visual data we will be able to further develop these profiles  . We also plan to start a site soon  for this  information separate from the Midnight Observer.

The Rogues Gallery-

We call him/it the Sandman- Extraterrestrial?

It is not a lone crewman, and could  be human,  It isn’t by any means a new theory that terrorism   is used to control the masses,  That subliminally, and through well planned and financed intrusions, into American homes, as well as in others around the world a program of layered mind control may be at work.  Any army of the night needs good soldiers the Sandman may be one of them.

Standing on the bridge overhead we met  this creature, one whose head was as large as an old style pickle barrel in the country store.  Alien or cryptozoological creature,  (Bubba) is nothing to mess with ,,this is no Fish no Otter, or any of the other explanations given us.  It has arms thick reptilian arms it used in its swimming  to the bank the closest view of it, this is where i got this shot before running like hell for the jeep.   

It is very possible that in one of the deeper channels of the Osage , that a craft may have landed and its occupants left the vehicle to check out the area, they may be the crew of a crippled craft that waits for repairs.    Or possibly he /it is a  remnant of a lost group of creatures that for the most part inhabit the underground river systems.  Missouri is one of the most cavernous states in the union.

This craft was in the same river with the reptilian creature——-

These appeared over 15 ft in the air near the trunk of a few trees. This was where we’d thought activity in the leaves was taking place, the sound drew my attention to the spot.  These like many other things appeared on the film, in vibrancy but were barely detected.  There is the legend of Fairy glamor, the method they either attract or conceal through. Fairy is near a worn out term, it seems possibly replaced with Grey reptilian or many other classifications of Alien,, but this may be  a premature leap as well. The source Spiritual, or technical still is a mystery.

At the bottom of this image there is an area of white paint  on it a faint skull is painted, follow the white and you run into a a green object and an eye.   this is where i almost fell down the slope at its steepest to the rocks by the river, because of the loose wooden planks at the beginning of the bridge. on them a skull was painted i stepped to the edge with one foot and felt it slip a bit, and pulled back just then something big flew across the river at eye height, it wings rippled like a sheet on the line in a strong wind and it had an unusually large head.    the top of the head and the eye, and i believe the hand are exposed over the boards edge,. Beneath both boards and even a portion of the underside of the bridge, a pocket could easily be carved, tunneled out, unless the figure peeking over was hovering, or feather light, i can think of no other explanation. For its presence there and the mountain climber type footing it would have to have had .      River folk– are either alien, subterranian or humans with a terrible disorder. They have left their signs at many places along the rivers edge.   photo below to the right

This is a loose category , below are three separate examples, exactly what they are of course is anyone’s

guess, but this one to the right was captured during the afternoon, this creature was near a large pipe that runs under the road and back into the railroads property  where their side track is , the spot they occasionally leave singles box cars.   This  sits upon a mound one Ive photographed fairly extensively at different times of the year.  It has a pit on the slope to the West, and it is covered at times, with brush , this pit when open though is a crisp black  square.  With the other wee folk around we have to consider this may be a perfect place to shelter.   The railroad has for some time had signs in place warning against trespassing on their property it is illegal to walk the tracks, or to forage around near them.  The fine is steep enough that  it is a deterrent  effective against me at any rate.  the other example of this class of creature is found in the sparse woods near the highway? two major travel routes. ?

Below is the second example a goblin like face peering out of the weeds, and bushes.

In this photo there is a lot of activity. on the forest floor and in the sky we have two examples, of what some night consider good old ghost buster ectoplasm,  but we think when you study the images closely you’ll see these  light shows of vapor may be nothing more than a technological  produced smoke screen to mask the true activity in the rear of the image and in its sky,  take a look and give us your opinion ,  The confusing part of this is i was outside the jeep, feeling very uneasy, and then suddenly like something was circling me, i was turning around real quick looking at nothing, but it felt like something was there.  Well id pass it off , to bad nerves, but there was a sudden pain in my chest and when we got home (this was a chilly night) i took off my layers and found none of my clothing torn but i had a nearly ft long scratch going accross my chest just beneath my chest.       Id like to believe it is ALIEN PRODUCED  mist of some kind, a shield ascreen,,, but the injury that night and the shape being that close,, i just dont know  .   The picture below to the right shows the vapor.


 The two photos to the left show the floating being, this figure came around the corner, barely discernable , but enough to catch my eye i got this picture,

Beings of light-

This may sound automatically like a benevolent force, and hopefully it is,,, but we have to remember Satan also was very beautiful, and held a high position in heaven.   Angels often referred to as being of light were the catalyst for the worlds destruction by water mentioned in the Bible.   So approaching the subject of these figures i think a bit of reserve will be prudent.

The encounters we had were none threatening, one of these figures possibly the same one stood on a rooftop on this same street and again waved to us,  many sightings are only found on film, and very few unveiled before  the eye.

I believe these beings are much what the first were, (Watchers of a sort) possibly the guardian’s that we were told of when we were young.   Or maybe they are dimensional beings in a semi -etheric state,  ones that could be divine, (we should hope and pray they are not creatures of a dual nature.)     The questions are endless, but start for us with the spheres various beings are seen with, sometimes glowing as in this case, other times simple none illuminated white balls, or even Brass spheres that seem to used to draw off electricity .    I photographed one at our corner on a night of surveillance watching the transformer for activity,, a brass sphere  between the size of a softball and  a socker ball, flew into site and then hovered next to the pole and seemed to extend a small line over and make contact.   It was later gone off through the trees to the south, illuminated.    Note- this same transformer pole  , lost power the next day, it was not fixed for four  days.  I link this spherical object, and the being , there may be nothing but coincidence involved. there will be an article soon on these objects .

This is part one ,  once the next batch is gathered from our files ill post them, ,, it wont be long.   I feel like Lori and i have found much of this through some real searching. and the effort to build some half realized connection,  but without a doubt much has been shown to us.  This is an even larger mystery because neither of us are uncommonly lucky people .  The real reason we feel directed, is that when you walk down the street of a large American city, you have a lot  of possibilities at your finger tips, but you are also at the mercy of probability. The longer you walk those busy streets and side streets The more you raise the risk of  being a victim of some form of crime.

Our exposure to all this shown,, and much much more,  is no different,, there is a law of probability involved in this sort of intentional probing as well.  Something may be protecting us,  maybe figures such as our blue friend, It could also be that we are unaware of many other intrusions into our rights, as blind to each as we are to the full details of the nights that started all this, the knowledge of what took place in those lost hours of time. That safety,,, that guiding hand ,,,, has been the difference , not our own resourcefulness.  All this is important not because of us, but because the heart of these messages can be empowering if you take them and begin asking questions yourself , with the intention of  finding answers .