We will be moving some of the pictures of what we have gotten over the last two years to this page. This way you can see all of them together without having to scroll through articles.

Clem- taken off a bridge only 4 miles from our house

This (Grey) peaking out of the trees was taken during the daylight hours

This bright light lowers itself out of a square edged opening over head. in this image part of that huge opening is visible. along the right top edge.

It is looped within itself, and has a yellow light on top. It moved to the east and up over the houses.

this appeared next to our house/materialized in the next photo you see its final stage of developement.

closeup,, look below the white light and you can see a possible figure. there is alot of detail visible of the object.

in the lower right corner, a craft hovering over the old Sonic restraunt lot. i took the picturein that deserted parking lot directly overhead.

This odd figure was seen at 100 in the morning in Archiea cloaseup

figure forming in the mist? or did it leave the large dark domed object behind it?

same image with figure outlined ,this is a figure looking out a window of something with inner lights. This object is 30 ft off the ground, and followed us all the way from BUTLER to the Kansas line.

closeup of same figure
something glowing that appeared out of the forest
taken from the Bank of America drive through ,, it is to the left of the antenna, at the top of the pictures.

detail of the previous photo in black and white