Author: Richard Carter

This will be shorter than my usual articles.   It’s not coming from a saintly viewpoint; it’s coming from a slightly confused one. We have recently come from a very bad place in our countries, history, one we are still traveling through.

Generally what lies before us, what is presented in the media, what is enforced by officials seems solid at first, but there really is, in a closer examination, nothing to show us an adamant opinion , a solid comprehensive stance on a the subject of children’s growing vulnerability in our world

We know that the subject of child abuse has come to the front like never before, the need to head off threats to their safety a job of tantamount interest , and rightfully so. Yet it feels sometimes like the effort is similar to watching a man digging in a pit, unaware he is not able to throw the dirt free from the hole.  That loose dirt hitting the walls around him instead, sliding back down around his feet to be shoveled again and again keeping any real progress from being achieved.

By this I mean as fervent speeches are being made and angry articles written, as sad faces of the families of victims are shown over and over, as politicians use this to stage our system, our entertainment, sabotages these efforts at protection.  The examples are rampant but one of real substance has come to the front. The Time magazine cover from the summer of 2012 shows a woman with breasts exposed and a child standing on a chair next to her, one of grade school age, breast feeding.

Also, there is a similar example in an episode of the Game of Thrones, where a ruler, a woman sits on a throne before an envoy or some group of the series characters, likewise breast feeding a child old enough to stand up at one point and articulate his feelings in an angry stance against the gathered assembly.

In a world where we rightfully instruct our children on good and bad touches, and to know the difference in what is appropriate and what is not, in a world where a man can be found guilty of multiple acts of inappropriate interest in children, this double standard (What would you call it?)is a confusing message to all.   It is lewd because breast feeding was designed as a form of nourishment for the infant, a child so young they are unable to feed themselves.

Any child able to sit his or her place at the table, able to go about the mechanics  of eating , able to individually and fully articulate their thoughts  and move about in a controlled bipedal way, is a child far beyond the need of such sustenance.  Any effort by a parent to continue the actions of breastfeeding at this point has to be driven by different motivations entirely.

It’s a long understood fact that many of our children’s idols are from the music and other entertainment genres.  Many of the icons of the past were ours at one point in our lives.   But, how do you enable a child to have a sense of value of the self, to begin to understand their rights to a form of dignity and choice in their lives when the very media they are drawn to, that we often leave them alone with, presents music and film designed to highlight the very issues we seek to protect them from.

Our children are growing up too quickly. They are taking on the hardened look of adults weathered by experience.  They are ready for sex and war before they have even had the chance to enjoy the benefits of childhood and before they are even out of school are given tools to go ahead with the sexual portion of their young lives.

We allow them to bath in subject matter that is inappropriate. We dissect and glorify in detail the act of violence. We set them out a plate full of madness, ideas and actions, the behaviors, both good and bad actions, that were meant to be adult and adult alone.    Adults are watching this crap as well, blowing up the ratings chart, making this popular on paper and supporting the very thing they are supposed to be fighting.  We wouldn’t serve our children poison for supper every night,  things that could rob them of energy of life and reason, but we poison their souls , and are supporting this very insane indoctrination when we turn our head and care little for this growing reality in our lives.

My eleven year old grandson, a boy who talks with his grandmother almost daily, was at an uncle’s house. His uncle was watching a film where a woman was repeatedly raped and chased through woods. My grandson was watching as well.  Unable to do anything about it with us being so far away, we asked him if it had upset him, and what he felt about it. He said it was just crazy.

There is an endangered quality in our children, one worth more than all the oil and minerals in the ground. It’s their innocence. How crazy is our world becoming when the smallest among us are the only ones able to clearly see.