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Author: Lori Carter

Lights at the Sheriffs Dept.

Lights at the Sheriffs Dept.

Sunday, March 10, 2013 and it’s raining outside again. I wonder if we will experience the same thing tonight that we did last night. Butler, “The Electric City”, so named for being the first city west of the Mississippi River to have electricity loses power whenever the weather changes. If it rains, if it snows, if it is hot, or if it blows you should automatically start reaching for your flashlights. They usually get it back on pretty quick, and it usually only goes out in pockets.

If our electricity goes off, we can usually see lights on one block to the south of us, and one block to the north. If it is evening, you can usually see the glow of other lights around town reflected on the horizon or off the clouds overhead, but last night was different. Last night the whole town was plunged into darkness for close to two hours.

I had just set my watch ahead, from eleven to twelve, as we were getting ready to shut everything down for the night. The lights flickered off, not once or twice, but five times before we were plunged into total darkness. Luckily I already had a flashlight nearby because of the forecast of thunderstorms. Another odd thing about this was the fact there was no thunder near the time the electric went off. We heard a few very distant rumbles a few hours before.

What is strange about this scenario, is the fact that they flickered so many times before they went off, that the whole city, with the exception of the Sheriff’s office and the county jail was plunged into complete and utter blackness and the fact that it was off for so long. I have never seen it this way in the almost six years that I lived here and Richard says he doesn’t ever remember it happening this way in the almost thirty years he has been here.

Within a few minutes, I found myself standing at the north facing window of the house, looking out over a darkened city as I watched Richard walk down the sidewalk, north toward the square. I checked my watch, five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes I stood there shivering, not sure if it was fear setting in or the lack of heat in the house.

As I stood there, I realized “this is how it could happen”. One little town at a time, plunged into total darkness just about the time most people are getting ready for bed. Everyone just shrugs it off, goes ahead and says their good-nights and wanders off into the slumber of the unaware.

Whether it would be a military power, our own government, some radical militia group, criminals, a super storm or an actual alien invasion, how much simpler could you make it. Everyone wakes up the next morning, unaware of what might have taken place overnight. Maybe several have disappeared from their homes, maybe your block is surrounded by military trucks, or soldiers come knocking at your door. Maybe none of this happens right away and you just sit there, waiting for the electricity to come back on.

All it would take would be several smart bombs aimed at the right targets. Smart bombs originated with the Germans in 1943, how much more exact could they have been developed by now. A smart bomb is aimed at a particular target, with less explosive force to take out that target with minimal damage to surrounding property and structures. It has been determined that one or two E-Type smart bombs, strategically aimed could knock out all the power within their radius of effect.

We bought a little transistor radio a few weeks ago when the two snow storms that hit were predicted, only to find out that it would only pick up one station, the local station, which on weekends might be pre-recorded. We were unable to get any information that would explain this strange blackout.

Technology is a large part of our lives. People don’t buy daily or weekly newspapers like they used to. They watch the news on cable television, scroll through it on the internet, or listen to it with their earphones. No one waits for a letter from a relative. They simply e-mail, text or call them.

What would happen if the whole nation was plunged into darkness, or the whole world for that matter? If all the grids were taken down at once, there would be no way of communication.

Maybe it’s time to look into the way they lived in the middle ages. How did they cook? Where did their food come from? How did they protect themselves? How did they live?

Take into consideration that HAARP is rumored to have been the cause of some of these super storms while some scientists believe that a pole shift has caused the super storms that hit areas like New York, New Orleans and other states on the East Coast. Thousands were plunged into darkness for longer periods of times than we were. Maybe these are practice sessions to start teaching us how to survive should the technology and energy grids go by the wayside.

I guess it is time to get a better radio, stock up on more of each kind of battery and maybe look at a way to cook outside. Whether it is martial law, meteors or asteroids or sun flares, whether it is a military take over from our government or that of another nation or whether it is an alien invasion or a multitude of super storms, we could eventually find ourselves thrown back in time, to the days when people actually had to live without the conveniences and technology we have in our lives today.


Author: Richard Carter

cashew 148



This piece of forgotten memorial flotsam has a lot in common with our country right now; they’ve both taken a beating and been at least in some indirect fashion disregarded and disrespected.

It’s only a flag you say, a piece of material that holds more sentimental value to some than to others. Yeah, but didn’t it and our country at one time represent so much more?  One huge, early variation hung over a fortress in the early struggle for our independence. It was not just in place as a label , a symbol for the army fighting beneath it,  but was there, still in place, at the end of that battle, to represent our survival.

It, like good old Uncle Sam (another symbol) was not only visual representations of our country, but links to our deep reserve of pride. Emotional ly stirring Uncle Sam’s poster s and the flag spoke to young men in a way that no leader alone could.

Do times ever, should they ever have the power to change some things? Do changing times make the sacrifice of our ancestors, our parents and grandparents and children any different any less important for the following decades and generations? Should the emblems representative of our patriotism ever fall under the label of needless veneer?  Should any elevated group or one individual have the right or power to alter an icon that is the property of a whole people, a people whose family lines have marched and bled beneath it, back to the beginning the establishment of our union?

There has been disrespect and even talk of changing the content of the Flag, and this way of thinking, I’m sure, comes from a desire to move forward. It is the thought that change in all areas is necessary for healthy growth. But, should EVERYTHING be subject to the whims of the present?   Are there no lines we will draw as to what is adaptable and what must be established in stone, not out of obstinance but integrity?

Everything changes, though, you say. We change, our icons change, and Superman’s costume has even been altered to fit our grimmer time with the addition of black.   Political systems, even religions, change policy and update to fit the times.  Why shouldn’t the no longer needed symbols of our countries past be changed as well to fit our time, to fit everyone concerned?

Maybe it is because the identification of a people, the ethic, the ideals of a people are not a thing of passing fashion, but in a sense an issue of honor. All of us are mortal. The leader in office is a very temporary, changing entity in our lives; the faces in the house and senate, though more long seated, are still limited to a mortal length of existence, but a country of our size, can’t have a shifting, changing identity.

The identity of a country should be something that is the legacy and responsibility to each succeeding generation.  This is not only a requirement to serve in defense of its physical borders and its  citizens, but to defend,  as we do,  the honor of our parents and all the things that  are larger than us, that will or at least should continue after us.  We are not the creators of those symbols, but the protectors, the caretakers of them.

It’s the same torch held by the men that died of bullets and mustard gas in the barb wire of World War I. It’s the same torch held by those who live with the effects of Agent Orange, contracted in Vietnam, and it’s the same torch held by those young men coming home, and still leaving to settle our debates throughout the world.

Times change but little of what mankind faces does.  It is oppression. It is tyranny disguised in benevolent guise  and a thousand other poisons of the mind and maybe the spirit that makes nobler aspirations, not just useful, but essential in a world swiftly fading to black, becoming lost in the shadows.

We have to remember that it is and always should be our right to throw aside individually our ethics, and values,  but it is just as important that we do remember that choosing  this  lesser path in no way means others have. It is not a license to drag down the rest that are hanging on to an almost etheric hope, for something better, hoping for  an awakening from this bad dream  that has made all the things  that once made us wealthy , secure,  respected by the world, and blessed by  God , no longer relevant, but outdated  things of the past. It has also made a joke of our respect for the millions upon millions that have offered us this chance.

Men and women are creatures of the flesh and the failings of our basic humanity go without saying. There will always be the falling’s of some among the many, previously unrecognized threats revealed. There will be murder and worse crimes committed BY individuals at all levels of our society. They are among the unpredictable, the inescapable.  But, what if, holding that knowledge in one hand we try not to forget that other hand, and what might be held there as well, what could serve as a balancing force of light in our darkening world.

At the present there seems no thinking capable of freeing the world of the shadow of aggression. We do live in a more complicated world than our ancestors, but does that mean the basic principles that made us the most powerful nation on earth are now incapable of healing us and making us whole?

Maybe we should TRY returning to these answers, tested, and proven, over not only one generation or two, but the majority of our history as a country.

Maybe we should make it a high priority to not only delve with a wary eye into the problems  in the worlds back yard, but,  finally in our fractured confusion, , really address the issues  in our own .

The world watches us with a wary eye as well. If we can step forward with visible proof of internal change for the better, of problem solving accomplishment within our own borders, it will be a positive and guiding sign to the world that our country is not in decline, that the Americans of the present have awakened to reclaim our legacy.

Maybe then the world and our people will see this flag not just as a  remnant of a worn out country ,but  instead as the force for good in the world we were meant to be.

Author: Lori Carter

The Midnight Observer was first started back I 2008, a few months before our abductions. The intent of the site was not to log the weird, dimensional, UFO or extraterrestrial information that it has been inundated with. Our main goal was to track cultic, criminal and possible dangerous situations in our rural county and to alert the citizens, neighbors, family and friends as to areas to be aware in. Before we were done building the site, we were abducted.

For three years, searching for who and what happened to us became our life. The physical, financial and emotional toll it took on us can never be fully understandable to most. We would take our last few pennies to put gas in the “Old Grey Ghost, our jeep, to make one more nightly run. We always found something. It was almost like we were drawn to it, but we never found the answers we were seeking, but we believe we have shown that there is a clear and present danger, always around us, always around everywhere.

The pictures and articles on the Midnight Observer speak for themselves. Our lives have been in danger several times. We were stalked, threated and several times Richard was injured with no indication of whom or what did it and no memory.

We have secured our home and are always wary and observant of what is around us day and night. We never leave the house without a camera, but as Richard has said “we are tired, we are done”

We are not taking the Midnight Observer down. No, instead it will transition into the sight it was meant to be from the start. All the pictures and articles will remain, but new articles about the day to day problems, dangers and precautions of normal life will be posted. There will be commentaries, suggestions, instructions and informative articles posted as we see fit.

An article of the weird, supernatural or UFO type may creep in at some point. They will be posted when we are contacted by someone or hear about it from our friends. Our research has taken a large toll on our lives. For now, we are not planning anymore trips. This may change at some time, but at the present we have our health, physically and emotionally to consider. Please check back often as we will still be posting articles about “Clear and Present Dangers.”

Please continue to enjoy the site and contact us if you wish. Also please remember that everything on “The Midnight Observer, articles and pictures, is copyrighted and is not to be used in any way to gain financial increase. They also are not to be used in articles, videos, at conferences or in books without our explicit written permission. Anyone found violating these rights will be prosecuted.


Author: Richard Carter

Every time I consider writing something of this kind I am very aware of the raw nerves that the subject of violence, primarily firearms, in America produces.

To those people whose lives have been irrevocably changed by violence, I can say I do understand much of what you’re experiencing in the aftermath.  I have been a victim of crime, as well, on more than one occasion; also I know the frustration of watching the progress of due process that comes to naught.

Ever since the Lindbergh case which led to the “Lindbergh Law”, which made transporting a kidnapping victim across the state lines a federal crime, there has been a maturing of the systems response to crime against children and their families.   As dire a subject as that is, and one ever worthy of our highest attention, I don’t believe striking out in anger to replace the irreplaceable is the solution that fits this problem.

When I was 21 I had met a girl who was a dancer downtown. As a result of this relationship I came under the scrutiny of a few young men who resented it.   I was held down and beat and cut on. The intention was to terrify me, which it most assuredly did. It also produced the desired effect of me limiting my trips downtown to a minimum and keeping them in well-populated areas.

I was cut repeatedly and to this day I have no idea if they meant to kill me. A homeless woman with a shopping cart may have saved my life, her repeated screams made them leave the area, and I was able to get up and get away.

This is only mentioned as an example of one of millions that occur daily across our country and the world.  The enemy in all this isn’t the tool on hand, the broken bottle, the club, the knife, or the fist.  It’s the mind that has run out of alternatives, the mind that has turned away from the near endless list of possibilities that could replace that violent act, the mind that wants and needs to subjugate someone, in return for the real or imagined slights they have received in their own life.

Whether that is the result of a dysfunctional family, or a social, geographical or racial bias they or their families have been a victim of, there are always other choices.    We flock to theatres to see the recent film of a good man choosing revenge as the answer, and at least two of the recent movies of this kind sell the film, in their trailers, with the word revenge used in its description.   We rush to see them, but we understand just as well that society has little tolerance for revenge.  There are so many logics used to explain a crime.  Each ignores the reality that there are always alternatives. I could just as easily have been beaten with a near inexhaustible list of objects, instead of being cut,

The mass killings in schools could just as easily have been accomplished with multiple tools of mass destruction.  We give guns too much credit.  If someone could snap their finger and tomorrow morning we’d wake to a world free of guns, by the nightfall of that day the news channels would be just as full of altercations, of new violent uses found for ordinary things.   THE ABSENCE OF GUNS didn’t keep the Cro-Magnons from nearly exterminating the Neanderthals.  It didn’t keep near countless societies of people, at home tilling their gardens and concentrating on the upward evolution of their people from defending themselves.

One tool of war has competed with another and man has never tired of the search for newer, more effective means of both self-defense and war.     The sword bans imposed by the Japanese on those they conquered only lead to the development of the Kama, (the sickle) the Nunchuku (the rice flail), the Tonfa (another tool for pounding and grinding, I believe). These are only a few examples of everyday tools used as well for self-defense.   Many other peoples went through similar points in their history; few men can sleep easy with no adequate form of protection at hand.

Mankind’s problem lies in faults that are of a mental and spiritual nature.  Just as some forms of life are beautiful and beneficial to the rest of the cycle of life, there is always poison ivy; similarly mankind will always have its bad apples.  Unfortunately there will always be a need to be watchful, and aware that not everyone rising as we do to face the day, has the best intentions for its use.

Dwindling Belief

Belief – A state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing.(Merriam Webster Dictionary)

Discernment-To detect with the eyes a figure approaching through the fog. To detect or sense other than vision. To recognize or identify as separate or distinct. To come to recognize mentally. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

Author: Richard Carter

Our lives are largely built on foundations of belief; it is a portion of almost every act and choice we make. We trust the hundreds if not thousands of drivers we pass on the other side of the yellow line to remain within that designated area. If we didn’t we’d never start our car and leave home.

We trust our children to be where they are expected during the day. We trust our mates to be loyal, and we trust that when we pay our bills those monies will be applied to that issue.

We even, in lesser forms of belief, rely on the responses from machines, such as the water to come on when we turn the nob, the lights to flash with a switch.  We trust that our food is of a safe quality; otherwise we’d never place it before our families.

From the moment we wake stumbling through the house in search of our clothes and toothpaste, we are reliant upon a string of faiths we use to function in a healthy unguarded fashion.  And sometimes our trust in another human is misplaced, and we’re disappointed, or maybe “ we” are the source of a similar disappointment felt by another.

Let’s face it, the power goes out and drivers sometimes stray across the yellow line. Belief and trust are not, in any way, an action that guarantees a certain outcome. But, that doesn’t stop us from getting up and inevitably trusting again, in a certain type person, or a make of product.

So, living an existence so laced with belief, why then is it so difficult for some to believe? NASA tells us about the makeup of atmospheres on planets we can barely see, some just specks in the swirl of space. They can tell us the temperature of Mercury, and categorize the asteroids of great size that may come close to the earth, or can they?

Recently a meteor passed earth near the moon.  It came into sight around 48 hours before it whizzed past.   The space agency that guards earth and its 7 billion inhabitants, as of October 31st 2011, who tell us of storms on Jupiter, misses something that could knock an eight hundred mile wide hole in earth, seeing it only two days away.    Many of us place great faith in science. My life has been bettered by it, but are we confused in that trust? Every man made institution, every organization has its weak link.

It seems, sometimes that these experts, as willing as they are to rest on their laurels, none the less will admit their present knowledge is like a drop in the sea. The Knowledge of all that is, is an open ended infinite thing, where we are forever the student.  So with this truth about our condition how any of us are so able, so qualified that we can make judgments, and create empirical guidelines for things they have never sought real answers for.    In a time of massive tensions in our country, with a large portion of the public so dissatisfied with our leadership that they have sought to have their states removed from the union, with countries positioning themselves around us  in a warlike posture, picking sides, our faith, and our dark belief in human nature seems confirmed.

America has been blessed.  In modern times our soil has been free of war.  We have had the luxury of commenting on such issues in the peaceful warmth of our homes with our daily requirements   our entertainments and the pleasure of our excess unhindered.

Will America know a time like Britain experienced in the blackouts of world war two, victim to more terrifying tools of destruction than mere bombs?   Are the recent near misses of meteors or asteroids, just warning of what’s to come?

In a time when the impossible becomes the daily, the new discovery or reality, what isn’t possible? One thing for certain, we can’t hide our heads from these realities.  We can’t rely on have faith in the decisions of men and women just as frail as we are, just as easily turned by public pressure  or political gain.

Our faith, our trust would be better spent on the one who warned us of this time, a time of dissolution, a dissolution hidden in the guise of our addiction to our gain.  Only now is the damage to the very structure of our country becoming more clearly evident. With our country broke, with people petitioning for removal from the union,  with violence on the rise and any remnant of our past ethics  treated like an inconsequential   joke, don’t we need to be a god fearing nation now more than ever before?

When asked my belief, I say a Christian, but I do it with a weak voice, knowing just how different my life at times can be from that, how wrong my thoughts and assumptions can be, but that doesn’t mean I’m unaware of what’s right. I was blessed by being born in a time that allowed me the memory of something better.

With the horrendous violence in the last week alone, there will, I’m sure, be more calls for gun control but in Beijing, China a man, on Friday stabbed 22 primary school students and an adult villager. Luckily none of the victims died. So is it really guns or the tools chosen for violence, are they the problem, or is it the glorification of their use in music and film that imbed this mentality of dissipating human worth in the young and old alike?  I think it is has to do with first the loss of parental rights to discipline our children, and then the following inevitable loss of control over them, one that is essential in a constructive society.

Without this, parents lose the ability to set guidelines within their homes  and create in their children an understanding of human value and worth. I could be wrong but I believe when parents were forced to accept this huge limitation in their child rearing, they drew back and have grown distant,  leaving their kids in an unconscious way to a system and society that has few positive role models. The hero of our day is the gritty anti-hero, the one whose feet are more on the side of willful lawlessness than on the side of common sense.  Drinking this in, these kids grow up to be the young man who opened fire on the students in Connecticut this morning.   Just like disease that lies malignant,  but unseen in the body, the lessons our young are learning are ones that not only take root but blossom in the darkest of ways .

In a country that sees nothing but the dollars, any new wave in music or fashion may bring arguments in opposition stand little chance.  Maybe it’s too late for our country to put on the brakes to alter our course. If that’s true then we need to find a new unity together so we have a chance facing the challenges ahead.   Belief in each other yes , faith in God?    I tend to see God as a very human being in many ways.  I guess he has the right to believe in us , to recognize us only as much as we do him. It’s time to turn away from petty differences, from our personal addictions, from our indulgences and go home while we still have time.

Lori and I would like to extend our condolences  to the families of those lost today, and those of the living trying to come to grip with this new all to0 regular presence in our lives.

Author:Richard Carter

Mayhem – Law ; the crime of willfully inflicting a bodily injury on another so as to make the victim less capable of self-defense or, under modern statutes, so as to cripple or mutilate the victim. (dictionary)

It’s not an uncommon occurrence for victims of a crime to be more mentally damaged than physically damaged.
In this sense the monsters both literal and human of Bates County have inflicted debilitating fear on certain residents and taken, not only their peace of mind, but their belief that they can affect the situation.

This is a report for the 12th day of Sept, 2012

Using a new vehicle and additional cameras, we left Butler in the mid afternoon. It was our hope to visit a  shop in Henry county and talk with an old friend awhile before heading back to Butler.

We took a more scenic route through the country, going out H-highway, due East and as is my practice I took pictures along the way when I felt the urge.   Out of this trip, I got a lot of pretty scenery, but also a few images that raise questions.   One was taken as we came to a stop at a turning point. I saw something out of the corner of my eye and turned to see maybe 50 to 70 yards away activity at the edge of some woods.   

I took the picture because I couldn’t tell much from my location with accuracy and hoped later the cameras zoom and further inspection might clear it  up . I found later what I’d seen was an  almost flesh-colored object moving, and a near black shape , carrying dragging or moving the other form along.

closeup of the objects ,,, i saw from a distance, as we were stopping to turn. turning The shadow of the telephone pole falls accross the pinkish white object,, do you see a set of legs,? what do you see?

I expected it to be mundane, and so I concentrated on the  work at hand of watching for new locations to shoot. We were hard up for time. The store we wished to reach was closing soon and we wondered if we were going to make it in time driving straight through.

Because of this rush, there was no time or desire to stop along the way and set up the tripod for better shots. The pictures taken along the way  were just tests for the new camera.  This may seem ludicrous given the possibilities of this particular scene, but at that time it was a vague image at a distance, one we are anxious about now that we’ve seen it enlarged, and weighed the visual clues in our minds a bit.  There is an understanding all researchers must have in field work. You will not catch everything  that is occurring near you.   You may pass a crime scene, blindly, while watching the sky. Because we are being attentive to one thing doesn’t mean we are sensitive and in touch with everything going on around us.

The daylight has its own pitfalls. The very visibility of all that stretches panoramically around you comes at you, all in a single package. It is experienced in a whole gaze, not broken down into individual layers much easier to sift through.

Is the form I spoke of a set of legs in the grasp of something? Both disappeared into the bushes, and there seemed to be  movement in both at the time.  They were in view for under 4 seconds and I believe taking the picture a second later than I did,  I would have missed the objects  all together. The enlarged scene frightens me.  I know the way the human body bends through my study of anatomy. I know its appearance and proportion from a distance and I know, even at the end of the summer, not everyone has a Copper Tone Tan.

Next we found along the way a silhouette walking or standing along the roadside. At first I thought the hips were stuck out with the abdomen and torso above it thrust forward and up, but I think now that the vacancy with its square edged shape might be an object in one hand, as though something book shaped was in the left hand, there against one hip.

The figure  like anomalies,  falls into the category I think of as Shadow folk.

Look at the dark version of this same photo in the compilation to the left. The outline is crisp. There is something there, where no trees stood or objects are erected .  Something is silhouetted against the weeds behind it, those that catch the rapidly descending suns rays.

In the image with the outline drawn next to it, I think I matched it fairly accurately. Then finally there is the greenish-yellow or yellowish-green pumpkin like shape that has eyes very similar to those of Clemual.  What is so striking about this similarity is that this picture was taken on the same road he was photographed on , later this same night as the other photos shown.

Clemual’s image was taken to the Columbia conference on UFO’s and was found there to be quite clear and quite disturbing.  The color of this head (?) was different, lighter, possibly because of  rays from the headlights .

The photo to the right is a grouping of different views as we got closer. You must remember, these are views after the photos were lightened a bit, In the original image, just as with Clem, the face is almost lost in the murky darkness. Even the flash, alone, was not enough to reveal either. With a small degree of lightening and they popped out in detail.

The face, at first, was thought close to the ground, but taking into consideration the fact the fields next to the road were sloped, the height could be much taller, in the human range of height.

As always we have to assume skullduggery is possible,  but the chances, I believe, of someone in costume are slim. The reason someone would have for hiding in these locations to frighten others away just doesn’t make sense.

As far as we’re aware, it is not supposed to be an area of drug labs or other hidden activities, but when it comes down to it, (Who knows)?

The culverts nearby were the large type, with two tunnels. I’ve not been inside these, but I am rigging up a tool to expand my cameras reach to better view beneath bridges and inside these type of openings.  I don’t suggest anyone  descending to these locations  unless you are trying to retrieve something dropped and then with extreme care, if approached at all. Reptiles are creatures that seek safe environments to hold up in. They have been found at many of these type of locations,  because wood washes down these waterways and builds piles, that sometimes (especially in droughts) remain dry for some time.  They are not the best of places to hang your scaly hat, but we have found them there on occasion, sometimes in mass.

I think everyone should  keep a much better record than we have shown here. We are working to better our methods. This is very important. You are examining spots that, for the most part, are seen little if at all by other people. Maybe the city or highway crews are sent in to mow or trim back brush in busier more prominent areas, but you have to remember this isolation also makes these places the dumping grounds of choice for killers.  Just watch Cold Case programs occasionally and you’ll see how many final resting places of the unfortunate are very similar to these type locations. Evil people have used these sort of pots,  probably for ages and ages, but eventually through erosion or hunters or laborers most things are found. Someone will find  them.

The likelihood of this is small, but if you stumble upon a possible scene of a crime, it should be handled promptly and with as detailed a log of your activities as possible. You should list the times you stopped at certain areas, a record as well of  suspicious sounds you heard along the way, movement in fields etc. You must remember your willingness to help authorities will go a long way towards your elimination as a suspect. Yes you, out in the field, spending your free time in a research far from acknowledgement, will seem a suspicious presence in the same area.  There is no easy explanation, no way you can do this without risk. Life is messy and often we are left someone else’s mess to clean up.  Do the right thing, the thing your conscience requires and be sensible in this effort and you should  come through the situation in our scenario just fine.

You have none of the qualifications or rights a policeman or private investigator has, but you are responsible, none the less, for acting in a manner that mirrors their attention to detail,, and their awareness of their vulnerable position, especially when investigating remote spots. First and foremost no decision you make, no choice of actions should endanger the public in any way, and in that, alone, there are many things to consider.

What we bring you are sometimes backward glances at all the activity going on around us. We needed more eyes and have found them. The next article will cover the means in which we will use them..

Till next time, stay safe,


The world is rapidly changing and not the least of these changes is the alterations to the climate of certain areas.  This year alone, much of America has suffered from a killing drought one that has struck animals of all types.

Farmers in our area have mentioned how they are having to offer their animals older feed and are glad to still have that option. There is even talk among them that soon corn will no longer be grown here due to the harsh summers and depletion of crops.   Some have are already mentioned that they are considering relocation further north, next summers climate being a defining element in this decision.

Racial tensions seem to be at a near all time high,      Khallid Muhammad Calls for White Extermination   http://imkane.wordpress.com/2010/07/08/new-black-panthers-call-for-murder-of-whites-and-babies/   “I said if we’re going to be merciful we give ‘em [whites] 24 hours in South Africa to get out of town by sundown. I said if they don’t get out of town; we kill the men; we kill the women; we kill the children; we kill the babies; we kill the blind; we kill the cripple; we kill the crazy; we kill the fagots; we kill the lesbians; I said goddamnit, we kill ‘em all.”—Khalid Muhammad   This mans video is also a must see,  for reasons I’m sure you’ll understand.

The same views have been pressed here, and crimes committed in obvious agreement,White woman attacked on bus: 9 black youths charged; Possible hate crime;   http://www.sullivan-county.com/wcva/baltimore.htm

Excerpt 😦In recent weeks, I have posted a great many articles on the ongoing outbreaks of black on white violence in this country and elsewhere—and not just “ordinary” criminal violence, but violence of a specifically savage and threatening character)(http://www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/011157.html ( the title  – Black and other nonwhite violence against whites: a grim collection) If you don’t ever read the Observer again, make sure you read this article above!!

I think if you look into the information above you will agree about its serious nature, and  find  that with the coming of possible  food and water shortages, that those once satisfied with “Their Hitler like comments in the media”, might finally see the ultimate excuse to up the anti.  Insane organizational  leaders, will see the  strength in these shortages which could  lead to stark and brutal competition. They would fuel with their message with this added tension.

Your message has been the need for the extermination of the white devil, and suddenly you and that devil are in the grocery line competing for the last of the beans, you, him and people of every nationality all with the same need. What are you going to do to a group of people  you’ve already  discussed exterminating?  With those devils eating food your family and your friends families could have, will it finally be time to take action?

enhanced image

What if the problems of man’s diminishing  surpluses and our inability to replenish them quick enough continue?The United States has a massive population. Could the unspeakable really happen?

Could enemies suddenly becomes what’s for dinner in a Donner party type need, one fueled by hate and an ability to strike back finally in the most savage and basic of ways, one of the most complete? (Cannibalism has been occasionally practiced as a last resort by people suffering from famine, including in modern times)wikipedia

When we think of the Donner party and other incidents at sea, that called for this as a means of survival, it’s different. This would be a different sort of resolution among a group of people, one that could take place in America, and other spots throughout the world.  This will not only be ‘groups foraging for food, but strategic acts of war as well.”  Enemies in the past have fallen on each other with clubs, swords, muskets and automatic firearms, but these attacks would be preludes to feasting as well.

We know things of this sort have happened in the past, and Europeans , and Americans have been involved.  We know that there were numerous Crusades to claim the Holy Land, but do you remember anything about the European knights and foot soldiers that literally cannibalized villages  along the way on more than one occasion?

(Reports of cannibalism were also recorded during the First Crusade, as Crusaders were alleged to have fed on the bodies of their dead opponents following the Siege of Ma’arrat al-Numan. Amin Maalouf also alleges further cannibalism incidents on the march to Jerusalem, and to the efforts made to delete mention of these from western history).[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannibalize

Finally ask yourself, outside of  a string of cannibalistic murders and attacks in the recent media, could this happen in less isolated cases?

 Earlier this year the United Nations accused rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo of cannibalizing their enemies, and of forcing families of the victims to eat the organs of their relative.  http://cannibalworld.com/The_Latest_Cannibal_News.html

Cannibalism has recently been both practiced and fiercely condemned in several wars, especially in Liberiaand Congo/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannibalism

RUF was a revolutionary group based in Sierra Leone in Western Africa. By the late 1990’s they had been mired in a long bloody campaign to topple the central government. These insurgents terrorized rural Sierra Leone in an effort to control the nations diamond mines. Aided by factions of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia, these groups committed horrific atrocities which included forcing children to become soldiers, amputations of limbs and cannibalism of enemies, including peacekeepers and United Nations personnel. Their motives for eating their enemies were to receive “strength” from eating human flesh and as a tool for intimidation. The exact number of victims is unknown.Gallery2 8

There were accounts of Japanese troops cannibalizing victims in world war 2,    www.monstropedia.org/index.php?title=Cannibalism

It seems most peoples, at one time or another, in one strait dire enough, have succumbed to need or racial hatred and been part of it, and what about our photos? What do they represent? It is possibly nothing more than animal blood and tissue strewn along a hillside, one of the two bloody white buckets visible.

But just like so many images taken in the dark , passing the strangest of scenes,   there are details forever left behind, the rest of the scene that our cameras flash just couldn’t reach.  Those details, in these all but forgotten spots, may indicate much more, things we never thought to find in our visions of the job ahead, the search.

Remember that the couple fighting down the hall from you or in the next room has an equal living in some remote house.   The odd stranger, who lives alone, coming and going at night is a fixture in the city and the country as well, except in the country as in the movie Alien,in some places, there’s no one to hear you scream.

( When police went to Ed Gein’s Plainfield, Wisconsin farm home to investigate the disappearance of a local woman, they had no idea they were about to discover some of the most grotesque crimes ever committed.)

There’s really no way to just look at someone and know what their capable of, and it seems its always been that way.  The points raised above are just facets of our changing reality, things that can’t be ignored if we wish to be wise planning and protecting our futures.   The wolf has always ranged outside the fortifications of the past looking for the unwary.  The wolves of our age are calculating  silent men and women, and those also more than willing to tell the world how badly they want your blood on their hands .
Could the   shortages we’re bound to experience in the lean years of the future and the irreparable breaches between us, lead to the horrors I’ve guessed at?
Not since Nazi Germany has there been such serious and evil intent. Our grandparents crossed the world to deal with that evil. Ours is much closer to home.    What do you think?


Their purpose ?  The same question looms over these examples as well; the blimp like peanuts that cruised silently over the courthouse. At first we couldn’t believe the idea that something that large would approach the courthouse tower so closely.  I figured it had to be light. Well, we proceeded in that weak explanation until we found it in all sorts of lighting conditions.

We  finally ruled out the explanation of light  completely when, while flashing away at one of these, again over the courthouse, we watched a glowing symbol or letter be brought around the side by hand and placed against the surface.   This was facing us directly.  You can see it is some symbol or a letter “C”.   Carter starts with a “C”. Of all the photos of these objects , there has never been this addition before.

The image below shows the objects in the river, identically shaped to those that were over the water tower, the courthouse, and over the fenced in powerhouse that serves a portion of Butlers electrical needs.

Faintly behind the electrical hardware the object can be seen approaching ,

The next is, yes, you guessed right, ONE OVER THE COURTHOUSE. This is also the largest we’ve seen.

It moved across the sky quietly and passed within a hundred feet of the tower. This is the largest moving object I’ve ever seen. I saw it with my eyes, not the camera.

Finally there is the one that is completely illuminated from within. It has a rope attached and flew over the jeep and Fort Scott street one evening as we were returning to town. This rope seemed tied off to something else.

This is just a few of the images of this type object.

Then there are the more flamboyant designs,

such as the bright orange and yellow one to the right.  But my interest today lies in the windows  and the things found within. These are the elements to discoveries that shake the community of researchers and citizens alike.  When you can look past the veneer of the object, in all its forms, and have something within to address, that is the connection no man or woman can ignore.   The face however, is vague and faint.

seen over a deserted business on our towns main drag.we pulled into the dark lot and i got out and photographed it once

Once determined as that, its easier for our  minds to look deeper and harder at the small clues in those illuminated openings, to flesh out the beings within.   Machines are all around us and the rumors of cutting edge human technology are still just that, human creation.   The newness of those types of discoveries wears off fast.    But the hint of possible intelligences hidden in our skies ? A truth of this kind, revealed in even the slightest form such as this, is an  aggravatingly persistent voice nagging, picking at our mind.   If you know a  bill waits in your mailbox, your unperturbed about the whole thing. It’s no big deal.   But let the bill collector himself come walking down the sidewalk to your house and your blood pressure will rise, to say the least. Its sort of an long awaited prelude, to the introduction we’ve been waiting for,, the in our face reality of it . After that we will never be able to turn a blind eye to the subject again.

The forms, I believe I have found in these windows, are important to Lori and i in  ways few may understand.  They represent something that is not supposed to be there.  They may well be tied to the answers we need about what occurred during our lost time. Whether we will have the chance to extract one sort of  justice or another from them, whether we have the power to or not is unimportant.  They represent answers, not only for us, but for many more trying to make peace with this new reality we’ve all been forced to accept,,they represent one way or another a sort of closure.

Government’s are  very picky about their  air space. They have the right to shoot down craft that pass over into these no flight zones. Were they able to stop unidentified craft from buzzing the white house, Did  they knock down the one that flew over Los Angelas with the thousands of rounds fired at it?   No but a few citizens  were killed.    We have no bases, no military importance,  but we do have our homes, our schools, churches and families all crowded within our zone. How long will we pretend to be blind to these presences? How long will we depend upon a complete  military protection that just doesn’t exist?   And that inability isnt the fault of the various Governments around the world ,,  America can stand toe to toe with anybody,,  but were not talking about conventional forces here,,, the earth is just outclassed, a few hundred , thousand years behind the competition.   Naivety is a useless commodity for  adults, for the people who must ring the bell of awareness, and somehow reach us all . We can support our governments and protect ourselves at the same time. We can be a valuable resource in helping others to escape their personal fortresses of doubt.  It’s time to see who is behind the glass of the eyes in the clouds. It’s time for the veils and masks to be removed, and all that’s      hidden to be known.      Richard Carter,

Author: Lori Carter

Some of you may think that we have changed our research in mid stream. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Although we have said it before, we will say it again. The Midnight Observer was first started to share the dangers of everything we find with our neighbors, friends, family members and others. It just so happens that at the time we started, we ended up having our abduction experience.

This experience directed our paths for a long time in the search for who or what happened to us. We have delved into conspiracy theories, covert and criminal groups, extraterrestrials, UFOs and the paranormal for a long time. The old grey ghost was incapacitated over a year ago, so we took to doing night runs around our little town on shoe leather express. The old Grey Ghost has gone on to better things, so for the time being we are on shoe leather express until such time as a vehicle comes our way that we can afford.

The jeep was a faithful servant. It got us out of ditches, mud-holes, around purposely downed trees and more. Even though it stopped once in awhile, it would always start and get us out of sticky situations at the very right moment.

It is my belief that many things in this world are connected. Paranormal may very well be connected to dimensions and extraterrestrials and their craft. UFOs could very well have human contact and cooperation in many of their ventures. Criminals do not care who they work with. They only care that the end result benefits them. Besides the normal aliens, sightings, fairies, elves, ghosts or goblins, there is a plethora of strangeness in our world.

If a race wanted to diminish our population, what better way to do it than have us start killing each other off. This may very well explain all the constant wars, drug cartels, criminal infested cities and more. What other way to draw our attention from something that is being planned than by scaring us with the things other humans do. For example, Eugene Rudy’s attack on his victim seem to have spurred the news of many similar attacks.

While we are watching these events unfold, our mind is taken away from our current and immediate surroundings. We are so worried about a zombie apocalypse that we quit worrying about what may be lurking around the corner from us on any dark and dreary night.

We are researching a lot of different subjects right now, and yes we are still observing the skies. We just recently watched an interview on a DVD set we picked up at Walmart called Alien Encounters From Fear to Truth, a 13 documentary set. Although it has some of the older stories we have already read about, there is a documentary about Black Ops that you might find very interesting. Especially check out the one about the Philadelphia experiment and Montauk. It is quite bizarre to say the least.

Things seem to be quiet around here lately. The people who had reported to us early on about UFO’s and strange occurrences state they haven’t seen much of anything lately. We understand, that in a small town like this, people are not willing to speak out about what is considered crazy or abnormal events.

In the meantime, Richard is presently going through some sky shots we took the other day and we will be posting anything of interest that we find. Keep your eyes and ears open. If you have a sighting, and doesn’t necessarily have to be paranormal or UFO related and want to speak to someone about it, you can leave a comment at the site or email us at carterbushman@yahoo.com. You can remain totally anonymous if you wish, or we can give you credit for any events or pictures you would like to share.


Author: Lori Carter

It may seem like we are all of sudden obsessed with the talk about zombies. First and foremost, you need to understand that “the Midnight Observer” was already in the works before our abduction. We had both been victims to many unpleasant situations in our lives. Physical abuse, mental abuse and criminal acts were on the top of the list.

We were starting the site as an awareness site for friends, family, neighbors and their friends, family and neighbors to warn of the covert and extensive criminal acts. We wanted to set up a site that would help people learn to watch their backs, keep their children away from criminal elements and drugs, and be able to lead a safe, pleasant life. Our intent was to post about the crimes and how they were affecting our area; then we were abducted.

For almost three years we searched, trying to find out who and/or what had interfered in the peace and tranquility we were finally able to enjoy. It may have seemed that the “Midnight Observer was dedicated just to UFO’s, extraterrestrial and paranormal elements. But if you have read, actually read the articles and looked at the pictures, we were also showing what we believed to be human activity covertly taking place.

It is our goal to look at all the possibilities of danger that could be a threat to those we care about. If they pass it on, that is great, because that many more people will become diligent, observant and careful. When the story about Rudy Eugene hit the news, in the same week many other similar events came to light.

We are not vigilantes. We are not encouraging militant actions, covert operations or the harmful acts against other humans. We are just looking at the possibilities and trying to warn others about possible pending danger.

We both are interested in being self-sufficient, because we believe at some time or another; things in our neck of the woods, as well as around the planet are going to drastically change. Whether it comes from the air, the New World Order movement, Kabala, the rich or elite, or government sources, we have the right to protect ourselves and our families. We have the right to live, survive, and exist as best we can.

There are many references to secret alien, government, and elite group activities. There are rumors, circulating since 1947 that our government and private individuals and groups have been working with aliens, trading us for their technology and knowledge.

None of this can be completely proved, but is something to be aware of. In the last article, Rich mentioned a scenario on the big picture about a mist coming down and covering a town that is asleep. It could have been chemical weapon of sorts that could change the mentality of the humans who are saturated with it.

Conspiracy theories will always be talked about, but think about just one thing. If an alien force, maybe even with the enlisted help of some humans, decide to decrease our population or work toward eliminating it, how could they go about it without destroying all the natural resources of this planet with their ultra-weapons.? Wouldn’t it be easier to have a race start killing off their own kind?

Maybe all the experiments they have performed on humans over the years weren’t just for crossing their DNA with ours. Maybe at some point, they changed the DNA of many people so that at a certain time, maybe when their children grew up, or their children’s children grew up, the DNA would trickle down to the point where it started changing people into some kind of animal, a cannibalistic animal,  a zombie type creature.

This is just one possibility. The other, of course could be that they are putting something in the air or water that affects only certain people. At the time of the killing of Rudy Eugene, an autopsy, as far as I could see, had not been performed that would actually point to the use of bath salts. This was an assumption at that point, and there has not been information disclosed that confirms it.

The world is in turmoil and panic over the use of bath salts now. Maybe it isn’t something that simple. Maybe it is a new bacteria, one that affects the mind and can be transferred from one person to another through the bite or saliva of the infected person. Maybe it was instigated to draw our attention away from something larger.

Zombie apocalypse? Maybe, but maybe it is something that is being introduced into the population to decrease our numbers. Think about it. The zombies kill people. The people who don’t die contract the disease and go on to infect and kill other people. Armed forces are brought together to try and eliminate the zombies already infected, and end up killing thousands up thousands in error because they aren’t sure which ones are good and which ones are infected.

Maybe this is the tribulation that is talked about in the bible. The “prince of peace” will show up soon and be able to stop the zombie virus from spreading. It is the perfect scenario, since he is supposed to convince the people he is the messiah by saving them from something and reestablishing order on this world.

Just a few thoughts that have entered my mind. We still watch the skies. We still take photographs wherever we go. We will continue to share information and theories on anything we find, whether it be a human event, an extraterrestrial hiding in the bushes, a UFO in the air, or a zombie attack.

Our goal is to present what is on the plate each day, and zombies are the main item on the menu right now.