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Author: Lori Carter

Lights at the Sheriffs Dept.

Lights at the Sheriffs Dept.

Sunday, March 10, 2013 and it’s raining outside again. I wonder if we will experience the same thing tonight that we did last night. Butler, “The Electric City”, so named for being the first city west of the Mississippi River to have electricity loses power whenever the weather changes. If it rains, if it snows, if it is hot, or if it blows you should automatically start reaching for your flashlights. They usually get it back on pretty quick, and it usually only goes out in pockets.

If our electricity goes off, we can usually see lights on one block to the south of us, and one block to the north. If it is evening, you can usually see the glow of other lights around town reflected on the horizon or off the clouds overhead, but last night was different. Last night the whole town was plunged into darkness for close to two hours.

I had just set my watch ahead, from eleven to twelve, as we were getting ready to shut everything down for the night. The lights flickered off, not once or twice, but five times before we were plunged into total darkness. Luckily I already had a flashlight nearby because of the forecast of thunderstorms. Another odd thing about this was the fact there was no thunder near the time the electric went off. We heard a few very distant rumbles a few hours before.

What is strange about this scenario, is the fact that they flickered so many times before they went off, that the whole city, with the exception of the Sheriff’s office and the county jail was plunged into complete and utter blackness and the fact that it was off for so long. I have never seen it this way in the almost six years that I lived here and Richard says he doesn’t ever remember it happening this way in the almost thirty years he has been here.

Within a few minutes, I found myself standing at the north facing window of the house, looking out over a darkened city as I watched Richard walk down the sidewalk, north toward the square. I checked my watch, five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes I stood there shivering, not sure if it was fear setting in or the lack of heat in the house.

As I stood there, I realized “this is how it could happen”. One little town at a time, plunged into total darkness just about the time most people are getting ready for bed. Everyone just shrugs it off, goes ahead and says their good-nights and wanders off into the slumber of the unaware.

Whether it would be a military power, our own government, some radical militia group, criminals, a super storm or an actual alien invasion, how much simpler could you make it. Everyone wakes up the next morning, unaware of what might have taken place overnight. Maybe several have disappeared from their homes, maybe your block is surrounded by military trucks, or soldiers come knocking at your door. Maybe none of this happens right away and you just sit there, waiting for the electricity to come back on.

All it would take would be several smart bombs aimed at the right targets. Smart bombs originated with the Germans in 1943, how much more exact could they have been developed by now. A smart bomb is aimed at a particular target, with less explosive force to take out that target with minimal damage to surrounding property and structures. It has been determined that one or two E-Type smart bombs, strategically aimed could knock out all the power within their radius of effect.

We bought a little transistor radio a few weeks ago when the two snow storms that hit were predicted, only to find out that it would only pick up one station, the local station, which on weekends might be pre-recorded. We were unable to get any information that would explain this strange blackout.

Technology is a large part of our lives. People don’t buy daily or weekly newspapers like they used to. They watch the news on cable television, scroll through it on the internet, or listen to it with their earphones. No one waits for a letter from a relative. They simply e-mail, text or call them.

What would happen if the whole nation was plunged into darkness, or the whole world for that matter? If all the grids were taken down at once, there would be no way of communication.

Maybe it’s time to look into the way they lived in the middle ages. How did they cook? Where did their food come from? How did they protect themselves? How did they live?

Take into consideration that HAARP is rumored to have been the cause of some of these super storms while some scientists believe that a pole shift has caused the super storms that hit areas like New York, New Orleans and other states on the East Coast. Thousands were plunged into darkness for longer periods of times than we were. Maybe these are practice sessions to start teaching us how to survive should the technology and energy grids go by the wayside.

I guess it is time to get a better radio, stock up on more of each kind of battery and maybe look at a way to cook outside. Whether it is martial law, meteors or asteroids or sun flares, whether it is a military take over from our government or that of another nation or whether it is an alien invasion or a multitude of super storms, we could eventually find ourselves thrown back in time, to the days when people actually had to live without the conveniences and technology we have in our lives today.


THE  MOST RECENT NIGHT, WE HAD TO WALK;   Since the last post where we showed the objects, the machines that had  descended, saying “THEY’RE BACK” would be dramatic or humorous, but the sad truth is they never left.

It begins ,

A short distance from the hospital it begins.  A light has been overhead but it is also one we are accustomed to,yet now just down the road from the parking lot along the dark portion of Nursery street.   We had taken a different route  in hope of side stepping them, slipping by,  and the result was really no different at all.                                                                             156——-

This time we captured something we are unsure of. Before finding it we were feeling fairly good.  After this, we arrived at the hospital and  my blood pressure, usually in the 107-130 range  over 78, was now 156 over 110.  Normally the walks were therapeutic. Both Lori and I experienced  some of our lowest best readings after such walks in the past.  Maybe what the following images show are a possible suggestion towards the cause for that change.


Above image 157–In the next few there is a strange distortion.  It is something that is not in the tree tops, but something that seems to engulf me.  In one image there is even a line, an edge to whatever it is, almost like the side of a net.  It’s the same visually only this looks like electricity (?)

I don’t know what it is. All I’m certain of is when I entered the hospital I was tired, felt terrible and had little or no coordination.

image 160

The building legend around H.A.R.P, the testing of the American public, in relatively small communities all over the country, is done  by who? I’m not sold on the Government blame yet. There are organizations  that can buy and sell Governments.  When we do get to vote in a man or woman to service, they allow it.  Is it them?

Is it the Aliens who got the best part of the deal, the right to us? The unfathomable bast..d that have the power to destroy us all. They have the abilities to manipulate us, to make us just as responsible for our own fall.  Are they really the masterminds responsible for our position?

image 161

The effect in 161 is clear. My head, lifted now, is pressed forward and to the side. Already my hood is nearly impossible to see.  The EDGE of whatever it is can be seen next to the last portion of my face still visible.  I t seems tight and condensed , yet unfolded. Still the odd shapes are visible above  but they won’t be for long.

Now the complete blanket , net whatever it is, has separated me from the purpose of their evening. Ive

inside the hospital

made an extra effort to be aware,  to listen to my feelings, and it’s made no difference at all.

the faint object is just above us as we leave.

We  are just as in the dark as before, just as unaware of it taking place. WHAT IS TAKING PLACE!!! Why do our lives deserve such hellish harassment. We have discussed this over and over.  I have the rare hereditary disease. It has given me physical traits that are different , but not to an extreme  that would warrant attention. Given Alien fascination with the human species, maybe those differences add up to real mysteries in their eyes. Lori and I are older. I’m 53 and she is almost 60, and that must be apparent to them. Neither of us are prime subjects for experimentation any longer.

the bottom of something

Then we thought, okay let’s go the

The edge of the large panel hiding the machinery , this when overhead is large enough to easily conceal them in the night sky.

military route, hypothetically. Maybe we are a  set of test subjects. Ones that ae returned to, like tagged animals in the wild would fit.  But, we are experiencing odd lights far too often.  I just can’t see that a bunch of hoodlum soldiers  would be allowed to run around  in their off hours, using multimillion dollar aircraft to jump private citizens with airborne like techniques, committing crimes against the public. I have no doubt there are those capable of it.   I  won’t  believe that yet, but I have to add that my naivety as well as my patience  are both wearing terribly thin.  My personal steps towards better self-defense will escalate alongside  that concern.

They, whoever they are)(whatever they are, believe that using the weapons of the coward, they are untouchable, and they have no face. With each episode I learn more about them and their almost predictable nature.  That predictability alone is a dangerous thing for any enemy to have.

Part two of this evening’s story focuses on the return trip home and one vehicle in particular.

My friends, if you ever had a passion for the truth, this is the one not to miss.