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Author: Lori Carter

Some of you may think that we have changed our research in mid stream. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Although we have said it before, we will say it again. The Midnight Observer was first started to share the dangers of everything we find with our neighbors, friends, family members and others. It just so happens that at the time we started, we ended up having our abduction experience.

This experience directed our paths for a long time in the search for who or what happened to us. We have delved into conspiracy theories, covert and criminal groups, extraterrestrials, UFOs and the paranormal for a long time. The old grey ghost was incapacitated over a year ago, so we took to doing night runs around our little town on shoe leather express. The old Grey Ghost has gone on to better things, so for the time being we are on shoe leather express until such time as a vehicle comes our way that we can afford.

The jeep was a faithful servant. It got us out of ditches, mud-holes, around purposely downed trees and more. Even though it stopped once in awhile, it would always start and get us out of sticky situations at the very right moment.

It is my belief that many things in this world are connected. Paranormal may very well be connected to dimensions and extraterrestrials and their craft. UFOs could very well have human contact and cooperation in many of their ventures. Criminals do not care who they work with. They only care that the end result benefits them. Besides the normal aliens, sightings, fairies, elves, ghosts or goblins, there is a plethora of strangeness in our world.

If a race wanted to diminish our population, what better way to do it than have us start killing each other off. This may very well explain all the constant wars, drug cartels, criminal infested cities and more. What other way to draw our attention from something that is being planned than by scaring us with the things other humans do. For example, Eugene Rudy’s attack on his victim seem to have spurred the news of many similar attacks.

While we are watching these events unfold, our mind is taken away from our current and immediate surroundings. We are so worried about a zombie apocalypse that we quit worrying about what may be lurking around the corner from us on any dark and dreary night.

We are researching a lot of different subjects right now, and yes we are still observing the skies. We just recently watched an interview on a DVD set we picked up at Walmart called Alien Encounters From Fear to Truth, a 13 documentary set. Although it has some of the older stories we have already read about, there is a documentary about Black Ops that you might find very interesting. Especially check out the one about the Philadelphia experiment and Montauk. It is quite bizarre to say the least.

Things seem to be quiet around here lately. The people who had reported to us early on about UFO’s and strange occurrences state they haven’t seen much of anything lately. We understand, that in a small town like this, people are not willing to speak out about what is considered crazy or abnormal events.

In the meantime, Richard is presently going through some sky shots we took the other day and we will be posting anything of interest that we find. Keep your eyes and ears open. If you have a sighting, and doesn’t necessarily have to be paranormal or UFO related and want to speak to someone about it, you can leave a comment at the site or email us at carterbushman@yahoo.com. You can remain totally anonymous if you wish, or we can give you credit for any events or pictures you would like to share.



People who are frightened of aliens don’t seek out the object of their fear but rather, are content to remain within the cocoon of self-deceit and social psychosis.(Linked)

(This was a comment made on one of articles at the Midnight Observer. We thought it and our reply were important enough to share)

First we’d like to thank you for your comment and say that you have a lot of good ideas. The statement above and others like it, that say our way (your way) of thinking and accessing this is the answer is fine and of course each of us have our own practices, but many are limited only to their verbal ideas and their chiding of anyone who has stepped outside the blog box.

We have sought out the object of our fear, in not just random outings but instead as the very focus of our work.  I’m not sure if that was directed at specific researchers or not.   If we weren’t the party this was directed at, please accept our compliments for a beautiful sight, and as we said some nice ideas. if we were among those addressed, I need to clarify that the lion’s share of our information and photos are self-supplied through nothing but field work, stepping out with the intention of drawing things out to us is the heart of our practice.  Maybe it’s not wise in a self-preservative fashion, but effective none the less.

Where many sites must harvest the images of the web for their subject matter and speak through filler made up of, again, others facts, we take the bull by the horns.  I’ve been less than twenty feet from a number of Crypto zoological creatures and aliens, because of our approach. 

In all honesty, I assure you, that the flower child mental is not the spirit to approach this in.  We, like you, live with the hope that communications and not confrontations will be the answer in meeting them, but if you have studied, (I mean thoroughly) looked at the case history worldwide you’ll find only absorbing a portion of it, that the majority of cases are not “Please help ET call home” type scenarios.

They are situations that show our vulnerability and their lack of any concept of human or universal rights.  We are the lab rat and in some cases much worse.  At best, to some races of beings i.e. Pleidians, we are a coddled child. At any rate, to most of the rest, we are not their buddy.

I’m sending along a photo that should more than explain my position.   The red mess in it, is the flesh and blood of a corpse of some kind. We are hoping it is a carcass of a deer or other large animal.  This is one of the beings that I spoke of getting close to.  Where was it?  It was not near a road deep in the woods, but, next to a rural highway, a block from farm houses.

We agree with you on many of those points dealing with government knowledge of alien presence and intent, but that is, I’m afraid, a moot point, one you and I are well aware we’re powerless to effect change in. It is better to funnel those wasted energies that fill the web with chatter into real field work.

The more images of these creatures we all have, the more the public will grow in awareness and interest and even to some degree take part in more fully in uncovering this presence. This, with a certainty that will not inspire action on the government’s part, but, will call for a response on their part due to the level of our maturing in the subject and the demand for it.

If the TV-talk shows and radio show are SWAMPED with information of this kind, with photos and experiences, there will be no alternative but for them to act in some manner to assure the public they aren’t ignoring the issue.   If it becomes apparent that this is not being talked about by the crazy fringe-(us) but by many Senators and Congressmen responding on behalf of their constituents, the Government will answer it.  The question is are you  and other sites willing to put down our petty differences and work together on a project that could harness the investigative skills of thousands, and possibly get this stone rolling towards the end result that are possible.?

There’s a need for each of us to push this idea, an idea that needs no author, one that we can all step out and experiment together in. Their presence is here, without a doubt. All we have to do is triple the regularity of “UFO” night searches.  Either we have a real desire to continue as the dominant species on our planet, and are willing to turn off the TV and go outside a few nights a month with our cameras,   or we should stop all the posturing and egotistical orations and drift back into the Networks security blanket and accept what comes.

There are things we’ve raced to show you,  finds that( in our eyes ) needed to be seen by others as well,  needed scrutiny as well as presenting.

But there are things that still lie unused, passed over, between the other more universally acceptable type image.  The  lights of the saucer or of the inexplicable orb hanging in spots that just don’t work.

Even the little green man variety or in the Clem case, the big green man; these all are the stuff ufologist are willing either to bash or to consider.

Yet, there are those like these that are striking, but at the same time annoying, annoying, because they have no explanation. They are ones with implications of an important nature. I have approached only friends with this, making light of it when I did, trying to make myself see something other than what I knew was too much even for believers.   George Adamski I’m not, but in my heart I can’t suggest any longer this might have a mundane source. The hell with the disbeliever.

As  for their quality – oh well-I KNOW  I WAS STILL AT THE TIME!   I know the images and many others were taken consecutively,all of  a certain pose that  I meditated in, and aside from a car light passing  there is no other logical reason for the strangely distorted image that looks like someone having their face vacuumed  off  but it’s not just that,,,,

It seems the structure of my head is REMATERIALIZED!

My light source was stationary, on the table. All windows were in other rooms in the house and the position I sat at had no direct or indirect contact through a doorway with windows, so your left with extreme changes of a visual nature in a series of photos taken one after another.

Why didn’t we race to show this?  To be honest I didn’t have faith in you to believe me and I’m sorry, but Lori and I have talked to a number of groups  online and these were supposed to be open-minded people, in fact one site used the (Open mind ANGLE ) as part of their motto for a while.

What it comes down to is something Whitley Strieber mentioned on numerous occasions. He has, more than once, stated that he rues the day the book (Communion ) was published, as it has resulted in him going down a path that brings with it public humiliation and the mockery of both an unbelieving mainstream and even the UFO community itself   http://www.openminds.tv/a-conversation-with-whitley-strieber/

It is easy to understand  such frustration. To me it seems like there are two groups of the Cavalry, both joining to fight the Indian uprising only to  have to stop halfway there to  dispute whether  Indians exist or not .  Why the inner conflict and need to be the one to point out reality ,when frankly none of us have degree in it?

I imagine that there are others of a similar mind.  I am one of them and who do the who’s who  wannabe’s of  Ufology have to blame? The very familiar feeling of there being constant efforts to discredit, with no open mind to the alternative, this among a group of people who’s interests lie on the fringe of societies thought to start with; well it’s confusing to say the least and lends to an attitude of choosing solitary involvement in the work.

the third of 4, maybe the worst of the bunch because im in a world of hurt,, in the movie the 4rth kind the woman has a tape recording of a alien being and her screams , one she too is completely unaware of. a note ,,these were taken long before the movie,,


The short of it is, unless certain people bring something to the table, it must be a fabrication.  It gets tiring and uses up my patience  fast. We have better things to accomplish with our time, we all do.    Some of the people in these groups are just the opposite, but, unfortunately their voices are lost in our  majority rule world.

Besides, how do we know for sure what happened to even label the event?  the trick of light bull is out the window and I didn’t have any discomfort that would make me go running for help, if I could run. The point is that the agony my face registers, is not reflected at all in my memory of the early morning.  This leads me even more to think this might be some peripheral or subconscious draining or extraction.

There are the well documented cases of multiple personalities and the implanted personalities, as well as other mind control programing. These things are fairly well-known.   If we have a subconscious and a conscious mind, and the labyrinth that could hold separate chambers for separate personalities, then in seeking to gain control of us, would not beings  have to either wipe the slate of our mind  clean or,  like the pages in a book, address each layer of us? Possibly in each abduction or intrusion, they are siphoning off , or creating a layer pertinent to their desires, their plans.

Maybe such visits take place more at night for obvious reasons.  If it can be accomplished with such little remembered  trauma , then the wee hours of the night would be perfect.

Then again, what if the trauma is very accurately represented in the looks on my face and like the effects some trauma have, the mind constructs a wall to shield itself from the reality, an amnesic blind to save the body and mind from the inescapable fear that would follow something like that, if it was allowed to be a clear and present memory.

Did I go somewhere?  Was i taken,?  Was it merely a removal of something as minute as the skin cells we scrub away each day bathing?   A layer of (epidermal thought) .   There is also the chance that we are being physically removed from our homes and transported to places of refinement, not refined in the sense of luxury, but in the reality of alteration.   There are what I believe to be people nightly transported to warehouse like bays above, where humans are the focus of activities they would never have chosen for themselves.


















I have heard a strange sound at night, much like huge fork-trucks  running across a vast concrete floor. Sometimes these sounds are so loud they are heard over the fans  in the summer.  Sometimes this sounds as if they  are endlessly circle the block.   When looking out at the streets, all of them very close, there is nothing and yet the sound continues above.

I have theory about some authors of books and movies. I mentioned this to Richard a few times. We love old books and movies and often indulge in reading and watching them often. Our nightly viewing during dinner may include selections from Sherlock Holmes, Andy Griffith, early John Wayne movies and the like.

My theory is that some of the authors and film producers of earlier times, and probably today, had close encounters with craft and beings, maybe not remembering the experience as anything other than a dream or their imaginative minds. They related some of this in their stories, probably not realizing that they actually experienced something.

We frequent the local library whenever we can and not only check out books on UFO’s, extraterrestrial, many older books written by authors back in the 1700’s and 1800’s. We recently checked out a book that contained what were supposed to be ghost stories (although none of the stories we have read were that, but were strange to say the least.)

We ran across this story in the book, written by J.B. Priestly (English writer 1894-1984). The story was written in 1953. It is titled “the grey ones”.

The story starts out with Mr. Patson speaking with a psychiatrist. Throughout the major part of the story, the psychiatrists is asking questions about what Mr. Patson believes about some creatures that he believes exists. He talks about over hearing a conversation at an upstanding club attended by writers, painters, musicians and theater people.

This conversation is being held by a publisher known as Mr. Filbright. Mr. Filbright is speaking about something called the “Evil Principle” trying to destroy human kind by eliminating certain states of mind that belong to the good. They are changing the way people see, feel, hear and smell things. Taking out the essence, perhaps, of these things little by little.

As the conversation goes on, Mr. Patson talks about feeling their presence, identifying some people around him as being some of the “grey ones”. He states that he can feel things changing everyday around him. Smells, noises and sights are becoming less of what they were. He says the “grey ones” are the agents of the “evil principle” that is trying to destroy mankind, bring them down to the state of passive cattle, so to speak.

While he is conversing with the good doctor, he names off quite a few people he believes to be “the grey ones” in disguise, and at least 2/3 of these people are in high positions in the government and the community.

Feeling better after he has had a long conversation with the doctor, the doctor excuses himself for a minute. He returns with two orderlies, and Mr. Patson is suddenly able to see through the Dr.’s facade and realizes that he and the two orderlies are “grey ones”.

This is where the story ends. It makes you wonder about many of the other mystery, horror, and sci-fi stories and films that have come out over the years. Could my theory be right? Could many of these people had an experience, thinking it a dream or imagination, turned it into a story, book or movie.

I recently read a few excerpts on the internet that were opinions of “people in the know”, who claim that the UFO, extraterrestrial stories, books and movies that are being released today are supposed to be preparing us for the final event.

Any opinions?


THE  MOST RECENT NIGHT, WE HAD TO WALK;   Since the last post where we showed the objects, the machines that had  descended, saying “THEY’RE BACK” would be dramatic or humorous, but the sad truth is they never left.

It begins ,

A short distance from the hospital it begins.  A light has been overhead but it is also one we are accustomed to,yet now just down the road from the parking lot along the dark portion of Nursery street.   We had taken a different route  in hope of side stepping them, slipping by,  and the result was really no different at all.                                                                             156——-

This time we captured something we are unsure of. Before finding it we were feeling fairly good.  After this, we arrived at the hospital and  my blood pressure, usually in the 107-130 range  over 78, was now 156 over 110.  Normally the walks were therapeutic. Both Lori and I experienced  some of our lowest best readings after such walks in the past.  Maybe what the following images show are a possible suggestion towards the cause for that change.


Above image 157–In the next few there is a strange distortion.  It is something that is not in the tree tops, but something that seems to engulf me.  In one image there is even a line, an edge to whatever it is, almost like the side of a net.  It’s the same visually only this looks like electricity (?)

I don’t know what it is. All I’m certain of is when I entered the hospital I was tired, felt terrible and had little or no coordination.

image 160

The building legend around H.A.R.P, the testing of the American public, in relatively small communities all over the country, is done  by who? I’m not sold on the Government blame yet. There are organizations  that can buy and sell Governments.  When we do get to vote in a man or woman to service, they allow it.  Is it them?

Is it the Aliens who got the best part of the deal, the right to us? The unfathomable bast..d that have the power to destroy us all. They have the abilities to manipulate us, to make us just as responsible for our own fall.  Are they really the masterminds responsible for our position?

image 161

The effect in 161 is clear. My head, lifted now, is pressed forward and to the side. Already my hood is nearly impossible to see.  The EDGE of whatever it is can be seen next to the last portion of my face still visible.  I t seems tight and condensed , yet unfolded. Still the odd shapes are visible above  but they won’t be for long.

Now the complete blanket , net whatever it is, has separated me from the purpose of their evening. Ive

inside the hospital

made an extra effort to be aware,  to listen to my feelings, and it’s made no difference at all.

the faint object is just above us as we leave.

We  are just as in the dark as before, just as unaware of it taking place. WHAT IS TAKING PLACE!!! Why do our lives deserve such hellish harassment. We have discussed this over and over.  I have the rare hereditary disease. It has given me physical traits that are different , but not to an extreme  that would warrant attention. Given Alien fascination with the human species, maybe those differences add up to real mysteries in their eyes. Lori and I are older. I’m 53 and she is almost 60, and that must be apparent to them. Neither of us are prime subjects for experimentation any longer.

the bottom of something

Then we thought, okay let’s go the

The edge of the large panel hiding the machinery , this when overhead is large enough to easily conceal them in the night sky.

military route, hypothetically. Maybe we are a  set of test subjects. Ones that ae returned to, like tagged animals in the wild would fit.  But, we are experiencing odd lights far too often.  I just can’t see that a bunch of hoodlum soldiers  would be allowed to run around  in their off hours, using multimillion dollar aircraft to jump private citizens with airborne like techniques, committing crimes against the public. I have no doubt there are those capable of it.   I  won’t  believe that yet, but I have to add that my naivety as well as my patience  are both wearing terribly thin.  My personal steps towards better self-defense will escalate alongside  that concern.

They, whoever they are)(whatever they are, believe that using the weapons of the coward, they are untouchable, and they have no face. With each episode I learn more about them and their almost predictable nature.  That predictability alone is a dangerous thing for any enemy to have.

Part two of this evening’s story focuses on the return trip home and one vehicle in particular.

My friends, if you ever had a passion for the truth, this is the one not to miss.


The Night,,, was my favorite time, I could slip on a my  long coat and rattle down the steps and out into the night, it was in action (the drifting along sidewalks) that I found a measure of clearer thought.The answwers i searched for could never have been found in a crowd or in the distraction of daylight.   Those same qualities of the nocturnal world that allowed better introspection were also blinds in a sense.The night air the breeze and the mists from rain were too pleasant a distraction, these and the small glimpses light allowed of semi hidden tree’s and dark brooding structures. This narrowed range of vision may have been the source of the peace i found,yet with the knowledge gained over the last few years I wonder ,, I wonder just how alone i really was.  I cherish the memory of those days when i was less aware, when sense ruled less than sensation.   When the exploration of life was an unconcious gloriously simple  thing, and sleep was not a long sought after goal, but as natural as the next breath of air.         A time in which  i could sit down with my back against the large cedar by my father’s grave, and quietly look for the answers to the most mundane of problems.Now?  i see the odd presence of metal in the sky where nothing should be but bats and birds , and the lights of distant planes. I’m no longer surprised when the camera acts again,, as an Oracle like crystal,revealing laterupon inspection,, things,,,that the  human eyes are not intended to see.

light overhead after it moved in closer, i was shooting up with only so much visible from my seat in the jeep.

My question then is how much of this veiled  world around us is a product of Alien technology, and how much is a reality of Uncle Sams, possibly still being tested.  ?  The objects  in the  photo’s with this article  are  not presented  as Identified objects,, ,, no claim could honestly be made on our part as to what they are,,or who is at the wheel. Much of what we found in the  images doesnt  suggest human participation.  The metallic object snaking by in front of me in one photo’ reminiscent of Doc ocs arms in Spiderman,, is a  trapping that have no place or known use  in our corner of the world.

This in particular could point to an unearthly presence, but it could in our position of disinformation just as easily be one more tool used in a program.  The round almost lemon shaped lights that comes on 4 to 6 ft above the pavement in front of our house,, may very well be Alien,, but likewise it could be an earthly man infestations:).

Whether we wish to believe it or not we live in a world that is out of control,  a world where advances are rising before us so fast, that ethical management’s of them , cannot be  considered and put in place quick enough.   Recent world affairs have to dramatically show the decrease in Democratic thought,

detail with thoughts,,,

Far less is this thinking a case for human rights, and more for the rational of developing better more thorough controls , When you put this kind of intense almost( doctorial type thinking) in bed with secretive  science’s  freight training down the road, you have  a multi faceted  problem in the making . One that science has unfortunately every right to create.

If these are indications of  Alien presence,  is there really anything we can do about it?

This marks the third time we have found photographic gobbledygook in our camera, and  incredibly strange things in the air before  and after it.

I feel sure, we would have no knowledge of any of these contacts, were it not for the camera we take everywhere.


A second portion from the  night before Halloween,


I wish i could seem surprised or bothered, i cant, its amazing the things that become commonplace in a person’s life   , and the level they desensitize you too.     We were standing outside our jeep on TT-highway, looking up at something  that had been pacing us , sometimes ahead sometimes behind, larger than a helicopter light, it was dodging back and forth,moving in a z fashion, in almost the cartoon way you see tongue in cheek portrayals of UFO .

the closest photo i got of it,,, it was closer but not in a position i could get another image.( that we were aware of.)

It was the size of a pencil eraser at arm length getting closer, i felt it was going to land and i began wondering when id cease to remember its presence.

That had been the pattern before on a number of occasions.  But it came only so close, (as far as we can remember,  )  and then waited.   It followed us west getting even closer over head finally at a 90 degree position over us as we drove.  but surprisingly when we turned back east  it moved away from us quickly till it was very small and finally disappeared as we turned south for home again.  Was it the same craft we posted pictures of before this,,  ? who knows for certain  ,we are sure of this the light  that appeared  was separate from the one we commonly see as a star both were in sight at the beginning of the trip.One stayed with us.

the one always in the eastern sky as we go out, very bright.     This other was seen further north ahead of us , as we moved due north you could still look back towards town and see the other.   As we stood next to jeep i steadied my chin on the door and leaned against the edge of the roof, to take away any movement of my head i was unaware of.   This stability, made its erratic  movements jump out, ones we’d seen off and on along the northern route.

There was in this case what thought just one white light,, but i realized after taking this picture that  it must have been them in a line, lined up in such a way that the glow from each only accentuated the others intensity,  Like the holes in the handles of the axes Odysseus shot his arrow through , these lights apparently merged for a while as one.

Your riding along on a peaceful night. There ‘s nothing but the sound of the motor and your conversation.  You see something that flashes, momentarily, like lightning overhead, not across the sky, but isolated in a condensed flash over head.   You drive on, the witness, you believe, to just one more extraordinary act of nature. You think, I’ll take some pictures of the clouds. Maybe I’ll catch more activity of this odd lightning. What else can you call it?

see in top right corner the beam like expanses, attached like a frame, like and opening this was taken directly over our car on a rural highway. this was taken the 15TH OF OCTOBER

When you get home you look through the images , and bring them individually up on the screen.  It’s a pulse of light in a dark sky, like no lightning you’ve ever seen .  You lighten it some more  and something else is in the picture. There are  two straight angled bars, thick, reflecting the light that was pulsing over your car.  You lighten it more. You see they are connected like a picture frame, like you had taken a picture over head of half of a box or squared opening.   Again, it is thick with real structure.    Your ideas about lightning are changing, unspoken and you feel something sink inside you. It’s happened again!

Since the time we began this study of  Bates County, we have tried to disprove the theories we had. We hoped we would find satisfactory answers of a natural kind. We tried to go someplace in the county with no response, no discovery.  There were far too few of them( normal places )left.

lights over our jeep on the Butler square , these two white lights followed us all the way home from Rich HILL

In 2009 we were brought into this in a very criminal and brutal way. We were abducted 15 minutes outside of Butler on the east side, on or near  E.Dakota St.  We were taking pictures in a poor attempt at night photography. We hoped to get pictures of animals, caught off guard, by randomly photographing into woods, clearings and  hollows, all from the road. This route we’d chosen we’d driven the day before in daylight.

closeup of an object that was seen hovering over the old deserted Sonic restraunt about 150 to 200 ft in the air, a blowe up.

We knew how much time it would take us,   30 to 40 minutes.  So, why, then, did it take us  a total of 4 hours, when we’d driven the identical road two nights in a row, 4 times the time?  Why did we find, in our camera, images of strange objects in the air, not high overhead, but, coming down the road towards us?   Why did we find an image of something that looked like a sci-fi alien with a strange suit of white leather and a helmet with a visor standing right in front of our hood?  We  could not have forgotten an experience that bizarre. We could not of forgotten that without help.

this figure is looking out a window of something hovering in the air 30 ft off the ground, just off of 69 highway

We went out one final time to the same area, with tape recorders on board. We needed proof for our own sanity. We needed proof of the reality of something unknown taking place.  We needed to understand WHY we couldn’t remember it.  We got far too many proofs  to everything except who was involved. After we’d listened to the whole thing, we crushed the mini recorders wishing we’d never sought out an answer.

Object we estimated at 60 to 70 ft tall, seen out on 1500 rd, near Amoret

There are a number of different things taking place in BATES COUNTY, so weird we are unable even to label them.  We have no letters next our name. We can’t claim any special learning. We are two grandparents, one 52 and one 59,  who stumbled upon something that may have been happening here for years. To keep this clear, we believe we encountered something unnatural, a UFO in a close encounter, possibly even were involved in an abduction.   We also believe there was a human element involved.   We are sure our vehicle was approached and forcefully entered, and we were subdued.    How could we not remember more details? We have struggled with this question as well, and found a likely culprit. There is a drug  used on campus, a date rape drug called Rophynol. It makes the person zombie like in compliance, only it allows them a normal appearance. This drug is used by military and drug cartels, etc. to achieve their aims.   A person under the influence of Rophynol  could be directed to go their bank, clean out their account, and hand it immediately over to the  person who instructed this.   They(the victim) would respond in a normal way with no duress, only they would be unable to act in their own best interest, especially if it was opposite to the will of the person who drugged them.  Most devastating of all, is the fact this drug leaves no memory of the the experience. None of the encounter is remembered at all.  There would be an account  and no logical answer to the moneys absence.  Other uses just as criminal come to mind I’m sure.

object that flew around the courthouse clock tower

same object as others in courthouse series, it now hovers very near the tower wall itself. maybe checking out our clocks?

We are sure there is such an element in Bates County. With the human presence aside, that leaves the heart of this article,  the presence of strange  objects in our skies, and the figures caught on film stalking the country side.   These may seem like melodramatic words,  ones that reflect more theory  than fact, but the sad truth is we have more evidence for the possibly Alien presence in our county than we do human group. That logic points to, in our initial experience.

as it approached from the south

Question -what is the connection between all these people? Actor Stuart Whitman, President Jimmy Carter, Jackie Gleason, Ronald Reagan,  John Lennon, Buzz Aldrin,U.S senator Richard Russel,  astronauts, Dennis Kucinich, and Gorden Cooper, and news anchor man Walter Cronkite?

Answer-Each had their own sighting of a UFO. Each person was willing to talk of it.   U.S Navy Pilot, Graham Bethune, described an encounter with a 300 ft long disk shaped UFO in 1951.   It was witnessed on board a plane that contained these other witnesses, 31 people in all.  Relief crews, and  a Psychiatrist,  all saw the object.   There are hundreds of reports made by politicians , pilots , actors , and policemen. Each have a job where image is very important. Why would they risk their jobs , and political futures with such talk if it were not true?  We have people in our own community, in the Town of Butler, that have seen things. There is a business man, who owns a building on the town  square, who claims to have been abducted, two nurses at the hospital,  who took us aside to tell us about an object both saw the same night on their way home from work.

So you see our article in the paper two years ago, was just an awakening. Surely, if this many people have  had their lives changed by an experience like this, there must be more.  There are people who regularly travel the roads we were abducted on, on the rural highways around us. Whatever  group or entities are involved , they did not pick us on a lark, there is nothing special about us,. At first we thought our abduction a freak occurrence, an isolated event.   Since then, talking with other people, we’ve looked up to in our community for years, hearing their stories, I know this touches many of us.  If it happened to you, why don’t you remember? Because you have nothing to give you a clue that anything has happened in the first place.  Our camera held the clues that showed us, and the tape recorders that followed.  If they are intercepting people in the county on the dark roads, they must be using a method that’s worked in the past for them.   They  see their target,  disable their vehicle in some way, enter the car or truck and extricate the people within. Then leave them, later, at the sight with no anxiety and no memory of the encounter. They leave you without a clue.

All I can suggest is,  if you have to drive late at night on remote roads, you carry a camera, leave it loose on the seat next to you or in your lap.  Carry a digital tape recorder if you have one.  You may never find anything on your film, you may never hear anything but the motor of your car and your favorite songs playing. If you do find something , contact us. Don’t wait as we did out of embarrassment. Only by these strange and sometimes painful revelations can we together seek an answer, a way to bring more and more of us to a condition of awareness.

This isn’t something we need to do for our selves alone but for our families growing up in the  mysteries of this new age.

Richard Carter,

We did something  the other night I’ll never do again. We took a family member with us.  Now this statement isn’t because of any problems on the trip. There were no clashes of personality, no disagreements over the duration of the trip.  Our partner that night even has their own carry and conceal license.  Mom was a great addition to the evening.

Movement along the fence , i was uncertain of what i was shooting at if anything.

She and Lori drove.  I walked ahead of the car some to get a better vantage point of the woods to each side, to cover the bridges more completely.  In fact I spent a large portion of the time, 20 to 50 yards in the lead, the car on low beams. My mother has been interested in our work from the start and I’ve tried to keep her up to date as to finds and she wanted to go along with us on a trip for over a year.

I thought about it and we picked what we felt a fairly safe route, because knowing what was possible we wanted to keep her as far  from shock or harm as possible.  We still live under the illusion that there are places that are safe.  We ended the evening as most, unsure yet of our finds, curious over the movements we’d tried to track around us and  hungry for those moments before the screen where the land opens up to us, far  clearer than night vision gear could ever offer us.   But what we found in that nights efforts scared me, not for me but for my Mom,  just how close she was to real danger.   I don’t care if she can shoot a happy face on a target with her nine, there are realities I should never have chanced.

The finds of that night were numerous, as were the ones in a night a short time later.  I had heard movement in a few places but had not been able to adjust my eyes to a degree that I could make out the sources of these noises.  I’ve heard so many, I automatically think Raccoon, Possum, Skunk,  or even snake moving from branch to the weeds.  But the one thing that has not changed about these trips is my place in them, a blind man catching only glimpses within the split second of the flash.     the shadow of the pole on its head, it peers around the side face just above the weeds,

The whole premise of alien beings should be as natural to us as the caution we’d use in certain parts of the city,  But no matter how much you find or hear and see, its hard to connect those proofs with natural world.   It’s impossible to ever see  another and say to yourself okay, next time I’ll not be so wrapped in the conflicts of reason.  I’ll  just accept.  When you’ve spent 40 years of your life being told one thing, until it becomes unconsciously part of you, you can’t flip the switch over night.

Most distressing, though, is the thought that it doesn’t matter how many of these beings we find, no amount of risk on our part will ever be enough to bring others along.  All that can be done is to continue. Not every book written is read,   and what remains humorous to some will not take on a serious tone, even if we were to disappear.

We live under no illusions.  Our disappearance would be written off as a stunt.  Some would say we were sharing peanut butter and banana sandwich with Elvis in a trailer park, having a great laugh at all this between beers, or people would merely come up with the comfortable solution that fit their understanding of logic or pacified their fears.original cropped for detail

Do we have reptilian or some other form of bestial beings, not just flying by overhead, but living in the ample woodlands around us, capitalizing on the cave systems Missouri is famous for?  Yes, it appears we do.  Even though I made similar statements of acceptance after Bubba, and after Clem, the rational part of my mind will rear its ugly head again, andI’ll wonder at just what we’ve found in uncertainty, until the next one and the next one and the next.   I can tell you this, we’ve been on a roll that any gambler would give his right arm for,  a string of wins,wins being you get images of them, and they don’t get you.  There is a reason that  this has been the case and it isn’t because of our sterling security, and it isn’t because of our skill in the field.  We’re being allowed to do what we do, like vacationers driving through a zoo where the de-clawed animals are too old to care.   I really believe that there is a holding pattern in effect , a truce, possibly, where some races are just observing,  just as we are.

I hope when the day comes, when it’s finally no holds barred,  that we have satisfied ourselves by then and are safely at home, that we aren’t out on some godforsaken shadow of what once was a road, when there are no more leashes, and all the doors open.

Richard Carter

At the Midnight Observer, we try to relate our experiences in as honest and true to detail a manner as possible.

Though we miss the mark  consistently in details like exact time, weather conditions and compass work.  We do pride ourselves on one thing, and that is what you read here is the truth, because of the hours we keep and the hours  we put in a need for fabrication never arises, not that we would consider that as an option  if it did.

We have pushed a simple message , and that is to not treat the news you get here, like the sports page.  There is growing need for serious attention that is reaffirmed in our minds regularly.  We try as best we can to press the need for Fortean type resolve in staying on the trail, and assuming a personal responsibility for protecting the future of not only your families but those in your  community.

We posted a message last week about closing down the study and the website, and the overwhelming response to this has convinced we need to keep it going. The Midnight Observer will continue. Below are just a few reminders of what we have gotten during the last two years.