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Even though we are no longer doing field research, we still hear about strange objects and events and as we have stated before, we will share these on the Midnight Observer. The following sighting was sent to me on the morning of July 24th, 2014 via Facebook. The young lady that submitted the information to me also included drawings of what she saw. She was, at one time, involved in paranormal research herself. Following is the report as she sent it to us.

“ Okay, here is what happened to me last night on my way home from church bible study. I was driving in the country, and way out in a field I saw three lights, one smaller one on top and two below that were a bit bigger, kind of like a triangle shape.

At first I thought it was a combine, because they do farm in the dark at times. Then I realized the lights were way too far up to be a combine, they were above tree height. It got closer and it was coming quickly. I was afraid that this “whatever” thing was going to run over me.

I stopped my car, turned down the radio all the way, and it came across the road and across the next field really fast. There were no other lights, just those three in the front. From what I saw, when it went in front of me, there was a rounded top, down to two flat wings that went the entire side of whatever it was. It didn’t make much noise and I am not sure that the humming sound was the object or my car, from my radio or from the AC on my car, but it was so totally awesome!!!!

The lights disappeared after it shot past me. I tried to get to the end of the road, grab my phone at the same time and see if I could see it from the next road going west. I was going north at the time and the object went from east to west, probably took ten seconds if even that long to go from where I first saw it to where I lost sight of it.

I was on CC Hwy. just north of 10002. It was about 9:52 pm. I will try to post the pics of the drawings I made. They were terrible, but it’s the best I can do”

this is kinda what the lights looked like from the front across the field

this is kinda what the lights looked like from the front across the field

the top one is what it looked like going by me and the bottom is what i could see as it approached me... hope this helps

the top one is what it looked like going by me and the bottom is what i could see as it approached me… hope this helps






If anyone else in the area saw something on the night of July 23rd, we would be interested in hearing about it.


Another Weird Sighting

Author: Lori Carter

I know we haven’t been putting anything up recently and there are very good reasons for that. Gas prices are extremely high, and being on fixed incomes we don’t have the funds to be traveling around at this time. We have had a few financial setbacks including car repairs and house repairs that put another dent in our wallet. We also are looking out for our safety. With all the racial tensions, poor economy, theft of farm machinery, and the threat of gun confiscation, we don’t want to run the risk of possibly being shot or injured on the assumption that we are performing some kind of criminal act.

We have left the site up for the simple reason that we do plan on occasionally going out on a few runs when we feel there is something out there and can afford to do this. As promised, though we will be touching in now and then with sightings that are sent to us.

Our contact in Rich Hill e-mailed us awhile back wondering if we were alright, since he hadn’t seen or heard anything in a while from us. No, we are not sitting in a corner somewhere, shaking like a leaf, afraid to look out or windows, in fact some of our best photos were taken right out our living and dining room windows. He says it has been really quiet down there since the cattle mutilation he sent us awhile back. Ever heard of “the calm before the storm”?

The only other recent rumor was a UFO landing site that was faked by “Gods, Guns and Automobiles.” Hope they are having fun with shooting the episodes for this “Reality” program in our little town.

I did, recently, receive a photo from someone out near the Amsterdam/Merwin area. It was taken by a hunting camera and she wanted to know if we knew what it was. We have taken similar shots during our research, some that turned out to be reflective fences and others, that when we went back during the daylight hours, had no reasonable explanation.

I am posting two of our shots first as comparison, and then the picture that was sent to us. They are very similar and we really don’t know what they are. If you look close at the line of lights, it reminds you of some of the more popular UFO sightings like the Phoenix Lights. These shots, hers and ours were taken closer to the ground.


Borrowed this from another of our articles – please disregard notes

lights in field 3

This was taken within the City of Butler Limits

Merwin Lights / click on pic for larger view and look in upper right hand corner









I asked her about fences, farm machinery or anything with reflective material on it and she assured me there was none. The camera was a hunting camera, attached to a tree in the middle of a cornfield. Is it a landed UFO? Is it some kind of “Ghost” lights? We honestly do not know but it just goes to show that there is still a lot out there that falls under “weird or unknown”.

As always, we encourage you to take photos if you can, of anything out of the normal. We will be glad to post your story and photos and will keep your identity secret. We also ask, if you do decide to do some research of your own, go in groups, stay off private property, and stay safe.

Author: Lori Carter

Our friend Stone D’Arte, from Toronto, Canada has sent us a picture of the street she had her sighting on with a few notes. We are including these notes and the picture here. Check back often, I am presently waiting on another person here near Rich Hill (13 miles down the road from us) to give me information about a sighting they had. Things seem to be getting very busy everywhere. Could it be a sign of something coming, who knows?

Didn’t know if you wanted a pic of the street that I saw it going down? Here it is if you do. This is the view I get looking out those windows, same level I was sitting at when I first saw it. I did stand up and run over to the windows with the kitties, so it would have changed my visual perspective some. I could see it better. I didn’t draw anything on it, was afraid it would block the view for you.

1. If you look down the street past the little white car and then a red car, that’s the street it went down, Dufferin St. There’s a big brick building on the opposite side of that street which seemed to be a good backdrop because it’s a solid huge building that runs almost a block long. The street that you can see pretty clear to the right is Temple, my street.

2. There’s another big old house that sits on that corner of Dufferin and Temple, and I could see the flashing and twinkling coming before it came past that house. This is why I first thought it was an emergency vehicle. When it came on into view I could see it very clearly in that blank area.

3. It moved kind of slow at first after coming into view. It also illuminated enough I could see the little white car and the people’s yards.  I could see it wasn’t on the street level.  It was above those little cars in height. I used the little white car as size reference. It seemed to turn but then didn’t. Maybe it just amped up the light, I don’t know because it got really bright-shining into my dining room. It went down a bit further and that’s when I couldn’t see the object itself anymore, only the light. It would have been behind those other houses I guess.

4. I could see the light even through all the trees. I got a good view again as it went up in the air and then gone out of sight.  When it zipped up and away, that was really fast.

Hope that makes sense.



Author: Richard Carter

One of the, sometimes, disturbing and delightful facets of our existence is the fact we never fully know what’s ahead.  Oh, we can make educated guesses or predictions, claiming to have had enough experience in one field to know the possibilities, but, “Surprise”, hey it’s just around the corner.

Such was the experience waiting for us last night; one that still has me as excited as I used to get just before a football game in high school, or as giddy as a girl must feel getting ready for her first prom.

I have no problem with it. I’m high as a kite and nothing stronger than Power-Ade has coursed through my veins.

There are experiences that mystify you and those that truly terrify you, but there are also those that leave you with a Cheshire cat grin for days. This is one of the reasons I push so hard at times, here, for you all to truly join us in this work, one, admittedly, we have strayed from as of late. The event, yes event, was one I relish, mostly because as the 10th century Arab traveler (Ahmad Ibn Fadlan) states so often in his real records and Michael Crichton’s -The Eaters of the Dead, “I saw it with my own eyes.”

A portion of each of our outings is the attention to the sky over our vehicle as we travel, not a paranoid view but an acknowledgment of the reality we have experienced in the past. Last night was relatively clear.  The Milky Way was visible, the vapory white among its constellations just beautifully there overhead. And it was in that very patch of sky it happened.

Around 7:30 we were on O-Highway, heading back north, and were looking for side roads to re-explore. I was leaning my head out the window looking up and started an experiment I often try.  We believe that the regular pulses of our flash from the camera have in the past on multiple occasions, possibly attracted some sort of visual activity overhead.  This is complicated to explain because the different types of phenomena have been quite varied.

In this case, I was just releasing occasional camera flashes straight up.  I had, only in this quick view of the sky, taken two pictures. The first, with the flash, was of course of nothing. The second, taken just before this happened, also showed nothing.  The flash setting was on auto with red eye reduction to remove the pink or purplish tint I was experiencing with other settings.

I Leaned out, not looking into the view finder, but holding the camera out away from my face, above it far enough up that I saw, not the fullness of the pulse of the flash as you would facing it , but only its halo or corona around the dark camera’s housing from behind and below.

I took this shot and the results were a as before, a bank screen filled with slightly tinted noise. But, what did happen was within a few seconds after the flash, maybe, just maybe, 2 seconds there was an answer from the sky. This wasn’t the tiny flashes or twinkles that YouTube is full of. It wasn’t a pin prick of light at a distance, or something in anyway comparable to a star. This was not a flash of light, a stretch of lightening like light. It was, instead, a concentrated circle of light at the end of my arm, possibly starting out 3 inches wide and pulsing out huge to 10 or 20 times that, still in a full circle of sudden light.

It had gone from 3 or 4 inches to, at my arm’s length, probably basketball size. The most interesting characteristic of this light was the fact that it had no point of dissipation towards the outer rim of its circumference.  It was as solid and bright at its rim as it was at its heart, it’s very center, and if this makes sense, it seemed slower in coming on and going away, and it didn’t seem abrupt in its transition.  The size I mentioned, when you guess at its expanse in the distant sky overhead must have been huge. The further away you would estimate it to be, seems to me, to only add to the reality of its size.

This, by itself, has me very excited, except it wasn’t the only sight of its kind.  This same method used again twenty or so minutes later, likewise ended in a strange result. This time, holding the camera again as high away from my face as was sensible, lying my head on the window, sill looking up stretching my arm up, I let go a flash. In return, a second or two later, it was as though the light bounced off something or it was temporarily illuminated as it moved away.

There was a long object or source of a light’s glow or a reflective surface of that shape that was there suddenly in view and then gone like it moved quickly away.  Possibly, in this case, the dull sort of light was a reflection, but why and what would there be that low over us with a tubular shape for light to rebound off of? With a light much different from the very intense warm white light of the earlier incident?

This was not the only oddity of the evening. We saw moving objects in the sky along the roadside and another bright light that resembled that of the one we chased or were accompanied by on F-Highway, a year or so ago, one we photographed and labeled the domino craft.

The evening, however, began with a strange fire, one just after the series of bridges on B- highway heading east in Rich Hill.   When we came upon it at first I thought it was a telephone pole, but was wrong and as I bailed out and ran over to it was clear it was one tree. What was strange about this was that it was in a wooded area where no other trees or bushes were ablaze. The tree was ripped with flame down one side only, and there were portions of it surely broken off, scattered on the ground throughout this area, some quite a distance from this shattered tree of some size.

Another truck had just pulled up or was leaving, and the men in it said there’s nothing to it. It was just a freak thing that occurred occasionally and it was contained. Lori asked if the fire dept. was on the way, and they answered “why it won’t go anywhere”.   I think my pictures show a scene a little less than in control, spread on in large burning chunks as though the top had been knocked off and strewn about.

I understand in nature that wild fires occur, that sometimes, for whatever reason, things ignite, but I also know something about the laws of gravity and for sizable chunks of burning wood to be strewn out over a 50 or 60 yard area from a single burning tree, one without a wide array of branches isn’t the regular pattern for a burning tree.  Most usually drop their incinerated limbs around their base. They don’t cast them out over a wide area.

What am I suggesting?  Generally it would be nothing, just a case of one more lesson about the misunderstood activity of nature, but I like to examine things within the frame of other events around them, to see if there a possible connection.   Asking these questions isn’t a reach for the bizarre, an effort to take something out of the realm of the natural and sculpt a new framework for its place in reality.   It is an attention to past experiences of others some quite famous that indicate that, often, when something is passing low through the night sky contact to trees occurs. If it was a small plane there would be proof of its place there among the fire that its wreck might have started. If it was a meteor, there is the chance it could have broken off a portion and scattered this about. It could have been hot enough to cause ignition in this contact and pieces aflame that dropped to the trees feet could have started the fire there.

In ufology, there are cases where a craft taking off and/or landing has caused fire where it passed too low over a section of woods and tore branches or the tops off. We know from the Betty Cash and Vicky Landrum case that great heat sometimes accompanies them. At a relative distance, their car became painfully hot to the touch. This, even as military helicopters descended around it and escorted it away.

Did a UFO cause the fire we found? It would be ridiculously irresponsible to assume it with so many other more natural origins for it? We have to also remember, not ten minutes away, the huge light was seen, this and other aerial objects we still can’t identify. It would be irresponsible, but in an ever increasing world of categorically fringe possibility, it must remain a viable theory  none the less.

Richard Carter,                        

We had mentioned earlier that we would be glad to post any other sightings and reports. We have mentioned some that were reported to us by a businessman, nurses at the hospital and a receptionist, all of who chose to remain anonymous. One our Facebook friends who lives in Canada posted a sighting she had on Thursday night and has agreed to allow us to re-post it here. Read it through, it is a very interesting and almost frightening sighting that shows, as she puts it “that they are getting braver” especially since the location is right in the city. Thank you Stone D’Arte for sharing this with us.

Stone D’Arte  Thursday November 8, 2012

Sitting here last night and had been thinking about the election and what may come next. I got up to shake it off, went to sit at the computer to check FB, and low and behold–I saw something pretty wild right out of my dining room windows. Let me describe-I’m situated on the top floor of the building and my dining room windows are huge, so I can see quite a ways out and over to the next main street. First I saw what I thought was an emergency vehicle with lights blaring coming down that street, as it came closer, I saw it was NOT a vehicle at all-just a ball of glowing bright light which appeared to have several colors. It gave effect of “twinkling and flashing”. It was NOT touching the street, but looked to be about 5 ft. above the surface. Approx.-the size of a small car. There was NO sound. It also seemed to turn towards my direction, but then zipped back down the street it had been on. It appeared to pick up speed and then I lost sight of it for a second or two. The next thing –I could see whatever it was-go upward into the sky slowly and then it zipped away completely out of sight. My view of that -was partially obstructed by tree tops. It twinkled and flashed the entire time that I could see it. This was about 1 am in the morning and from what I could tell our neighbors must of all been asleep-no lights on. The whole sighting was maybe 20 seconds. And nope I didn’t have time to grab the camera–if I had I would have missed it. This is in a downtown Toronto area-urban and heavily populated area. I know what I saw and that was not a car or an illusion. No alcohol or drugs in my system whatsoever. So, yes they’re getting braver.

So whats the reason for the republishing of these other images below?

It’s the fact they all occurred on the same deserted corner , and abandoned lot, that has had strange lights, strange machinery  parked on it , and figures that don’t  meet the description of railroad personnel.

The reason is (this photo) it is made of two taken on different evenings.  I started going up on my bike without lights to initially give me away. Until I started shooting, they were both taken within 30 yards of the other side of the small trestle like bridge, the southern most one still in Butler.

On the first occasion the lights were dimmer, and I believe on the ground. In the second one they were what I would estimate as 30 to 100 ft in the air,



The wide gap, in my estimation, is because we have no way of knowing how large the lights really were. This could affect the possibilities for their position and the lack of  knowing  what they were attached to makes further efforts at measurement  pointless.



Now, the  difficulty we have always seeing this light is due to its type, we believe.   If I understand correctly, light consists of  types of electromagnetic radiation traveling in wave. This is sometimes visible to the eye, but MOST frequencies of light are not visible.  This could account for the clusters of multicolored light found in our photos . There is no way I could be that close to them and not see them in their fullness unless this was the case, unless something was muting them slightly.

This mound, behind these buildings, part of railroad property, is consistently active with strange lights and figures and objects.  There is no explanation for a deserted lot to have this kind of activity, to have squared openings show up in some photos and then not in others taken only days later from the same positions.  Sure, the obvious thing to do would be just to take an iron rod and a machete and go cut away the weeds and tap the rod looking for holes or hollow cavities or entrances covered with wood, sheets of plywood.  But, then, I’d be writing these articles on paper in my cell, because I don’t have the money on hand to waste  paying fines for trespassing on Railroad property.   We’ve made it clear, without the permission of the owners, we never cross property lines day or night. If the zoom on my camera can’t get us where we need to be  were just S.O.L.



The mound first got our attention when we noticed that taking a picture of the property on an  early winter day, we found stuff on our film that just wasn’t visible  at the time,  stuff we went back to confirm, , to see if shadow or angle or some tricky aspect  of vision could have come into play.

As it was, we found nothing looking carefully at it from every position along our way.  There was nothing to suggest the shape of something bell-like sitting amid the tall dead weeds. There was nothing to represent the walking figures, or the metallic colors to the object.

To the right there is the image of something with a round top, kind of bell-shaped, or like a short squat bullet trash can.  The object seems to have figures of some kind moving around it.  All this is old news, but when you take into consideration all this, to west of the trestle, and then take a look at whats going on  400 yards to the east of the trestle over the football field and Bates County Memorial Hospital, you have a lot of activity in a relatively small area,  lot of mysterious activity. Wander down the hill another 4 or 5 hundred yards, and turn north and you can see the courthouse we photographed the night we caught a rounded object clinging to its wall, and then floating out 30 ft or so, only to change to bright yellow and zip off to the south.   Now you’re on the block we live on and everything else, except our journey to northern Missouri to Orrick, all the weirdness in the huge collection of images we have, took place within 15 to 20 miles of here.  Yea, you’re in Missouri in the Midwest, but don’t squint your eyes or look to hard at the woods you drive through,   because you just might see something that starts you wondering if  you’re not in Kansas, but instead  Missouri and Oz, intersect.













Their purpose ?  The same question looms over these examples as well; the blimp like peanuts that cruised silently over the courthouse. At first we couldn’t believe the idea that something that large would approach the courthouse tower so closely.  I figured it had to be light. Well, we proceeded in that weak explanation until we found it in all sorts of lighting conditions.

We  finally ruled out the explanation of light  completely when, while flashing away at one of these, again over the courthouse, we watched a glowing symbol or letter be brought around the side by hand and placed against the surface.   This was facing us directly.  You can see it is some symbol or a letter “C”.   Carter starts with a “C”. Of all the photos of these objects , there has never been this addition before.

The image below shows the objects in the river, identically shaped to those that were over the water tower, the courthouse, and over the fenced in powerhouse that serves a portion of Butlers electrical needs.

Faintly behind the electrical hardware the object can be seen approaching ,

The next is, yes, you guessed right, ONE OVER THE COURTHOUSE. This is also the largest we’ve seen.

It moved across the sky quietly and passed within a hundred feet of the tower. This is the largest moving object I’ve ever seen. I saw it with my eyes, not the camera.

Finally there is the one that is completely illuminated from within. It has a rope attached and flew over the jeep and Fort Scott street one evening as we were returning to town. This rope seemed tied off to something else.

This is just a few of the images of this type object.

Then there are the more flamboyant designs,

such as the bright orange and yellow one to the right.  But my interest today lies in the windows  and the things found within. These are the elements to discoveries that shake the community of researchers and citizens alike.  When you can look past the veneer of the object, in all its forms, and have something within to address, that is the connection no man or woman can ignore.   The face however, is vague and faint.

seen over a deserted business on our towns main drag.we pulled into the dark lot and i got out and photographed it once

Once determined as that, its easier for our  minds to look deeper and harder at the small clues in those illuminated openings, to flesh out the beings within.   Machines are all around us and the rumors of cutting edge human technology are still just that, human creation.   The newness of those types of discoveries wears off fast.    But the hint of possible intelligences hidden in our skies ? A truth of this kind, revealed in even the slightest form such as this, is an  aggravatingly persistent voice nagging, picking at our mind.   If you know a  bill waits in your mailbox, your unperturbed about the whole thing. It’s no big deal.   But let the bill collector himself come walking down the sidewalk to your house and your blood pressure will rise, to say the least. Its sort of an long awaited prelude, to the introduction we’ve been waiting for,, the in our face reality of it . After that we will never be able to turn a blind eye to the subject again.

The forms, I believe I have found in these windows, are important to Lori and i in  ways few may understand.  They represent something that is not supposed to be there.  They may well be tied to the answers we need about what occurred during our lost time. Whether we will have the chance to extract one sort of  justice or another from them, whether we have the power to or not is unimportant.  They represent answers, not only for us, but for many more trying to make peace with this new reality we’ve all been forced to accept,,they represent one way or another a sort of closure.

Government’s are  very picky about their  air space. They have the right to shoot down craft that pass over into these no flight zones. Were they able to stop unidentified craft from buzzing the white house, Did  they knock down the one that flew over Los Angelas with the thousands of rounds fired at it?   No but a few citizens  were killed.    We have no bases, no military importance,  but we do have our homes, our schools, churches and families all crowded within our zone. How long will we pretend to be blind to these presences? How long will we depend upon a complete  military protection that just doesn’t exist?   And that inability isnt the fault of the various Governments around the world ,,  America can stand toe to toe with anybody,,  but were not talking about conventional forces here,,, the earth is just outclassed, a few hundred , thousand years behind the competition.   Naivety is a useless commodity for  adults, for the people who must ring the bell of awareness, and somehow reach us all . We can support our governments and protect ourselves at the same time. We can be a valuable resource in helping others to escape their personal fortresses of doubt.  It’s time to see who is behind the glass of the eyes in the clouds. It’s time for the veils and masks to be removed, and all that’s      hidden to be known.      Richard Carter,

Author: Rich Carter

The images are all of the same window. You may not see anything, but having looked at thousands of images taken in every lighting possible and exposing these individually  to a number of extremes, I feel confident in our assertion that the skies over Bates county have been active for along time, both daily and nightly.

How can objects of this size elude our sight in broad daylight?   There are planes painted in ways to make them less visible. There are field artillery, capable of leveling buildings, that can blend with the ground cover they move through.  Should the concept of concealment in daylight among thick masses of cloud seem anymore difficult?   And that is just looking at conventional means of concealment. It is not, by any means, delving into the hidden projects the government has been involved in since the 40’s and 50’s.

In our world, one  in which major news carriers such as ABC, broadcast reports of UFO sightings,  just what is too fantastic a notion?  In an upcoming article we will leave with you nothing but visual proof; the complete visual summary of what’s been found in the sky of a small rural county.  Like the War of the Worlds, maybe a more silent one, a more invasive one, infiltration is a common strategy in war.  Should we believe visitors coming here from another galaxy wouldn’t see the value in this? Could we believe that they, possibly escaping a dying world with a people reduced by natural disaster and war, might seek the path of least resistance in claiming a spot on a new world, one they can be certain wants no part of them.

Why fight until you have to? Why not inhabit the areas we only occasionally camp in, hunt in, or drive by, and once they are dug in, use our disbelief to lead us into their hands, affect our minds or bodies or both. Could they make an entire people, an entire species ,oblivious to them, and then wander among them at will, continuing the works they have been about for ages?

It’s not just  strange objects passing overhead, but with a PATROLLING PRESENCE, that has not gone UN-NOTICED.

It’s growing place, in the minds of citizens here, gets all the more dramatic and real to those blogging on the local town chat line, the personnel at Bates County Memorial Hospital, the office of the newspaper editor, and the ex-chief of police , who was given photographs of activity on the town square.

There has been talk, as well, among city workers dealing with the utilities.  On a recent night, out on patrol by myself, gathering photos in the same fashion we always have, I was checking out the mound across from the lumber yard, the saw mill.   On the way home, overhead, weird lights were playing in a lightning free sky.  I’ve added an example of the illuminated area, very low overhead. This is in its natural yellow light.  The source for this reoccurring color is unknown to us.

Just as we have, in numerous other articles, and will, with luck, in future efforts, we bring you, again, just one more reason to rise above your complacency and lend a hand. There are voices trying to warn the world with a message we know is hard to swallow, but it will be no less pleasant when all our choices are taken from us by a extraterrestrial or homegrown threat.

Wow, do you get the feeling things are picking up, that something is approaching?

The first of our pictures of this kind were shown in the first Vanishing Point, article, in that one the craft and activity was to the North of Butler on Highway H,  .

Some of what we will show in this article was to the West, and in the same few minutes of pictures to the South as well.

That’s either extraterrestrial’s or bad people  massing in sky we’ve been watching for some time.

This gathering has been recent.  It started two weeks ago with White truck Mania.

Okay that may seem a bit dramatic but I can’t list 9 people who’d own a white truck much less congregate in one city block.

This was and assembly of 7,  parked next to a  deserted Odd Fellows building,  at least that was the last use of the building some months ago.

The other two trucks were parked on the same road, one in front of a funerary monument business.  The last sat half in the road at the corner of the block at a four way,

There was a spotlight or some object fixed on one of the white truck’s roof’.  It was aimed at the front of the funeral monument company or the white truck in front of it..

The trucks left or at least have not been seen by us, but the pictures continues, and it isn’t just females with jet trails behind them soaring by it’s craft, floating figures and machines that are a cross between a helicopter and a jet hovering less than 50 ft above the Convenience store on our corner. Yes this would all be lunacy, and I ask for the ride to the hospital were it not AGAIN for images proving out our assertions.

What is this supposed to be and why was it nearly invisible, and hovering near a convenience store. The dark pictures do not accurately show the scene.  Remember, this was around noon in the afternoon, or a little later I think.  There is a pattern forming here. Sightings over important buildings.

First the one down by the library and an empty  old doctors office, then the one over the post office.

Another is seen over the courthouse, and some of the others down by the Hospital, and the High School.

Then the same vehicle,  seen at the post office winds up here, over this same spot, in fact closer to us.

I’m not sure if I’m dense but, guys, this is a hell of a lot of attention for a small town. The history for mass sightings is not small. It has happened in Mexico on more than one occasion.

In 1952, Washington D.C. had its visitors. 60 flew near the White  House. The Pentagon was directed not to take hostile actions. Imagine that!   Even the Miracle at Fatima is said, by some to be a UFO experience.  A Priest present,  comments that something brought the lady or she returned to it.  With the histories following  each, it doesn’t seem that the fear of invasion was rampant. 

All the same, though the sky in Butler and over Bates County has been getting progressively worse, worse in the sense of activity. Oh, there are beautifully sunny days and the feeling I get from nature, a good one,has never been subdued, but it seemed once we started looking, actively going out to look past the foilage and waters of varying cleanliness, it was almost like a door opened, one  that was probably there all along.

maybe it was one probably opened by the young, charmed, crowd,  or maybe it was just something working in a cycle, one that is, again rolling around, a time when we’re looked in on again, by Angels and other beings .

Maybe it was as simple as something outside ourselves, sensing our questions, and fascinated by that curiosity, stepping forward a bit more through the trees so we would be incapable of missing them,  flying a bit lower to see what the searchers were all about, maybe surprised that after all these centuries there were some able to, not only look into the dark green of the old trees and feel them, but see them as well.

I’ve been told I may have far sight. What all that adds up to, I’m not sure yet, but I know this;  that God and the spirits, not of nature, but those living in it are not at the opposite ends of the spectrum of good and evil. In fact I often see the responses of nature in its extremes of mood, as the portion of  Gods ability to still share affection with us. What I mean is; we know when we are not at one with god, and when he pulled away from men not able or willing to interact with us as he did in the past.

He did not curse us in that separation. Maybe he left a portion of himself and his past acts here with his creation, that live on as the angels do at the corners of our world as close to us as we allow them to be.

The photo to the left is not spectacular but has the straight fuselage, body and exaggerated fins, wings at the rear.

In 1963 Soviet Archeologists in eastern Siberia discovered a stone wall with  the image of bird headed humanoids much like the Japanese Tengu.  In the photo to the far right, above,  is what could be the profile of a ship in the clouds with an animal inspiration,  the fin like back and fish like look to it , reminds me of the Nummos, an aquatic race of beings that visited the Dogon tribes of Africa.  They came in a large Ark like machine. These same beings were known to the Babylonians as the Oannes, and the Summarians as Enki.

Its only natural to think of them traveling in something that denotes their connection with sea like environments.  Possibly even in a vessel of the kind above to the right.  It has an aggressive look though, and like the images painted on our P-51 Mustangs, the teeth. This look may have been designed with the same inspiration in mind.   I could be way off, but another universal emotion could well be fear .

Imagine that through a field of some kind of energy or an inherent quality in the material of your ships makeup, you can, like  a Chameleon lizard or a mood ring alter its color, moving from one visual facet  of our environment to another, it’s skin (if you wish) never stands out from the forest green , the snowy hillside,or the blue ,blue sky.   The possibilities would be huge, yet like most great ideas there are limitations . Even this wondrous coat of invisibility could have revealing holes.

One of these would be the impact our sun would have on it. Everything that contains mass of any size and is within a reasonable space from the ground, between the sun and the earth, unobstructed, leaves a shadow.

In this case there is a sheen still visible on the surface. If it had been matted, if the labels had been removed or made less noticeable, this object would have been lost in the sky around it, without enough of a visual signature  of any kind to distract the eye in its relaxed ramblings of terrain around us.

As it is, the reflection by itself would be a negligible were it not  for the labels and the deeper shadows caused by its contours and the natural effects of light on a material object. No matter what color, if it is a slick finish, a reflection of some light will occur.

Among the oldest of our efforts to stay unrecognized, used by warriors and politicians alike, is the smoke screen .

In one photo in this article, is what I believe,  a connecting line for refills or an exhaust pipe of some kind.   There is no doubt there have been occasions where our theories were iffy at best, but that is the nature of exploration into yet  uncharted regions of thought and discovery.  There will be wrong turns along the way and then new paths made to that final location.  I think when you see this pipe like line , possibly attached to something behind it and its proximity to the object above it, you’ll agree this is no cloud, nor a dark insubstantial strand from one.

With this sort of a tool, how much fun would it be  taking tons of exotic, silent moving aircraft and creeping up on old couples sitting on their porch, or intruding on the privacy of peoples conversations as they  walked.

This would be a great time to try out your listening equipment to further shred whats left of the constitution, hearing  what uncle Ted really thinks about  uncle Bart.  Maybe you’d see just how close you could get to that couple and if the pedestrians are walking at night, well, holy Hanna, its time for some R. and R. at the expense of the locals. It’s time to get the crew ready to slink down some rope or try out that new silent ascending platform for 2 or 4 or was it 6?  After you’ve misted your targets of course .

You have the right because your one of the good guys, right? Maybe  this has nothing to do with this ultimate form of stalking. Maybe we can’t even guess at the faces or motives of the beings responsible.  Maybe different degrees of what we would describe human exist, not all from our world?

It’s easy to point a finger when your desperate for answers.  It  is, though, an irrational, blindly, vengeful  choice of action, and the list of suspects, unfortunately, is large.   We can assume it isn’t your neighbor out in his garage with a copy of popular Mechanics and some old war surplus parts, but that’s about the only certainty.

We have every right to state the absurd scenario you just read, because we, to some degree, experienced it. We have been drugged and assaulted by some group.  We have heard how they came for us,  heard their senseless chatter while we laid unconscious , dialog that doesn’t honor men or beings in the role of protector.

But then who says, like the Watchers, they are protectors? Maybe they are just a more sophisticated level of Pirate.  What technical development  hasn’t been turned into  another tool of subjugation, used in physical , moral , or financial sense?

We can say it because we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they/someone were there. Two electronic devices, one giving its testimony in sound and the other in pictures, places these physical beings with certainty.  Americans ? Humans ? Military or privately owned police trained for who knows what purpose, they were there.

Enough about us. There are thousands of people living in Butler. What about them? What attraction could our out of the way little burg have for individuals who could be in much busier places.  Maybe that’s it. Maybe the complacent  and ever so slightly inbred little towns all over the country, all over the world, are just the thing they are after.  It doesn’t get complicated, but the list of possible motives for being here grows and the most likely among them aren’t ones on which your mind would want to linger.

What does the well tutored NAZI, of pink , green, blue or black skin  do with his time ? Is he like the Nephilim, a Watcher of a sorts, an individual with an important job, yet cursed with the same fatal weaknesses of character that made the first watchers career’s such short and unfortunate one?

For now I would like to show you possible reasons we could be looking  right at this sort of object and still miss it.   What first drew my attention to that part of the sky was no machine but an emblem.

I’m going to research the kind of patches that are worn on shoulders and collars, and get back to you, but this was my first solid clue something was there. In its original condition it was so faint I barely saw the kite shaped field for the heart of the patch. It was one I’ve seen before. Both Lori and I have a very uncomfortable  familiarity with this emblem. It isn’t a dollar sign. It is almost a lightening bolt like design on a bar.

The thing about this identification, is that even light, in its original state the image had a different glow in that area (?)

This was a gradation of haze, a reflection on a surface, clear enough it allowed a  overall shape to be guessed at and found with subtle manipulation.

What is interesting is that in most of the examples we’ll show in the days to come,  a cloud layer of semi cloaking is present.  This object is free of any similar effort  to disguise it.

To me that signifies that the creators or operators want to find out if people are aware of its presence so it can be fine tuned to an even more effective level of semi invisibility.

They might be so completely arrogant, so confident  in their level of near invisibility, they never really considered the chance of sky watchers finding a hole in their veil. This would also explain their lack of concern over it. Did they see us looking up in their directions pointing and snapping shots?

The thing to notice is when you lighten or contrast almost any image your visibility almost always improves.  In this case, as you lighten and darken alike (contrast) there is always that inability to get it past that limited clarity.

This isn’t correct if you know what your looking for. Remember the art class where you had to draw fruit in a bowl and shade it?

The more you look, it becomes apparent that there are as many as 3 or 4  similar tiles or kites with emblems, two on the outer edges.  You know this object has rounded corners because these additional emblems are almost unidentifiable due to their placement on the edges where the curves lie.

There was so much activity that day, similarly hidden that the next article will have to conclude it.

Those of you who’ve been with us through all this, know that the world is changing before our eyes and under the noses of the disbeliever. There is greater need than ever before  for our beliefs, our religions that through this all may keep us grounded .   The Pagan and the Christian will stand side by side before this over, united not in the pettiness of doctrines, but in a mutual cause.   I hope when it is over, to hear and feel  your voices in the silence of your presence.

Peace to each of you and your families.   Richard