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We created this site, not for attention, but we felt we had to let our friends, neighbors, family members and residents of our small town, our county know that there were strange things going on. When we were abducted and abused in September of 2009, our main goal in going out had been to try to find out who and what happened to us. We were promised regression and lie detector tests, at no cost to us, that never came about because it all of a sudden seemed important to the individuals who promised this to try and get our insurance to pay for them, which of course wasn’t even feasible.

We gave three years of our lives to these investigations, and at no point did we ever indicate that we were professional investigators. We are not. We are two individuals who had a bad experience and started seeking answers. We were amazed, as were our followers at what we found in our “photographic” research. If we were asked to evaluate a possible landing site or other evidence we could not honestly say we know anything about this as we have never seen an actual landing site.

We have observed strange circles before, in far off fields, but being respectful, we do not go onto other’s properties uninvited. We have shown as best we can things hiding under bridges, down in bushes, behind trees and flying in the air. During our research we have received and continue to receive reports in other areas of Bates County. We do not run out to each of these areas because what was there will not be there when we arrive, so we report what is shared with us as is and depend on the honesty of individuals reporting it to us.

We have settled into a more peaceful style of life. Our experiences took a lot out of us, physically and mentally and we no longer feel it necessary to run out to the woods now. With the heightened rate of robberies, cattle rustling and disappearing farm equipment, and the threat of gun confiscation, we feel it is probably safer to limit any trips.

We may go out once in a while, and when or if we do we will share anything we find. We will still be posting reports and rumors that reach us about odd events in our area. Recently we received a comment asking us if we had pictures of a meteor coming down in the vicinity. Unfortunately, we do not nor have we heard anything else or heard from any other witnesses. Someone did mention on a neighborhood forum that sightings in this area alone have picked up and estimated at 40 to 50 in the last year alone. Apparently these have not been reported to the normal channels that do this type of investigation. I checked.

There have been some strange events that we have noticed within the city limits. There seems to be an increase in the sound of jets and planes flying around, some late at night. The city did two blackouts within two weeks to fix some problems. We slept through the first, but Richard was up for the second. During the first couple minutes of the last blackout, he observed a beam of light going between our house and the house next door. The beam of light was coming from above and wasn’t like that of a flashlight or search light. He observed go between the houses, across the street over the next house and on down to the west. There was not enough time for him to locate his camera in a darkened house.

Cow Mutilation

This next report comes from our friend in Rich Hill that shared pictures with us of orbs at the Indian Ceremony and alerted us to the Big Foot sightings in the Rich Hill area. He supplied pictures of this mutilated cow and has contacted professional researchers on this type of evidence. He will share with us anything else that becomes apparent. He and the owner of the cow are taking turns observing the area in which the mutilation occurred at night time.Cattle Mutilation 1 cattle mutilation 2 Cattle mutilation 3

He indicated that the usual parts were missing, anus, reproductive areas and tongue. He also observed that there were no prints from humans or animals and there was no blood. He will let us know if anything else happens. This cow was found between Rich Hill and Butler, closer to the Foster area around “U” highway, so if you live in or near this area, keep your eyes and ears open. As usual, you are free to contact us with anything unusual at comments on the Midnight Observer or at carterbushman02@yahoo.com or carterbushman@yahoo.com

As always, watch where you go, take a camera with you, lock your doors and if you have it, take some protection along.


Author: Richard Carter

cashew 148



This piece of forgotten memorial flotsam has a lot in common with our country right now; they’ve both taken a beating and been at least in some indirect fashion disregarded and disrespected.

It’s only a flag you say, a piece of material that holds more sentimental value to some than to others. Yeah, but didn’t it and our country at one time represent so much more?  One huge, early variation hung over a fortress in the early struggle for our independence. It was not just in place as a label , a symbol for the army fighting beneath it,  but was there, still in place, at the end of that battle, to represent our survival.

It, like good old Uncle Sam (another symbol) was not only visual representations of our country, but links to our deep reserve of pride. Emotional ly stirring Uncle Sam’s poster s and the flag spoke to young men in a way that no leader alone could.

Do times ever, should they ever have the power to change some things? Do changing times make the sacrifice of our ancestors, our parents and grandparents and children any different any less important for the following decades and generations? Should the emblems representative of our patriotism ever fall under the label of needless veneer?  Should any elevated group or one individual have the right or power to alter an icon that is the property of a whole people, a people whose family lines have marched and bled beneath it, back to the beginning the establishment of our union?

There has been disrespect and even talk of changing the content of the Flag, and this way of thinking, I’m sure, comes from a desire to move forward. It is the thought that change in all areas is necessary for healthy growth. But, should EVERYTHING be subject to the whims of the present?   Are there no lines we will draw as to what is adaptable and what must be established in stone, not out of obstinance but integrity?

Everything changes, though, you say. We change, our icons change, and Superman’s costume has even been altered to fit our grimmer time with the addition of black.   Political systems, even religions, change policy and update to fit the times.  Why shouldn’t the no longer needed symbols of our countries past be changed as well to fit our time, to fit everyone concerned?

Maybe it is because the identification of a people, the ethic, the ideals of a people are not a thing of passing fashion, but in a sense an issue of honor. All of us are mortal. The leader in office is a very temporary, changing entity in our lives; the faces in the house and senate, though more long seated, are still limited to a mortal length of existence, but a country of our size, can’t have a shifting, changing identity.

The identity of a country should be something that is the legacy and responsibility to each succeeding generation.  This is not only a requirement to serve in defense of its physical borders and its  citizens, but to defend,  as we do,  the honor of our parents and all the things that  are larger than us, that will or at least should continue after us.  We are not the creators of those symbols, but the protectors, the caretakers of them.

It’s the same torch held by the men that died of bullets and mustard gas in the barb wire of World War I. It’s the same torch held by those who live with the effects of Agent Orange, contracted in Vietnam, and it’s the same torch held by those young men coming home, and still leaving to settle our debates throughout the world.

Times change but little of what mankind faces does.  It is oppression. It is tyranny disguised in benevolent guise  and a thousand other poisons of the mind and maybe the spirit that makes nobler aspirations, not just useful, but essential in a world swiftly fading to black, becoming lost in the shadows.

We have to remember that it is and always should be our right to throw aside individually our ethics, and values,  but it is just as important that we do remember that choosing  this  lesser path in no way means others have. It is not a license to drag down the rest that are hanging on to an almost etheric hope, for something better, hoping for  an awakening from this bad dream  that has made all the things  that once made us wealthy , secure,  respected by the world, and blessed by  God , no longer relevant, but outdated  things of the past. It has also made a joke of our respect for the millions upon millions that have offered us this chance.

Men and women are creatures of the flesh and the failings of our basic humanity go without saying. There will always be the falling’s of some among the many, previously unrecognized threats revealed. There will be murder and worse crimes committed BY individuals at all levels of our society. They are among the unpredictable, the inescapable.  But, what if, holding that knowledge in one hand we try not to forget that other hand, and what might be held there as well, what could serve as a balancing force of light in our darkening world.

At the present there seems no thinking capable of freeing the world of the shadow of aggression. We do live in a more complicated world than our ancestors, but does that mean the basic principles that made us the most powerful nation on earth are now incapable of healing us and making us whole?

Maybe we should TRY returning to these answers, tested, and proven, over not only one generation or two, but the majority of our history as a country.

Maybe we should make it a high priority to not only delve with a wary eye into the problems  in the worlds back yard, but,  finally in our fractured confusion, , really address the issues  in our own .

The world watches us with a wary eye as well. If we can step forward with visible proof of internal change for the better, of problem solving accomplishment within our own borders, it will be a positive and guiding sign to the world that our country is not in decline, that the Americans of the present have awakened to reclaim our legacy.

Maybe then the world and our people will see this flag not just as a  remnant of a worn out country ,but  instead as the force for good in the world we were meant to be.

What Are You Serving?

Author: Richard Carter

This will be shorter than my usual articles.   It’s not coming from a saintly viewpoint; it’s coming from a slightly confused one. We have recently come from a very bad place in our countries, history, one we are still traveling through.

Generally what lies before us, what is presented in the media, what is enforced by officials seems solid at first, but there really is, in a closer examination, nothing to show us an adamant opinion , a solid comprehensive stance on a the subject of children’s growing vulnerability in our world

We know that the subject of child abuse has come to the front like never before, the need to head off threats to their safety a job of tantamount interest , and rightfully so. Yet it feels sometimes like the effort is similar to watching a man digging in a pit, unaware he is not able to throw the dirt free from the hole.  That loose dirt hitting the walls around him instead, sliding back down around his feet to be shoveled again and again keeping any real progress from being achieved.

By this I mean as fervent speeches are being made and angry articles written, as sad faces of the families of victims are shown over and over, as politicians use this to stage our system, our entertainment, sabotages these efforts at protection.  The examples are rampant but one of real substance has come to the front. The Time magazine cover from the summer of 2012 shows a woman with breasts exposed and a child standing on a chair next to her, one of grade school age, breast feeding.

Also, there is a similar example in an episode of the Game of Thrones, where a ruler, a woman sits on a throne before an envoy or some group of the series characters, likewise breast feeding a child old enough to stand up at one point and articulate his feelings in an angry stance against the gathered assembly.

In a world where we rightfully instruct our children on good and bad touches, and to know the difference in what is appropriate and what is not, in a world where a man can be found guilty of multiple acts of inappropriate interest in children, this double standard (What would you call it?)is a confusing message to all.   It is lewd because breast feeding was designed as a form of nourishment for the infant, a child so young they are unable to feed themselves.

Any child able to sit his or her place at the table, able to go about the mechanics  of eating , able to individually and fully articulate their thoughts  and move about in a controlled bipedal way, is a child far beyond the need of such sustenance.  Any effort by a parent to continue the actions of breastfeeding at this point has to be driven by different motivations entirely.

It’s a long understood fact that many of our children’s idols are from the music and other entertainment genres.  Many of the icons of the past were ours at one point in our lives.   But, how do you enable a child to have a sense of value of the self, to begin to understand their rights to a form of dignity and choice in their lives when the very media they are drawn to, that we often leave them alone with, presents music and film designed to highlight the very issues we seek to protect them from.

Our children are growing up too quickly. They are taking on the hardened look of adults weathered by experience.  They are ready for sex and war before they have even had the chance to enjoy the benefits of childhood and before they are even out of school are given tools to go ahead with the sexual portion of their young lives.

We allow them to bath in subject matter that is inappropriate. We dissect and glorify in detail the act of violence. We set them out a plate full of madness, ideas and actions, the behaviors, both good and bad actions, that were meant to be adult and adult alone.    Adults are watching this crap as well, blowing up the ratings chart, making this popular on paper and supporting the very thing they are supposed to be fighting.  We wouldn’t serve our children poison for supper every night,  things that could rob them of energy of life and reason, but we poison their souls , and are supporting this very insane indoctrination when we turn our head and care little for this growing reality in our lives.

My eleven year old grandson, a boy who talks with his grandmother almost daily, was at an uncle’s house. His uncle was watching a film where a woman was repeatedly raped and chased through woods. My grandson was watching as well.  Unable to do anything about it with us being so far away, we asked him if it had upset him, and what he felt about it. He said it was just crazy.

There is an endangered quality in our children, one worth more than all the oil and minerals in the ground. It’s their innocence. How crazy is our world becoming when the smallest among us are the only ones able to clearly see.


Author: Richard Carter

Every time I consider writing something of this kind I am very aware of the raw nerves that the subject of violence, primarily firearms, in America produces.

To those people whose lives have been irrevocably changed by violence, I can say I do understand much of what you’re experiencing in the aftermath.  I have been a victim of crime, as well, on more than one occasion; also I know the frustration of watching the progress of due process that comes to naught.

Ever since the Lindbergh case which led to the “Lindbergh Law”, which made transporting a kidnapping victim across the state lines a federal crime, there has been a maturing of the systems response to crime against children and their families.   As dire a subject as that is, and one ever worthy of our highest attention, I don’t believe striking out in anger to replace the irreplaceable is the solution that fits this problem.

When I was 21 I had met a girl who was a dancer downtown. As a result of this relationship I came under the scrutiny of a few young men who resented it.   I was held down and beat and cut on. The intention was to terrify me, which it most assuredly did. It also produced the desired effect of me limiting my trips downtown to a minimum and keeping them in well-populated areas.

I was cut repeatedly and to this day I have no idea if they meant to kill me. A homeless woman with a shopping cart may have saved my life, her repeated screams made them leave the area, and I was able to get up and get away.

This is only mentioned as an example of one of millions that occur daily across our country and the world.  The enemy in all this isn’t the tool on hand, the broken bottle, the club, the knife, or the fist.  It’s the mind that has run out of alternatives, the mind that has turned away from the near endless list of possibilities that could replace that violent act, the mind that wants and needs to subjugate someone, in return for the real or imagined slights they have received in their own life.

Whether that is the result of a dysfunctional family, or a social, geographical or racial bias they or their families have been a victim of, there are always other choices.    We flock to theatres to see the recent film of a good man choosing revenge as the answer, and at least two of the recent movies of this kind sell the film, in their trailers, with the word revenge used in its description.   We rush to see them, but we understand just as well that society has little tolerance for revenge.  There are so many logics used to explain a crime.  Each ignores the reality that there are always alternatives. I could just as easily have been beaten with a near inexhaustible list of objects, instead of being cut,

The mass killings in schools could just as easily have been accomplished with multiple tools of mass destruction.  We give guns too much credit.  If someone could snap their finger and tomorrow morning we’d wake to a world free of guns, by the nightfall of that day the news channels would be just as full of altercations, of new violent uses found for ordinary things.   THE ABSENCE OF GUNS didn’t keep the Cro-Magnons from nearly exterminating the Neanderthals.  It didn’t keep near countless societies of people, at home tilling their gardens and concentrating on the upward evolution of their people from defending themselves.

One tool of war has competed with another and man has never tired of the search for newer, more effective means of both self-defense and war.     The sword bans imposed by the Japanese on those they conquered only lead to the development of the Kama, (the sickle) the Nunchuku (the rice flail), the Tonfa (another tool for pounding and grinding, I believe). These are only a few examples of everyday tools used as well for self-defense.   Many other peoples went through similar points in their history; few men can sleep easy with no adequate form of protection at hand.

Mankind’s problem lies in faults that are of a mental and spiritual nature.  Just as some forms of life are beautiful and beneficial to the rest of the cycle of life, there is always poison ivy; similarly mankind will always have its bad apples.  Unfortunately there will always be a need to be watchful, and aware that not everyone rising as we do to face the day, has the best intentions for its use.

These articles you’ll find in the Hall of Havoc ,are  a door to an improvised armory of sorts, .  .   In this area  we will discuss means of self-defense, tools that can be converted to weapons, decorative and functional arms and other hopefully useful precautions you might be able to take in extreme situations.

In the tongue in cheek world of zombie talk some believe, and are preparing for a time of upheaval, at the very least a time of civil unrest, a change in people, one that may threaten all we hold dear.

Whether that change is drug or disease induced madness in a population, a real supernatural or extraterrestrial event, or just men and women turning away from sane answers to societies problems, and embracing violence as a way of life, massive civil disorder , whatever that change, I agree there is wisdom in planning for you and your families personal defense.

What you find here will be suggestions for a worse case scenario,  things that might be found nearby, things that might be easily put together.   Tools you can use for self defense, (you have to remember weapons like the Nunchuku, the Tonfa, and others were originally farm implements used  in the in places where it was a crime for the average  man to own a sword.)  The common man has protected himself for centuries with weapons  used for reaping crops butchering animals and breaking stone.
Take what you find here and sort out what is useful to you but first and foremost remember the context it is offered in,,also look into the laws of your state your county or your city and be legally aware before making any decisions or purchases

I have to admit, with Halloween only a short time away, I was lured, as many are, into a binge of monster movies. Lori and I have seen more than a few zombie flicks during this month.

Normally I try to make a costume for Halloween. In fact I won the contest on the square 5 years in a row doing this, and had a ball making each costume.  But this year, not really into the public part of it, I was thinking a bit more practical, about, not only the flicks we’d watched, but about the serious nature of the worlds decline. 

Maybe some will be confused; I know we have more means of entertainment than ever before, more innovations to make the mundane chores less time consuming and medical updates and improvements in procedures and medicines available. All are a literal God send to many like me.

But a point proven repeatedly through history still rings true. Not all individuals or cultures can handle success.   Rome became lax in their decline and allowed their slaves to enter the army. In fact a large portion of the standing armies were at times non-Roman.  Unburdened by Patrician pride or any true loyalty to Roman law, these men realized whoever controlled the armies, had the real power. They also were being called back from costly foreign campaigns, at the pressure, undoubtedly, of the Senate and the rich that controlled the senate.

Reducing foreign lines of defense was a sign of weakness that the barbarian people of the Britain’s, Anglo Saxons, Jutes, and Vandals, among others, easily recognized.  The rest is history, one we seem to be reliving in the present. Make no mistake; the trappings of success are by no means a surety of security in a turbulent world.  They are just opulent baubles that further infuriate and embitter second and third world nations tired of our presence, unable to let us just walk away.  The similarities of history and the present seem starkly clear to me.

Okay, back to Halloween, bearing in mind that there are many of these sort of threats, present, and of course the Zombie Apocalypse! We should consider the scenario of a suddenly present threat, where Creepers, Rioters, or bands of Marauding thugs were present, seeking to break into homes to victimize and take the resources of those in their home. What might you do in a siege type scenario to protect entrances to your home, and how could you do it with the least vulnerability possible?

Well, if your home is impregnable (few are) and you have supplies you have it covered. If you have a full suit of Kevlar, you may have the gunfire issue under control.   But let’s say you don’t, you have been sitting around watching news reports until the stations go off the air, never really wanting to believe this nightmare would reach you, occasionally going to windows and doors to peek out.   If you wait until the Boogey man, in whatever form he shows up in, arrives and is hammering at your door with the intent to get in, you’re probably S.O.L.

Maybe you have guns and bullets. They, depending on how much you have, may get used up fast.  They also might be a signal beacon to those wanting what you have to try all the harder to leave with it.  So the precious commodity of firearms and ammunition will be precious and hoarded, not used recklessly.  None of the ballistic strategies will be the first choice. Just remember the scene years ago on TV of two black rioters attacking a truck driver with a brick, and I’ve made my point.

So, I thought about what the average American family might have around, things you could use as defensive clothing like Riot armor the police have used for decades. It came together pretty easily.  The shield was the only the thing I thought you might need to manufacture. The other stuff could easily be put together if you had a heavy duty glue gun, some kid’s baseball and skateboarding equipment.  Oh yea, and a roll of duct tape.

My armor was painted in a camo style because I’m into my guns and had just customized one.  The shin and knee protection are from a catcher wears, and the elbow guards for skateboarding, and finally a hard hat, a face guard from a paint ball mask and the front plate from an Iron Man mask (with its eye openings enlarged);these were used.

I went through about 8 or 9 sticks of hot glue. First I used metal snips to open the eyes holes and hot glued the iron man mask in place into the front of the forehead and crown area of the hard hat. Secondly I removed a badly scratched up set of goggles from the paintball mask and glued this in place over the iron man mask. It was made of a dense rubber and I felt it was adequate reinforcement for the face plate.  I then took some shooting glasses that will take a 177 caliper pellet without breaking, and glued them in place after removing the bars that rest on your ears. I left an opening on the underside of them so air could get in, to keep them from fogging up.   The top was connected firmly to the under section of the face plate and hard hat above sealing the top from debris that might enter there.

The idea is it would have to be something you could put on fast, and detach yourself from quickly if you needed to move quicker (run).   So I figured that a kid’s shin guards were long enough to protect a man’s forearms to some degree. The knee pads might fit as elbow protection, and other pieces might be used on the upper arm, not pretty but a good deal of protection for the arm you would hold your weapon with.  I figured gloves of most kinds with a smaller pad on the back of the hand would be good enough.

To do this, I took a smaller knee or elbow pad, one that has a band like back that firmly keeps it in place. I cut a hole about the size of a fifty cent piece in this fabric on the back side of it. Then with the glove on, I stretched it over my hand allowing my thumb to come out the hole. This secures it on the hand yet allows gripping use of the hand. The back of the hand and knuckles are well protected from that side.  Kind of turtle shell in appearance, these pads would be a great thing to use, as spur of the moment riot gear.

Finally, a shield for the other arm, to keep scratching wounds away at a distance, to deflect and absorb blows from a weapon. We’re not talking about King Arthur here. We’re talking about a little piece of plywood with two straps that are screwed, nailed or attached somehow to the back. The wider these are the more control it gives. It stabilizes the shield on the arm, and you hold one strap, the one attached in a smaller loop. Your forearm should rest snugly in the other. Place these in the center of the shield’s back. This will put your hand and elbow out of harm’s way.

It will allow you to use the shield as a weapon as well, striking both in front of you and behind you if you pressed with its edge. You would be surprised at the punishing power that is focused in that edge when it is swung hard into something.

Anyway, I painted it and made a quick short sword using a heavy straight blade that holds an amazing edge, a pipe I hammered on as a handle, some duct tape wrapping and to keep my hand from sliding if it got sweaty, 3 curtain rings, 2 stacked and slid over the blade down to the handle. The hollow well around the blade, in both, I filled with hot glue, a surprisingly substantial guard.  The last ring was squeezed over the pommel a bit and it’s well was filled with glue. The grip was duct tape. I had an old machete sheath it fit well in.

In my case, I am a sword fan with years of martial arts experience. Practicing with one of various types, our house would not need one thrown together from odd pieces. The point is, weapons with a little imagination, could be thrown together to serve for a short time.  I went overboard because it’s a fun challenge, and I’m a little too artistic at times, but the result you’re looking for is a protective covering for as much of your body as possible.

In a world of limited access to and existence of medical facilities, staying un-banged up, un-cut and un-bruised will be very important. If your legs are injured you’re in a heap of trouble. If your eyes or head are damaged, it’s a similar case. These are fun problem solving exercises for a time hopefully none of us ever have to see, but in the meantime it’s good to remember we live in a changing, volatile world. It may not be such a sin to err on the side of caution, not so paranoid to address the possibilities.

You pay for different forms of insurance, for your home, your family and your car, but the only insurance you can have against the dark days that may well be ahead of us and the bad decisions of our leaders are a realistic, understanding of human nature, and a little preparation.   You may feel silly doing it now, but then again you may cherish the wisdom you used in doing it, later.

Blunt gun metal grey , only slightly reflective                                                                            

Something is revealed in the momentary parting of this Cloud.

The skies over Bates County Memorial Hospital were full of the same strange  clouds that seemed content only to float through.

With back to back to back days of over a hundred and trees suffering from the long drought  it looked more like fall with nearly leafless trees, and piles of potato crisp like leaves at their feet.

As we walked across the parking lot, heading home, there was something odd about the clouds,  So we did what we always do (when in doubt about an object TAKE THE PICTURE)!   Once at home, a number of them came to more clear shocking life within a few minutes time on the computer.

What is fascinating about this is I had a ridiculous theory I mentioned to Lori; that possibly the reason no clouds were amassing and forming rain filled thunderheads was because they weren’t your average clouds.

a darker version closeup along the bottom to the right its body peeks out as well.

Laughingly, I suggested they were just constructs of something within them, (cloud cover of a different kind).  There was something to our suspicions about their odd movements  even if our deductions  seemed a bit humorous .  There were days without wind, days without breeze,  and these waves one after another would move through like they were being driven by a storm on the horizon, such was their pace.

This was over the football field directly across from the hospital.

We have captured clouds parting before, revealing odd frame work and immense geometric shapes, some it seemingly drawn with a ruler. But this is different. One corner, one large slab of this flat grey object, is clearly revealed. Something is inside this cover of mist.  Here is a thought. It’s rumored that by 2020 there will be 30,000 Drones in the sky over America.

As I’ve asked in another article , “could it be that these Drones are not the only creations in the sky?”  Is there a possibility that they might be a cover for these others?

If 30,000 of anything are going to be placed in the skies, that roughly breaks down to 600 a state ,  if they are equally divided. It will have, I guarantee you, an immediate effect.  With six hundred possible objects in the Missouri sky, you will have a period of unprecedented numbers of UFO reports.

are these Drones of some kind, or yet unknown machinery in our sky.
these we found on the square in more than one spot

These will be fielded by everybody from the police to the air force.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Mufon isn’t given a  statement to  pass on to the public in response to similar sightings that could occur throughout the state  .   I wouldn’t be surprised if after a while this has a desensitizing effect on those who normally report, and they, seeing lights in the future, will be less concerned knowing there are possibly 600  Drone spy craft in the American skies. It will make speculation over the possibility of more exotic craft less fruit full.

Another similar object, this one hiding in an alleyway near opur jail

How many UFO sightings then, because of this, will go unnoticed, or once  seen  remain unexplored. “Oh you’re dreaming. That’s just another Drone”,  will be the phrase when talk of any sighting is heard, and more times than not they may be right.   But shouldn’t we examine it closely while this subject is still on the horizon, before we wake to its full blown reality, have fun with it?  Let’s imagine  a scenario, an impossible one, as though we were attempting to write a good science fiction movie.   In our story, let’s say a similar rumor is floating around that  tens of thousands of highly technical machinery are supposed to be in the skies and countryside populated by our characters.  But our tale has a twist.  In our story there are only a few such objects of a strange design planned to be really aloft.   But why, you ask, then the rumors of thousands and thousands of mysterious craft.?  Because the few that were created are just part of a facade.

Some are transported through cities throughout our imaginary country.They are seen on trailers and stopped in busy areas,  all to leave an  impression in the minds of our hapless heroes and their friends , an impression that reinforces these rumors of odd space ship like craft  similar to our real Drones.

People see the flying saucers on trailers being hauled around, but are told they really are unmanned observation vehicles.  Only in the case of our novel, our movie, there are no saucer like spy craft planned. The public is told that there will be, let’s say, 30 thousand, in the sky,  so the average man will not be surprised by the growing number of  real craft from outside our galaxy that are seen in frightening regularity.

The reason for the charade?  Our imaginary government, in the book, knows these beings and their machines are coming, and they know they have no way of stopping them.  An arrangement has been made to shield the public from this reality. The cover story of the mass production of machines becomes necessary.  The public’s fears of so many air borne objects fade with acceptance of this story. Every time they see a saucer like craft they assume its one of the governments line of vehicles, when in reality it is just a mass migration taking place and the tunnels beneath our characters feet are these beings new home.

HA- but we’re lucky such could not be the case in our real world. Imagination, though opens in our minds new lines of thought, new observations about our own very real cast of characters. It also, like a mystery, demands silently that we  look at the past of our suspects, rooting out credibility and past causes for  of malice in each of them.

Two questions , wild speculation I grant you,  but examining the situation I think not that far out of the realm of possibility.

First, again, let’s remember the REALITY, the real known part of this.  30,000  OF ANYTHING turned out and put in place  actively at work in a short time is a  massive undertaking, one not chosen lightly,  and there’s nothing to say many, many more will not, as well, follow that date of the initial units completion.

We also have to take into account that as the date nears completion of the first hoard, 8 years will have passed in which doubtless improvements will take place.    With the short length of time it takes for recent technology to become obsolete  there can be no doubt that the original purpose and capabilities of the firsts models may be very different by the time the final models roll off the assembly line, but then again who says a project of this type ever reaches completion.    Once you stretch a steel net across the sky, create an all seeing eye of sorts, who ever relinquishes that sort of control?

So, with a better understanding of our place in this and a shadow made visible of what approaches, the question still looms, what could be the reason for such a need?     Why such total control? To better protect us from anarchists and revolutionaries, or to protect us from something else entirely.

In 2009 we were abducted, we believe twice in the same evening, once by a strange canister shaped craft with strange beings inside, and we feel later we were,well abducted again, this time by English speaking, very human sounding voices. These were, at one time, on tapes we dreaded hearing. So, our belief in it is in stone.

Even if that testimonial to Bates County’s strangeness is not enough, other people have been abducted here as well and came forward to us with their story.   We’ve mentioned policemen, and hospital professionals who’ve seen things years ago that still haunt them today.   We know there is a phenomena of abduction taking place here. The question then is, is it a result of the efforts of strange beings or humans with even  stranger motives ?

We believe that there is both, that there is a governmental or corporate  organization much larger than one country , a cartel that works in agreement with  and at times blindly against the will of the very same countries they pretend to work with.  I believe there is some sort of  chess game taking place, with terrible stakes involved, that place us in a position all but ignored in a sense.   That sense being our inconsequential wills  dealing with these larger matters.

Could it be possible that these Drones are only, secondarily, a watchdog for democracy, protecting us from chaos and are much more an early warning web stretched from sea to shining sea?  Could the masters of these Drones , our leaders, be watching  intently for the arrival of something else.

Their purpose ?  The same question looms over these examples as well; the blimp like peanuts that cruised silently over the courthouse. At first we couldn’t believe the idea that something that large would approach the courthouse tower so closely.  I figured it had to be light. Well, we proceeded in that weak explanation until we found it in all sorts of lighting conditions.

We  finally ruled out the explanation of light  completely when, while flashing away at one of these, again over the courthouse, we watched a glowing symbol or letter be brought around the side by hand and placed against the surface.   This was facing us directly.  You can see it is some symbol or a letter “C”.   Carter starts with a “C”. Of all the photos of these objects , there has never been this addition before.

The image below shows the objects in the river, identically shaped to those that were over the water tower, the courthouse, and over the fenced in powerhouse that serves a portion of Butlers electrical needs.

Faintly behind the electrical hardware the object can be seen approaching ,

The next is, yes, you guessed right, ONE OVER THE COURTHOUSE. This is also the largest we’ve seen.

It moved across the sky quietly and passed within a hundred feet of the tower. This is the largest moving object I’ve ever seen. I saw it with my eyes, not the camera.

Finally there is the one that is completely illuminated from within. It has a rope attached and flew over the jeep and Fort Scott street one evening as we were returning to town. This rope seemed tied off to something else.

This is just a few of the images of this type object.

Then there are the more flamboyant designs,

such as the bright orange and yellow one to the right.  But my interest today lies in the windows  and the things found within. These are the elements to discoveries that shake the community of researchers and citizens alike.  When you can look past the veneer of the object, in all its forms, and have something within to address, that is the connection no man or woman can ignore.   The face however, is vague and faint.

seen over a deserted business on our towns main drag.we pulled into the dark lot and i got out and photographed it once

Once determined as that, its easier for our  minds to look deeper and harder at the small clues in those illuminated openings, to flesh out the beings within.   Machines are all around us and the rumors of cutting edge human technology are still just that, human creation.   The newness of those types of discoveries wears off fast.    But the hint of possible intelligences hidden in our skies ? A truth of this kind, revealed in even the slightest form such as this, is an  aggravatingly persistent voice nagging, picking at our mind.   If you know a  bill waits in your mailbox, your unperturbed about the whole thing. It’s no big deal.   But let the bill collector himself come walking down the sidewalk to your house and your blood pressure will rise, to say the least. Its sort of an long awaited prelude, to the introduction we’ve been waiting for,, the in our face reality of it . After that we will never be able to turn a blind eye to the subject again.

The forms, I believe I have found in these windows, are important to Lori and i in  ways few may understand.  They represent something that is not supposed to be there.  They may well be tied to the answers we need about what occurred during our lost time. Whether we will have the chance to extract one sort of  justice or another from them, whether we have the power to or not is unimportant.  They represent answers, not only for us, but for many more trying to make peace with this new reality we’ve all been forced to accept,,they represent one way or another a sort of closure.

Government’s are  very picky about their  air space. They have the right to shoot down craft that pass over into these no flight zones. Were they able to stop unidentified craft from buzzing the white house, Did  they knock down the one that flew over Los Angelas with the thousands of rounds fired at it?   No but a few citizens  were killed.    We have no bases, no military importance,  but we do have our homes, our schools, churches and families all crowded within our zone. How long will we pretend to be blind to these presences? How long will we depend upon a complete  military protection that just doesn’t exist?   And that inability isnt the fault of the various Governments around the world ,,  America can stand toe to toe with anybody,,  but were not talking about conventional forces here,,, the earth is just outclassed, a few hundred , thousand years behind the competition.   Naivety is a useless commodity for  adults, for the people who must ring the bell of awareness, and somehow reach us all . We can support our governments and protect ourselves at the same time. We can be a valuable resource in helping others to escape their personal fortresses of doubt.  It’s time to see who is behind the glass of the eyes in the clouds. It’s time for the veils and masks to be removed, and all that’s      hidden to be known.      Richard Carter,

Groups prepare all the more earnestly for a Zombie Apocalypse, assured by the bizarre attack and self mutilation stories told by officers and witnesses.  But,  before we buy too many more boxes of rounds, and rolls of  razor wire,  maybe  we should take a breath and get the right culprit in our sights, especially when what we really have here, even in the case of Rudy Eugene, are crimes committed during a period of drug induced madness.

If there was Zombie like behavior in some of these incidents, there was in others, not so much a lapse into some primeval  carnivorous mode, as much as there was an excuse to give way to personal perversity and the release of long unattended angers and bitterness on an epic scale.

Am I going a bit to far  in adding perversities to the list?  Let’s start with that then, because it really is one of the stronger examples for the direction that some of this is taking.

The horrific and the hilarious; this is also a statement about the worsening mental health problem in America and the contributing factors ignored by some.

Maybe this is the norm and I just haven’t caught up yet, but here is another batch. If some have been printed before,  I’m sorry.

The cherry of the bunch which is not a bath salt story as far as I know; it was none the less one that had to be added, the poster child for one facet of the mental illness we’re talking about. 28 year old Charles Marshall of Cincinnati has issues. One is his consuming love for his teddy bear. This might seem really, not that out there in comparison to some of the things  that people can become obsessed with. The problem here is that Charles has sexual relations with his Teddy bear in Public.  One such incident should probably have been enough, but not for Charles. This was the fourth time he was cited for the same crime. I have to admit this one was added because its just too hilarious and scary at the same time to leave out. I have no idea what drugs or lack of them was the cause in this case.  There may be no “I was drunk” excuse which makes it all the more funny and scary.

Move on to a woman charged for masturbating in clear view next to a  highway; not to be outdone,  Collandra Hailton is charged for masterbating as she watches porn while driving.

Then we have – The Horny Goat Killer,

Police responding to a call find a young man 19,  wearing a bra and panties, in the company of a dead goat, one lying nearby on the floor with porn mags lying around it. Yep!

Then we have the civic minded nut trying to protect us from evil, or was he trying to protect evil from us?

He is “The Vam-priest Slayer”. I have less details on this one,only that  the guy breaks into a monastery with a knife and wooden mallet,  attacking a sleeping Monk. The monk survived the attack.

Got bad family relations,?  So did she; At 2:30 in the afternoon, 48 year old Pamela  Higgens visits her mother’s beach front Condo, swinging a machete, saying “Ain’t you dead yet? ” Pamela was arrested.

The government is supposed to have  invisibility technology, (really??)   This might have been interesting had not the subject snorted Bath Salts before calling the police.

“On Feb 17th , 31 year old Lucas Kocab reports 30 intruders in his home to Police, who responding to the call find no one there,  and the caller acting paranoid( imagine that). He explains they are still there but are blending in with the walls, furniture, and even the trees in the yard, trying to hide.  He can see them occasionally. Heidi Miller, a room-mate admits to police that the snorting of Bath Salts, a few hours earlier was possibly the cause.

Seth Thomas Sanders (The Melting Man) is running from the devil or something from a similar climate.

In Elizabeth town, in Lebanon county, he is arrested after abandoning his vehicle  and running  through a house in his effort to escape.  Escape from what? His melting car,  and to make matters worse he is being chased by electricity. His flight comes to an end with him damaging two vehicles, one a police cruiser, this in his bout with fear and hopefully a  hallucination.

The boom of a gunshot jolted Sue Stark out of bed. Did it come from the yard?  Holding her breath as she ran down the stairs to the garage, Stark flung open the door. Her 32-year-old son, Tim, calmly came inside clutching a Winchester rifle. She grabbed the gun and called 911. Tim was sure someone was messing with his car. In an extreme bought of paranoia, he walked from window to window claiming they were out there.


In the United States, there is little doubt about the popularity of bath salts. So far this year, the number of bath salt calls coming into poison control centers is twice the volume of heroin-related calls in 2009 (see above link)

There are many more stories, and surprising numbers of deaths,  among them the tragic death of Pam Schmidt killed by her boyfriend Bill Parisio.

We know about  L.S.D. and other familiar hard drugs. The truth has been out there forever it seems, but there still are lines of people ready to be the next statistic. Like every well promoted media event, these drugs are made attractive to a targeted audience. They know that a portion of younger people  have always played the same rebellious role, whether it was following Elvis and Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis, with a few brews, or the 60’s and 70’s when drug use escalated.

The present age of hip hop and rap are nothing new, maybe a surlier group of faces, many packing, but the focus of entertainment hasn’t changed that much. Chemicals and music seem to go together for some, and the owners of Head shops seem just as dedicated to the craft of selling poison as any pusher reasoning away his responsibility, and the deaths they have a hand in.

Words of defiance like that of the owner  mentioned in the Startribune, are a good example of the cold indifference, these (businessmen) apply to their trade.(He dares Duluth to shut his head shop( Friday September 23, 2011Owner Jim Carlson has made millions of dollars defying synthetic drug bans.)  http://www.startribune.com/local/130023373.html

There are bits of humor among the accounts above, but I have a very serious reason for following this. For every ridiculously embarrassing outcome  among these type reports there are an equal, if not larger number of deaths attributable to these concoctions.  Parent’s lives are shattered and  promising futures wasted.

My half brother, from my mom’s first marriage, was lost to us before I was out of high school. His story could easily fit beside those of the week of horror in Florida.   Danny  was traveling with a carnival at the time. He was using similar types of hallucinogenic drugs and of course bath salts had not come along yet.  He was artistic, as I am, and the story goes like this.  He was painting wagons among his other duties to cover his keep.  He was painting colorful scenes and needed paint.  His boss would not advance him any cash for it, so Danny, we believe, used some kind of drug and headed for town. He was shot in the head by a policeman a short time later. As the officer entered the store he found Danny with a machete hacking away at the cash register.  He turned and raised the machete and was shot.

Chopping at a register with a big knife, sound familiar?  It’s the very same type of senseless act that robbed Rudy of his life and his victim of his face. Madness! Letters came down to me later, that Dan had written a short time before his death. His train of thought was good and his hunger to understand life and his place in it evident in each.  I fully believe the irrational, almost  maniacal way he died was caused by the drug he shot up with.

The result? My mother never mentioned his name again, and won’t. It’s too much for her.  There has to be an awakening in us. With so many paths to death already on the streets, how can we listen, without regard, when new, more lethal forms of these drugs are produced and made more easily accessible to a large portion of our public.   How bizarre, how monstrous do the results of their use have to become before we step past our addictions and indifferent selfishness and do what’s always been in our power?

Eliminate the unlawful threats in our life. Any actions towards their reduction would be a good start. The reason it seems so difficult is because we are accomplices in the very crimes being perpetrated against us, by doing nothing,  making no stand on the subject against it. We need not purchase it ourselves,   nor allow  it in your homes, but it can enter all the same, in the form of officers at your door with grim notifications.


Most of all keep in mind that this scenario may never present itself.  There is much more chance of civil unrest, natural disasters or some other problem rising.  The thing that each of us should do is to have the( legal means) of  protecting  your family, be proficient in its use, stay in practice, and arrange  a personel health regimen you can live with of healthy food and activity at whatever level your personal health or body will allow.  Don’t dwell on these dark thoughts daily.  Life throws enough at each of us that we can wear our spirit out, cause physical illness and mental wear and tear. There  are  times to be serious.  but life  doesn’t call for every ounce of you.   Love each other, take time to prepare, and then don’t spend your time waiting. Spend it living.  The world calls for us to be attentive when we’re out and about, but its draining to be on constant guard. Be healthy and happy now so you’ll have the strength later to face those days ahead whatever  challenge lies in them. Richard

Author: Lori Carter

It may seem like we are all of sudden obsessed with the talk about zombies. First and foremost, you need to understand that “the Midnight Observer” was already in the works before our abduction. We had both been victims to many unpleasant situations in our lives. Physical abuse, mental abuse and criminal acts were on the top of the list.

We were starting the site as an awareness site for friends, family, neighbors and their friends, family and neighbors to warn of the covert and extensive criminal acts. We wanted to set up a site that would help people learn to watch their backs, keep their children away from criminal elements and drugs, and be able to lead a safe, pleasant life. Our intent was to post about the crimes and how they were affecting our area; then we were abducted.

For almost three years we searched, trying to find out who and/or what had interfered in the peace and tranquility we were finally able to enjoy. It may have seemed that the “Midnight Observer was dedicated just to UFO’s, extraterrestrial and paranormal elements. But if you have read, actually read the articles and looked at the pictures, we were also showing what we believed to be human activity covertly taking place.

It is our goal to look at all the possibilities of danger that could be a threat to those we care about. If they pass it on, that is great, because that many more people will become diligent, observant and careful. When the story about Rudy Eugene hit the news, in the same week many other similar events came to light.

We are not vigilantes. We are not encouraging militant actions, covert operations or the harmful acts against other humans. We are just looking at the possibilities and trying to warn others about possible pending danger.

We both are interested in being self-sufficient, because we believe at some time or another; things in our neck of the woods, as well as around the planet are going to drastically change. Whether it comes from the air, the New World Order movement, Kabala, the rich or elite, or government sources, we have the right to protect ourselves and our families. We have the right to live, survive, and exist as best we can.

There are many references to secret alien, government, and elite group activities. There are rumors, circulating since 1947 that our government and private individuals and groups have been working with aliens, trading us for their technology and knowledge.

None of this can be completely proved, but is something to be aware of. In the last article, Rich mentioned a scenario on the big picture about a mist coming down and covering a town that is asleep. It could have been chemical weapon of sorts that could change the mentality of the humans who are saturated with it.

Conspiracy theories will always be talked about, but think about just one thing. If an alien force, maybe even with the enlisted help of some humans, decide to decrease our population or work toward eliminating it, how could they go about it without destroying all the natural resources of this planet with their ultra-weapons.? Wouldn’t it be easier to have a race start killing off their own kind?

Maybe all the experiments they have performed on humans over the years weren’t just for crossing their DNA with ours. Maybe at some point, they changed the DNA of many people so that at a certain time, maybe when their children grew up, or their children’s children grew up, the DNA would trickle down to the point where it started changing people into some kind of animal, a cannibalistic animal,  a zombie type creature.

This is just one possibility. The other, of course could be that they are putting something in the air or water that affects only certain people. At the time of the killing of Rudy Eugene, an autopsy, as far as I could see, had not been performed that would actually point to the use of bath salts. This was an assumption at that point, and there has not been information disclosed that confirms it.

The world is in turmoil and panic over the use of bath salts now. Maybe it isn’t something that simple. Maybe it is a new bacteria, one that affects the mind and can be transferred from one person to another through the bite or saliva of the infected person. Maybe it was instigated to draw our attention away from something larger.

Zombie apocalypse? Maybe, but maybe it is something that is being introduced into the population to decrease our numbers. Think about it. The zombies kill people. The people who don’t die contract the disease and go on to infect and kill other people. Armed forces are brought together to try and eliminate the zombies already infected, and end up killing thousands up thousands in error because they aren’t sure which ones are good and which ones are infected.

Maybe this is the tribulation that is talked about in the bible. The “prince of peace” will show up soon and be able to stop the zombie virus from spreading. It is the perfect scenario, since he is supposed to convince the people he is the messiah by saving them from something and reestablishing order on this world.

Just a few thoughts that have entered my mind. We still watch the skies. We still take photographs wherever we go. We will continue to share information and theories on anything we find, whether it be a human event, an extraterrestrial hiding in the bushes, a UFO in the air, or a zombie attack.

Our goal is to present what is on the plate each day, and zombies are the main item on the menu right now.