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Even though we are no longer doing field research, we still hear about strange objects and events and as we have stated before, we will share these on the Midnight Observer. The following sighting was sent to me on the morning of July 24th, 2014 via Facebook. The young lady that submitted the information to me also included drawings of what she saw. She was, at one time, involved in paranormal research herself. Following is the report as she sent it to us.

“ Okay, here is what happened to me last night on my way home from church bible study. I was driving in the country, and way out in a field I saw three lights, one smaller one on top and two below that were a bit bigger, kind of like a triangle shape.

At first I thought it was a combine, because they do farm in the dark at times. Then I realized the lights were way too far up to be a combine, they were above tree height. It got closer and it was coming quickly. I was afraid that this “whatever” thing was going to run over me.

I stopped my car, turned down the radio all the way, and it came across the road and across the next field really fast. There were no other lights, just those three in the front. From what I saw, when it went in front of me, there was a rounded top, down to two flat wings that went the entire side of whatever it was. It didn’t make much noise and I am not sure that the humming sound was the object or my car, from my radio or from the AC on my car, but it was so totally awesome!!!!

The lights disappeared after it shot past me. I tried to get to the end of the road, grab my phone at the same time and see if I could see it from the next road going west. I was going north at the time and the object went from east to west, probably took ten seconds if even that long to go from where I first saw it to where I lost sight of it.

I was on CC Hwy. just north of 10002. It was about 9:52 pm. I will try to post the pics of the drawings I made. They were terrible, but it’s the best I can do”

this is kinda what the lights looked like from the front across the field

this is kinda what the lights looked like from the front across the field

the top one is what it looked like going by me and the bottom is what i could see as it approached me... hope this helps

the top one is what it looked like going by me and the bottom is what i could see as it approached me… hope this helps






If anyone else in the area saw something on the night of July 23rd, we would be interested in hearing about it.

Author: Lori Carter

Our friend Stone D’Arte, from Toronto, Canada has sent us a picture of the street she had her sighting on with a few notes. We are including these notes and the picture here. Check back often, I am presently waiting on another person here near Rich Hill (13 miles down the road from us) to give me information about a sighting they had. Things seem to be getting very busy everywhere. Could it be a sign of something coming, who knows?

Didn’t know if you wanted a pic of the street that I saw it going down? Here it is if you do. This is the view I get looking out those windows, same level I was sitting at when I first saw it. I did stand up and run over to the windows with the kitties, so it would have changed my visual perspective some. I could see it better. I didn’t draw anything on it, was afraid it would block the view for you.

1. If you look down the street past the little white car and then a red car, that’s the street it went down, Dufferin St. There’s a big brick building on the opposite side of that street which seemed to be a good backdrop because it’s a solid huge building that runs almost a block long. The street that you can see pretty clear to the right is Temple, my street.

2. There’s another big old house that sits on that corner of Dufferin and Temple, and I could see the flashing and twinkling coming before it came past that house. This is why I first thought it was an emergency vehicle. When it came on into view I could see it very clearly in that blank area.

3. It moved kind of slow at first after coming into view. It also illuminated enough I could see the little white car and the people’s yards.  I could see it wasn’t on the street level.  It was above those little cars in height. I used the little white car as size reference. It seemed to turn but then didn’t. Maybe it just amped up the light, I don’t know because it got really bright-shining into my dining room. It went down a bit further and that’s when I couldn’t see the object itself anymore, only the light. It would have been behind those other houses I guess.

4. I could see the light even through all the trees. I got a good view again as it went up in the air and then gone out of sight.  When it zipped up and away, that was really fast.

Hope that makes sense.




Author: Lori Carter

Possible Alien in Archi

Have you ever walked down the street or into a shop or store and feel the hair stand up on the back your neck? Maybe you all of a sudden broke out in goosebumps on your arms and face.  At some point, you just feel like you are being watched, and even though you look all around, you don’t see anyone. Have you ever wondered who’s really watching you.

Possible large ship in sky

For almost a full three years now, Richard and I have been researching our rural neck of the woods. We wanted answers to what happened to us in September of 2009.  Although we really haven’t pinpointed our abductors/abusers, we have found evidence in our county that there is much more out that there than meets the eye.

The human eye is a fragile organ. It can get irritated by dust, pollution, sweat or any other small substance. It is a delicate instrument that allows us to navigate through our daily lives, but it can fail us at certain times as well.

“Clem” found on “F” highway

We are all born with certain instincts, although some may have stronger ones than others. Richard and I have always seemed to have more than our share, however after our episode, these instincts seem to be heightened and we seem to have developed a few more.

energy in trees outside of courthouse

Now, the pictures presented in this article have been posted before, but they are just a reminder of the many things we have found, possible craft and beings, many seen through the camera’s eye, and many seen by us.

Something peering at us

The camera can catch a glimpse of something that moves within a few seconds, unlike the human eye, which cannot discern flashes and movement that are that fast. The camera, also, does not have emotions or a mind that is capable of blocking out something that just doesn’t seem logical to it.

Eye in the tree

We have been taught most of our lives that certain things just cannot exist. To believe in them, at one time was considered witchcraft, black magic or just plain insanity. My, how times have changed. All over the world, on a daily basis, unknown aerial objects are seen, and yet there are still skeptics that say it is either our imaginations or workings of the devil to take our minds of Jesus (as told to me by a Pastor friend of mine.)

Without a doubt, and history is proving this out, there are unknown beings, craft and possible dimensions that seem to be the norm, have been the norm, around our planet for thousands of years. If you look at paintings and drawings from eons past, you can see, in almost every country, depictions of craft in the air and different beings interacting with humans.

Grey of 52 East

Should we be frightened? Possibly, or maybe not, however you should still strive to be diligent, observant and aware of “who’s watching you.”

Author: Lori Carter

You see and hear about it all the time. Someone is always yelling for full disclosure from the government. What they really want is a confession from the government on how they sold us down the toilet. By this I mean all the rumors that have surfaced about our top government officials making a deal with races from another planet in trade for their technology. Stop and think about it. If you look at the progression of our technology, we started booming around the late 1940’s early 1950’s and haven’t slowed down since then.

Is it possible that our government not only hid the truth from us, but also sold us out as cattle or guinea pigs to another race? Anything is possible, but you would have to also include all the other major countries in this sell out since they have technologically advanced at the same speed we have.

We have disclosure. It is on the Internet every day. Although it takes years for people who know to come forth because of security issues with their jobs, conflicts in their minds, and fear of retribution or worse; death, they still, eventually come forth.  You can go on the internet now, any day of the week and see that there are multiple sightings all over the world.

Just recently there was a sighting over Dulce, New Mexico and Blue Springs, Missouri. You can browse the sightings reports at MUFON, NUFORC, the Latest UFO sightings along with innumerable other websites dealing with this subject, and find sightings listed from all over the world each and every day.

grey caught in woods off 52 east near dusk

Are there extraterrestrials living among us? If you watch the disclosures that have hit the news over the last several years, yes, some among us, some in our airspace and others underground. 57 species were supposedly already cataloged by our government alone. Many abductees have given descriptions of their abductors and cameras have caught images in secluded, wooded areas.

Our news agencies tend to stay away from reports like these but every so often one or two will make it to the newscast, and usually only if there were multiple witnesses. Is it their policy to ignore this type of news or is there a possible government control over what they can broadcast? That is something we will probably never know for sure.`

Rumors abound that we are being conditioned for eventual contact or invasion by all the UFO movies that are being released. This might be an actuality. Each one is different, but most show a violent take-over or attempted takeover of our planet.

All of the sighting seen in the sky on a daily basis doesn’t seem to astound or surprise us anymore. Maybe we are being conditioned to accept the reality of this. If they are making themselves more visible to us, why don’t they land and contact us. Could it be that they are just monitoring us for the time being?

Richard and I were abducted. How many times? We don’t know. We know for sure of two, possible three occasions very close together, but as we talk about events in our past, it is very possible we were abducted earlier in our lives as well. We have had multiple, weird and scary events since our abduction east of town. Obviously we and many others of the human race are of great interest to the ones who are observing us.

Just like our scientists, they gather information, perform experiments, and in some instances cause death. We act shocked at all of these possibilities, but what have we done here on earth? Have not our scientists, not just in the good old USA, but all over the world, experimented with crossing DNA, mind control, biological agents and cloning.

Since our abduction, some of our senses seem to be elevated. We can almost read each others mind, have a heightened sense of being watched, and our instincts seem to be on high alert. We are among millions that have been taken, and luckily we were returned. You have to stop and think about all the disappearances every year, somewhere bodies or evidence of what happened is never found. Could a lot of these be abductees that didn’t make it back?

We have found so much activity in our county that we have had to step back, take a long look at our area and wonder why. Why Butler, Bates county or even other locations in Missouri. This area has a lot to offer them, which we never thought about before. When one of the investigative groups sent a dowser down, they determined there were 28 ley lines under the court house at the square; another area we had gotten many photos of possible objects in the air.

UFO’s have been seen around power plants, and we have the huge one out by Lacygne, not more than 15 miles from us. They have been connected to waterways and we have a system of rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs. Missouri, the whole of it, is a plethora of woodlands, farmland, quarries, rivers, streams, lakes, power plants and cave systems.

UFO’s have also been known to land in isolated, country areas, and Butler and surrounding Bates County is definitely that. With all the quarries around here, a plethora of ravines, large ranches and farms, and many conservation areas, it would be the perfect place to hide a ship, dig tunnels and/or hide.

Let’s add to the fact that Lacygne is adding another stack and Butler is considering allowing a business on the old strip to build a solar power plant. I guess we can easily say, because of the small population, the isolate areas, we would be a desirable place for many to hide their activities, whether they are military, private organizations or ET.

We have been through the mill over all we have found, all that has happened to us and around us. It has taken a toll on our lives, but we push forward because we fill it is something we must do. As two people of Christian faith, it has not changed our views but only serves to show us just how really big the God we believe in is.

Everything we have presented, we have found. Everything is on the up and up when we talk about or experiences and those that have been related to us by other residents and business owner in our small town. We have done our very best to give “Full Disclosure” and will continue to inform you of our finds.

What is coming? We do not know. When will it happen? We do not know. But I have a very distinct, overwhelming feeling that something BIG will happen soon.

Wow, do you get the feeling things are picking up, that something is approaching?

The first of our pictures of this kind were shown in the first Vanishing Point, article, in that one the craft and activity was to the North of Butler on Highway H,  .

Some of what we will show in this article was to the West, and in the same few minutes of pictures to the South as well.

That’s either extraterrestrial’s or bad people  massing in sky we’ve been watching for some time.

This gathering has been recent.  It started two weeks ago with White truck Mania.

Okay that may seem a bit dramatic but I can’t list 9 people who’d own a white truck much less congregate in one city block.

This was and assembly of 7,  parked next to a  deserted Odd Fellows building,  at least that was the last use of the building some months ago.

The other two trucks were parked on the same road, one in front of a funerary monument business.  The last sat half in the road at the corner of the block at a four way,

There was a spotlight or some object fixed on one of the white truck’s roof’.  It was aimed at the front of the funeral monument company or the white truck in front of it..

The trucks left or at least have not been seen by us, but the pictures continues, and it isn’t just females with jet trails behind them soaring by it’s craft, floating figures and machines that are a cross between a helicopter and a jet hovering less than 50 ft above the Convenience store on our corner. Yes this would all be lunacy, and I ask for the ride to the hospital were it not AGAIN for images proving out our assertions.

What is this supposed to be and why was it nearly invisible, and hovering near a convenience store. The dark pictures do not accurately show the scene.  Remember, this was around noon in the afternoon, or a little later I think.  There is a pattern forming here. Sightings over important buildings.

First the one down by the library and an empty  old doctors office, then the one over the post office.

Another is seen over the courthouse, and some of the others down by the Hospital, and the High School.

Then the same vehicle,  seen at the post office winds up here, over this same spot, in fact closer to us.

I’m not sure if I’m dense but, guys, this is a hell of a lot of attention for a small town. The history for mass sightings is not small. It has happened in Mexico on more than one occasion.

In 1952, Washington D.C. had its visitors. 60 flew near the White  House. The Pentagon was directed not to take hostile actions. Imagine that!   Even the Miracle at Fatima is said, by some to be a UFO experience.  A Priest present,  comments that something brought the lady or she returned to it.  With the histories following  each, it doesn’t seem that the fear of invasion was rampant. 

All the same, though the sky in Butler and over Bates County has been getting progressively worse, worse in the sense of activity. Oh, there are beautifully sunny days and the feeling I get from nature, a good one,has never been subdued, but it seemed once we started looking, actively going out to look past the foilage and waters of varying cleanliness, it was almost like a door opened, one  that was probably there all along.

maybe it was one probably opened by the young, charmed, crowd,  or maybe it was just something working in a cycle, one that is, again rolling around, a time when we’re looked in on again, by Angels and other beings .

Maybe it was as simple as something outside ourselves, sensing our questions, and fascinated by that curiosity, stepping forward a bit more through the trees so we would be incapable of missing them,  flying a bit lower to see what the searchers were all about, maybe surprised that after all these centuries there were some able to, not only look into the dark green of the old trees and feel them, but see them as well.

I’ve been told I may have far sight. What all that adds up to, I’m not sure yet, but I know this;  that God and the spirits, not of nature, but those living in it are not at the opposite ends of the spectrum of good and evil. In fact I often see the responses of nature in its extremes of mood, as the portion of  Gods ability to still share affection with us. What I mean is; we know when we are not at one with god, and when he pulled away from men not able or willing to interact with us as he did in the past.

He did not curse us in that separation. Maybe he left a portion of himself and his past acts here with his creation, that live on as the angels do at the corners of our world as close to us as we allow them to be.

The photo to the left is not spectacular but has the straight fuselage, body and exaggerated fins, wings at the rear.

In 1963 Soviet Archeologists in eastern Siberia discovered a stone wall with  the image of bird headed humanoids much like the Japanese Tengu.  In the photo to the far right, above,  is what could be the profile of a ship in the clouds with an animal inspiration,  the fin like back and fish like look to it , reminds me of the Nummos, an aquatic race of beings that visited the Dogon tribes of Africa.  They came in a large Ark like machine. These same beings were known to the Babylonians as the Oannes, and the Summarians as Enki.

Its only natural to think of them traveling in something that denotes their connection with sea like environments.  Possibly even in a vessel of the kind above to the right.  It has an aggressive look though, and like the images painted on our P-51 Mustangs, the teeth. This look may have been designed with the same inspiration in mind.   I could be way off, but another universal emotion could well be fear .

Imagine that through a field of some kind of energy or an inherent quality in the material of your ships makeup, you can, like  a Chameleon lizard or a mood ring alter its color, moving from one visual facet  of our environment to another, it’s skin (if you wish) never stands out from the forest green , the snowy hillside,or the blue ,blue sky.   The possibilities would be huge, yet like most great ideas there are limitations . Even this wondrous coat of invisibility could have revealing holes.

One of these would be the impact our sun would have on it. Everything that contains mass of any size and is within a reasonable space from the ground, between the sun and the earth, unobstructed, leaves a shadow.

In this case there is a sheen still visible on the surface. If it had been matted, if the labels had been removed or made less noticeable, this object would have been lost in the sky around it, without enough of a visual signature  of any kind to distract the eye in its relaxed ramblings of terrain around us.

As it is, the reflection by itself would be a negligible were it not  for the labels and the deeper shadows caused by its contours and the natural effects of light on a material object. No matter what color, if it is a slick finish, a reflection of some light will occur.

Among the oldest of our efforts to stay unrecognized, used by warriors and politicians alike, is the smoke screen .

In one photo in this article, is what I believe,  a connecting line for refills or an exhaust pipe of some kind.   There is no doubt there have been occasions where our theories were iffy at best, but that is the nature of exploration into yet  uncharted regions of thought and discovery.  There will be wrong turns along the way and then new paths made to that final location.  I think when you see this pipe like line , possibly attached to something behind it and its proximity to the object above it, you’ll agree this is no cloud, nor a dark insubstantial strand from one.

With this sort of a tool, how much fun would it be  taking tons of exotic, silent moving aircraft and creeping up on old couples sitting on their porch, or intruding on the privacy of peoples conversations as they  walked.

This would be a great time to try out your listening equipment to further shred whats left of the constitution, hearing  what uncle Ted really thinks about  uncle Bart.  Maybe you’d see just how close you could get to that couple and if the pedestrians are walking at night, well, holy Hanna, its time for some R. and R. at the expense of the locals. It’s time to get the crew ready to slink down some rope or try out that new silent ascending platform for 2 or 4 or was it 6?  After you’ve misted your targets of course .

You have the right because your one of the good guys, right? Maybe  this has nothing to do with this ultimate form of stalking. Maybe we can’t even guess at the faces or motives of the beings responsible.  Maybe different degrees of what we would describe human exist, not all from our world?

It’s easy to point a finger when your desperate for answers.  It  is, though, an irrational, blindly, vengeful  choice of action, and the list of suspects, unfortunately, is large.   We can assume it isn’t your neighbor out in his garage with a copy of popular Mechanics and some old war surplus parts, but that’s about the only certainty.

We have every right to state the absurd scenario you just read, because we, to some degree, experienced it. We have been drugged and assaulted by some group.  We have heard how they came for us,  heard their senseless chatter while we laid unconscious , dialog that doesn’t honor men or beings in the role of protector.

But then who says, like the Watchers, they are protectors? Maybe they are just a more sophisticated level of Pirate.  What technical development  hasn’t been turned into  another tool of subjugation, used in physical , moral , or financial sense?

We can say it because we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they/someone were there. Two electronic devices, one giving its testimony in sound and the other in pictures, places these physical beings with certainty.  Americans ? Humans ? Military or privately owned police trained for who knows what purpose, they were there.

Enough about us. There are thousands of people living in Butler. What about them? What attraction could our out of the way little burg have for individuals who could be in much busier places.  Maybe that’s it. Maybe the complacent  and ever so slightly inbred little towns all over the country, all over the world, are just the thing they are after.  It doesn’t get complicated, but the list of possible motives for being here grows and the most likely among them aren’t ones on which your mind would want to linger.

What does the well tutored NAZI, of pink , green, blue or black skin  do with his time ? Is he like the Nephilim, a Watcher of a sorts, an individual with an important job, yet cursed with the same fatal weaknesses of character that made the first watchers career’s such short and unfortunate one?

For now I would like to show you possible reasons we could be looking  right at this sort of object and still miss it.   What first drew my attention to that part of the sky was no machine but an emblem.

I’m going to research the kind of patches that are worn on shoulders and collars, and get back to you, but this was my first solid clue something was there. In its original condition it was so faint I barely saw the kite shaped field for the heart of the patch. It was one I’ve seen before. Both Lori and I have a very uncomfortable  familiarity with this emblem. It isn’t a dollar sign. It is almost a lightening bolt like design on a bar.

The thing about this identification, is that even light, in its original state the image had a different glow in that area (?)

This was a gradation of haze, a reflection on a surface, clear enough it allowed a  overall shape to be guessed at and found with subtle manipulation.

What is interesting is that in most of the examples we’ll show in the days to come,  a cloud layer of semi cloaking is present.  This object is free of any similar effort  to disguise it.

To me that signifies that the creators or operators want to find out if people are aware of its presence so it can be fine tuned to an even more effective level of semi invisibility.

They might be so completely arrogant, so confident  in their level of near invisibility, they never really considered the chance of sky watchers finding a hole in their veil. This would also explain their lack of concern over it. Did they see us looking up in their directions pointing and snapping shots?

The thing to notice is when you lighten or contrast almost any image your visibility almost always improves.  In this case, as you lighten and darken alike (contrast) there is always that inability to get it past that limited clarity.

This isn’t correct if you know what your looking for. Remember the art class where you had to draw fruit in a bowl and shade it?

The more you look, it becomes apparent that there are as many as 3 or 4  similar tiles or kites with emblems, two on the outer edges.  You know this object has rounded corners because these additional emblems are almost unidentifiable due to their placement on the edges where the curves lie.

There was so much activity that day, similarly hidden that the next article will have to conclude it.

Those of you who’ve been with us through all this, know that the world is changing before our eyes and under the noses of the disbeliever. There is greater need than ever before  for our beliefs, our religions that through this all may keep us grounded .   The Pagan and the Christian will stand side by side before this over, united not in the pettiness of doctrines, but in a mutual cause.   I hope when it is over, to hear and feel  your voices in the silence of your presence.

Peace to each of you and your families.   Richard

Some subjects and their premises are easier to present than others, and  this is one that is bizarre, first and foremost because of the near ridiculous consideration. Everyday we find  more  evidence that suggests that legends and lore and even the simplest of children stories have a basis  no matter how remote in fact. Though this  may seem a trip into inanity, it is a fun sort, especially when you find that much of it  echos with the  truths  recorded not by the  village idiot of the middle ages, but by the world directing institutions of the past  and the both civil and military records of the present.Rip van Winkle/another look

A dry patch of earth, on a hillside beneath a shady tree, the suns warmth radiating around its cooling shelter,  maybe even a breeze to make relaxing  there a perfect picture,Rip Van Winkle, and thousands, if not millions of other idle dreamers have  rested with a similar view of the sky  through the tree branches,the clouds the last things remembered as sleep, came over them.

But just for laughs, read the poem, I mean really read the poem. Rip is roused  by a dwarf like man very grim and strange. He follows him up the mountain higher and higher until he comes to a group of figures  like him.

They are involved in what, to him, appears like a game like bowling.  He is offered an odd, strong drink and states he likes it.  After this we have his sleep. When he awakens he finds the wood of his rifle rotted completely away,  his beard is long and he limps regretfully back into town, aware of little but the verbal punishment  he will receive from his wife, one he is surprised to find long dead. He has been away long enough his daughter has grown.

Abductions seem full of incidents involving groups of short figures and the act of being taken up,  (Missing time- Rips is considerable) is usually at the heart of this phenomena as well.

There are strange liquids offered to abductees;  liquid with varying effects and functions.   They, the abductees, are also, almost always, individuals returning in a great deal of disorientation.

Rip doesn’t mention grey aliens or reptilians or Nordics. No, instead  he describes the beings as being dwarf like figures. There are numerous reports of Dwarf like creatures being seen near spacecraft. These figures, like  Rips, are  grim of countenance.

When you add the fact that some  abductions also have a false  memory layered over them,  one that makes hypnotherapy sometimes necessary, you could suggest,  possibly, that he did encounter small beings but they disguised their true form, picking an image and clothing themselves in what they felt he would be more receptive to.   three different figures angelic,???  who knows they were the only light in the sky and movingcigar producing its own cloud cover or smoke screen

These false memories are for what purpose? Possibly to add less fear to the experience, make the abductee more complacent, more willing? It also may be placed in the mind to protect the identity of the abductors. Who knows for sure? All we can be certain of is that  tales like  Rip’s nearly bristle with commonalities and similarities with  most abduction scenarios.

Are we looking at everything that once was and should be  innocent, trying to find  the worst? Looking for the devil behind every tree?  No,  not at all, but you must admit that in the story not only of Rip Van Winkle’s but other fairy tales and bedtime stories, there are surprisingly strong  parallels, ones we hope to show in this article.detail ,, in a different light, is she a being who can fly or a prisoner?





















We rarely attend the sky unless were faced with foul weather and it is about as interesting to most of us as that 7th cousin on your mother’s side. Our familiarity with it is twice the damning force in this disinterest.  So much of our lives, though sometimes spent working  out  under  it for long hours,  is time spent oblivious to it.

Our focus; sensibly, the area before us, or the road in front of our car, or  the horizon before us on a long drive, is our only focused or semi focused exposure.

Our references to it; idle chat about an interesting cloud with a lover on a picnic blanket or during a barbeque on the deck, that and references in songs poems and of course fairy tales.  We know Jack pierced them climbing the fast growing creation of his magic beans. We know, in the tale, he found not more clouds above as he climbed, but a solid land like surface, the grounds of a giant’s keep,  of course.  More adult; the mythological  stories of Icarus  and of Apollo. Every people have their own pantheon of beings godlike , with at least one  being they call the master of the sky,.

In examining the recorded history, artists show metal objects surprisingly detailed in the sky behind lords and ladies of the time, amid their palatial splendor.  The records are not just in the volumes of scholars and poets  and portrayed  in the paintings of  artists, but in the Clergy as well, some of them of high ranking .

We find that there are stories told  by amazing men, people with nothing to gain from their finds and much to lose. At a time when even statements of expanding science were considered evil, warranting a quick journey to the stake and fire ,the noose or the torturers knife, only the most  brave or diplomatic of men spoke and not whispered what was on their mind.

In fact,  the news of today and the recorded activities of the past are not so far apart. That  should surprise us little.  In some manners we have bettered ourselves, made life healthier, made advancements in  our transportation, our tools,our way of life, but aside from showing  the effects  of our abuse and miss management,  the world has really changed little .

Artists have showed us, with pigments they created from scratch, moments during their lives they could not ignore. Maybe their rich benefactors enjoyed the novelty of being pictured with not only their treasures, but as  part of a scene of a notable event .something hurrying over a ledge it seems to have a hat pointed, and a set of possibly facial features that look goblin or fairie like,, who knows what it is was, we never saw it agin.

The comparison with the photographer who tries, as well, to capture the moment, is clear enough, but there is a substantial leap between artists and photographers – and fairy tales, or is there?outline of head and hat and short thick arms

Lets start with a child’s tale, one  about a place in the clouds, inhabited by giants or strange beings.

Lets  try,tongue in cheek, to eliminate  or prove it, a notion so ridiculous it is considered a bed time story. Of course,  it’s  impossible. We know the quality of clouds, their insubstantial nature and their vulnerability to the wind.The story could have no basis in fact due to the most basic laws of science and our understanding of our environment.     So, maybe there is a problem that one would expect in the  middles ages, or the Renaissance or even an early American  period. Maybe it is one of interpretation?

Maybe we aren’t talking about Terra firma, grass and soil as the  base  for that mass in the sky, as much as any material substantial enough to hold weight capable of supporting itself , a substance not easily reduced to mud and silt by erosion .   This, with a  mass wide enough to be seen  from a distance, is able to, visually alone,create the illusion of  land in the air.    What could possibly fill those requirements?














Well, in conversations and literature and film dealing with ufology, the phrase mother ship comes up often.    For the uninformed these aren’t  in the classification of pixies and yard gnomes or the Easter Bunny,but instead are a reality and  have had their speeds  clocked  and recorded by military personnel as they circled our planet on radar. They have likewise been found in NASA  films, these craft are of amazing  size. Marina Popovich, a Russian Pilot, reports on her sighting of one… http://www.world-famous.com/Marina-Popovich/Marina-Popvitch-1.ht

Further comments  on them and their size are below;


One strong indication that UFOs are not just paranormal phenomena is the physical proof and reports by military pilots of enormous UFO vessels reported since WWII. These massive “mother-ships” have been confirmed on radar. According to both radar and pilot reports, some mother-ships are over a mile long.

Mother-ships were not new although they were not reported as “motherships”. In one report by Hellcat pilots during WWII. The pilots were under standing orders to guard airspace over this certain location “at all costs”.

A craft, only a portion of the diameter of that described above, would still be so considerable in size that comparisons with a sky borne land mass could mistakenly be drawn by a simple mind, by the somewhat primitive understandings of the past.   Some  are seen with cloud vapor   surrounding it. Why wouldn’t the wind blow such a cover away, make it difficult to maintain and conceal the bulk of the craft?

The only explanation I can think of is that the craft, the object, is producing it’s own sky borne smoke screen.   If these objects are  self concealing, perhaps once their cover has been put in place, they create a field around their ship  that keeps their cloud like shroud undisturbed, confines it.   In one  of our photos,  taken over a plant in Butler, a cigar shaped machine with a round hole in its side seems to emit a vapor.one of the skulkers that we found in a corral in bates county















So what other proof is there of a past knowledge of these sort of scenarios?  Among books on the subject by authors  such as Jim Hickman (5000 years of UFOs )and people like ex-air force Major Donald Keyhoe and many others, these subjects are covered in detail.  Aside from this,  history isn’t shy in this department as the following example shows.

The Archbishop Agobard of Lyon in AD-779 mentioned in his writings about a supposed celestial region known as Magona (I’m not sure of the spelling). People of the time were aware of it, not only the scholars but the common man. This was a place that strange vessels flew to among the clouds . They carried away things. The complete list we can only guess at but apparently humans were also part of it.     

Also, an entry by this same Arch- Bishop of an abduction of 3 men and a woman seems to add weight to the idea. They were about to be killed by a crowd after falling from the ship above. They said they were taken by miraculous men who’d showed them all kinds of marvelous things. They were told to tell others about it, yet at this time, such tales of exotic knowledge equated with an involvement in the devils work and they were moments from death by the crowd when the archbishop convinced everyone that the whole affair was impossible and surely an illusion. So, with the Archbishops personal denial over what he likely saw as well, and the pacification of the crowd the lives of this group of unfortunates were saved.

This really is odd when you consider that priests of the time were at the forefront of  drive to execute anyone with a rumored dark hobby or brush with the bizarre.  For him to defend these people and his presence at the location, seems to suggest he likewise saw it. He had some  reason to believe them, to steer the frightened angry populace away.

So, we have the recorded words of , not just a priest, but an Arch-Bishop in a time when priests as well as the common man could be burned for such talk.

This says volumes  to me about the mans believability for even in diffusing the crowd he still used the occasion to tell this tale, one that if  untrue, he would have felt less need to record.   We have not only the evidence of his awareness, but the fact it was common knowledge in the area.   Of course, this was more a technological marvel than a mystical land hidden among the clouds and the ships vessels coming to it after their interactions with the villagers were small patrols  or raiding craft returning to a larger one.   At any rate this seems much more likely than a land supported by vapors.  We have to remember also that in claiming “strange ships” flew up to this place, there has been an acknowledgement of vehicles of flight, material ones capable of carrying away captives, abductees. That alone in 779AD  explains the importance of this record by this man .one of many of the small patrolling crasft, this one flew to our position in a flash then just hovered watching us as we freeked and drove away,,  they are children of the motherships.

As far as the other beings  of legends and mythology, there are stories about figures with mechanical wings and those with the benefit of natural abilities of flight seen in the wilderness of Russia, over towns and cities in America, and reported at the gates of U.S. military bases, overseas, in both Japan and Vietnam, figures, bat-like in appearance. One was fired upon( Read about the Tengu In previous articles).

I’m not sure how anyone, a preacher, mechanic or president, could profess with surety to know everything that is out there, to know without a doubt what every corner of the night holds.   Recently a preacher on Facebook commented that “unless its mentioned in the Bible  it doesn’t exist”.

Okay- Just off the top of our heads lets see what is mentioned in the bible;

1-First there are 27 other Gods mentioned, at this site they are listed with the verses where they are mentioned—http://www.holysmoke.org/hs00/bible2.htm

There are  also the following:  Angels, those still in his grace,, and those fallen and those still at odds with man and God.bubba the river monster,/ notice the rounded shape with two eyes in the water near him.

There are Cherubim,  Seraphim,  Arch- Angel, Demons, Serpents,  Cockatrices,   Behemoth-the giant beast of land and lakes, Satyr’s, Dragons, and  Leviathan- the creature of the deep.

There are unicorns,  a large lizard( the one worshiped as a god  by  king Nebuchadnezzar) slain by Daniel.  There are the Raphaim , the Nephilim, the Zuzim, the Emim,  the Ho-rites, and others (many of these were groups  in which  giants dwelled.  They did so during the time of David)

It makes you wonder, with God flooding the whole  earth to rid it of the Giants seed among other evils, just how were some spared, whisked away? How were they still breeding in Davids time?  How do we get people out of flooding areas when there’s no other option?  We airlift them.  What possibilities were there for air travel then, aside from the vehicles of extraterrestrial nature?

About Leviathon—-Job 41: Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook? or his tongue with a cord which thou lettest down? Canst thou put an hook into his nose? or bore his jaw through with a thorn? Will he make many supplications unto thee? will he speak soft words unto thee? …Behold, the hope of him is in vain: shall not one be cast down even at the sight of him? None is so fierce that dare stir him up: who then is able to stand before me? …His scales are his pride, shut up together as with a close seal. One is so near to another, that no air can come between them. They are joined one to another, they stick together, that they cannot be sundered. By his neesings a light doth shine, and his eyes are like the eyelids of the morning. Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out. Out of his nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron. His breath kindleth coals, and a flame goeth out of his mouth. In his neck remaineth strength, and sorrow is turned into joy before him. The flakes of his flesh are joined together: they are firm in themselves; they cannot be moved. His heart is as firm as a stone; yea, as hard as a piece of the nether millstone. When he raiseth up himself, the mighty are afraid: by reason of breaking s they purify themselves. The sword of him that layeth at him cannot hold: the spear, the dart, nor the habergeon. He esteemeth iron as straw, and brass as rotten wood. The arrow cannot make him flee: slingstones are turned with him into stubble. Darts are counted as stubble: he laugheth at the shaking of a spear. Sharp stones are under him: he spreadeth sharp pointed things upon the mire. He maketh the deep to boil like a pot: he maketh the sea like a pot of ointment. He maketh a path to shine after him; one would think the deep to be hoary. Upon earth there is not his like, who is made without fear. He beholdeth all high things: he is a king over all the children of pride.river monster of the osage,

About BEHEMOUTH,,——Job 41:

eye on a tree

melevalant stairing eye, that i found maybe 3o ft on the other side of a property fence,, it looked wet and glaring then closed or dissapeared not evident in later shots.

Job 40:15-24  Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox. Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly. He moveth his tail like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapped together. His bones are as strong pieces of brass; his bones are like bars of iron. He is the chief of the ways of God: he that made him can make his sword to approach unto him. Surely the mountains bring him forth food, where all the beasts of the field play. He lieth under the shady trees, in the covert of the reed, and fens. The shady trees cover him with their shadow; the willows of the brook compass him about. Behold, he drinketh up a river, and hasteth not: he trusteth that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth.He taketh it with his eyes: his nose pierceth through snares.

My answer to my friend is this,  all these things are listed in the Bible as having been realities.

If we take the scriptures at their word and as Christians believe, surely it is a small leap from giants and monsters of all descriptions to UFOs.   God destroyed the earth with water to stop the giants and their offspring from taking over the world he’d created for us, to stop the corruption of it, but the question remains “How were the giants still a force to be reckoned with in Davids time?  If we are to believe the Bible word for word, which I do, it leaves no other possibility but OUTSIDE INTERVENTION.

When you start tying the stories from the bible with medieval records and on to those of our time, the reason for this scrutiny should be very apparent.

Being a Christian is more than a belief in God and the afterlife. It has to be a belief in the only manual we have to guide us to success in our efforts to truly be the children of God. Likewise, we must have faith and believe in the word in all its completeness, in every detail,  no matter how wonderfully confusing at times  and frightening. To do less is to sabotage our own efforts with doubt.We dont know what it is, but the night i took its pictureand it appeared out of nowhere i was cut ion my chest through my clothing ,, my clothing was unharmed but i had a nearly footlong scratch bleeding just below my chest muscles. A CREATURE HIDDEN IN THE BRUSH NEAR THE COMPANY THAT PROCESSES LOGS , THIS CONNECTS TO A PIPE RUNNING OVER TO THE MOUND,

What, exactly, constitutes and angel and were they Gods only attempts at such beings?  We know that at least one group failed in their loyalty. What requirements are there, if any, for  God to tell us everything? There are none.    What do we know that the Archbishop of Lyons, did not?

There is no ceasing in the electronic marvels we struggle to perfect and the products that become obsolete within a few years time as new updated versions  take their place.   The world around us, once full of the invisible, has allowed us a window to see and learn. Now we harness these still invisible forces to light our lives and power our toys and to communicate with.    We may see ourselves as masters of the beasts of the sky and  fields, but there may be  others yet unknown to us  that  wait to challenge our claim.

Fairy tale or misinterpretation of fact? It’s all a matter of how you look at it.

Richard Carter

I don’t like to rant and rave. It’s not something I find enjoyable, but there are times where I just find something that is just unbelievable. What I find this time is the complacency people have about the fact that our skies are so busy with unknown craft. I also find it hard to swallow that more people want to stay unaware of the abductions, secret underground or hidden rural activities that are going around them.

Other countries are constantly showing the UFO sightings on their News networks, so why doesn’t the United States. If one happens to slip in, the newscasters make light of it or joke around about it and someone is quick to call or write in to debunk it.

There is so much evidence out there, and has been for eons, yet our society chooses to ignore it, even when they see it with their own eyes. It’s like people standing on a busy New York or Los Angeles Street looking up at a large UFO hovering over them, commenting “oh, look it’s a UFO” and then wandering on into Starbucks to get their afternoon latte. They act like it is so common place, showing no emotion, because of why?

Could “someone or something” be drugging us to the point of complacency? Maybe it is the aliens, whichever group is presently visiting, using mind control or substances in the air to keep us calm as they hover in the sky around us. Very few people seem to react very much to these sightings, even when there is more than one witness. Not so in other countries. You can easily see what happens when they have sightings.

It reminds me of a movie I saw on TV back in the early to mid-1970s. It was a very low budget film, a Sci-Fi that should our world much more advanced than it is now. Everyone lived in an elite area that was controlled. There was a constant speaker reminding everyone to take their somas. Children weren’t born. You didn’t get pregnant. That was an absolute no-no, even though they did promote sexual activity.

In the film, a young woman and man go to visit another place, one where the inhabitants are more like we are now, but all conveniences are gone and they are surviving off the earth again. They are considered lower than the elite, and an anomaly to the other society. Somehow or another, the birth control system of the elite young lady fails and she gets pregnant before the weekend is over.

She is left behind, because they can’t have her bring contamination into the elite world. Everyone in this elite world just walks around doing what they are told in a calm, uncaring manner. Is that what we are becoming here in the U.S.?

There have been abduction reports where the abductee saw humans working side by side with aliens on craft and in underground bunkers.  Surprisingly, there are even ex-military and civilian workers who have come forth with the same claim.

Richard and I were abducted, and had hard evidence that there was human involvement. It has been our goal to find out what is really going on around us. We have presented what we find everywhere that we can to warn or neighbors, family and friends. Although we do have a group of people that contact us from time to time, and the abduction story did appear in our local paper, and even after the radio station posted our pictures a few months ago, there seems to be a general complacency among the majority of the population.

This seems to be true all over this country. This is the reason so many that have had experiences are not willing to come forth. They often find themselves exploited by the very investigators that are trying to prove their case and get answers for them just as Richard and I were.

I’m not asking you to shoot everything you see in the sky or hiding in the bushes. All I am saying is that we should all be more aware of our surroundings and share anything strange that we see. The health, welfare and safety of our neighbors, friends, relatives and us depend on it.

If you have seen something that you don’t think is normal, let us know. We want to hear about it. If you have pictures to share, we would be happy to post them. If you want to remain anonymous, we will do that also. carterbushman@yahoo.com

Keep your eyes and ears open. Watch the sky; watch the night, no matter where you go.


THE  MOST RECENT NIGHT, WE HAD TO WALK;   Since the last post where we showed the objects, the machines that had  descended, saying “THEY’RE BACK” would be dramatic or humorous, but the sad truth is they never left.

It begins ,

A short distance from the hospital it begins.  A light has been overhead but it is also one we are accustomed to,yet now just down the road from the parking lot along the dark portion of Nursery street.   We had taken a different route  in hope of side stepping them, slipping by,  and the result was really no different at all.                                                                             156——-

This time we captured something we are unsure of. Before finding it we were feeling fairly good.  After this, we arrived at the hospital and  my blood pressure, usually in the 107-130 range  over 78, was now 156 over 110.  Normally the walks were therapeutic. Both Lori and I experienced  some of our lowest best readings after such walks in the past.  Maybe what the following images show are a possible suggestion towards the cause for that change.


Above image 157–In the next few there is a strange distortion.  It is something that is not in the tree tops, but something that seems to engulf me.  In one image there is even a line, an edge to whatever it is, almost like the side of a net.  It’s the same visually only this looks like electricity (?)

I don’t know what it is. All I’m certain of is when I entered the hospital I was tired, felt terrible and had little or no coordination.

image 160

The building legend around H.A.R.P, the testing of the American public, in relatively small communities all over the country, is done  by who? I’m not sold on the Government blame yet. There are organizations  that can buy and sell Governments.  When we do get to vote in a man or woman to service, they allow it.  Is it them?

Is it the Aliens who got the best part of the deal, the right to us? The unfathomable bast..d that have the power to destroy us all. They have the abilities to manipulate us, to make us just as responsible for our own fall.  Are they really the masterminds responsible for our position?

image 161

The effect in 161 is clear. My head, lifted now, is pressed forward and to the side. Already my hood is nearly impossible to see.  The EDGE of whatever it is can be seen next to the last portion of my face still visible.  I t seems tight and condensed , yet unfolded. Still the odd shapes are visible above  but they won’t be for long.

Now the complete blanket , net whatever it is, has separated me from the purpose of their evening. Ive

inside the hospital

made an extra effort to be aware,  to listen to my feelings, and it’s made no difference at all.

the faint object is just above us as we leave.

We  are just as in the dark as before, just as unaware of it taking place. WHAT IS TAKING PLACE!!! Why do our lives deserve such hellish harassment. We have discussed this over and over.  I have the rare hereditary disease. It has given me physical traits that are different , but not to an extreme  that would warrant attention. Given Alien fascination with the human species, maybe those differences add up to real mysteries in their eyes. Lori and I are older. I’m 53 and she is almost 60, and that must be apparent to them. Neither of us are prime subjects for experimentation any longer.

the bottom of something

Then we thought, okay let’s go the

The edge of the large panel hiding the machinery , this when overhead is large enough to easily conceal them in the night sky.

military route, hypothetically. Maybe we are a  set of test subjects. Ones that ae returned to, like tagged animals in the wild would fit.  But, we are experiencing odd lights far too often.  I just can’t see that a bunch of hoodlum soldiers  would be allowed to run around  in their off hours, using multimillion dollar aircraft to jump private citizens with airborne like techniques, committing crimes against the public. I have no doubt there are those capable of it.   I  won’t  believe that yet, but I have to add that my naivety as well as my patience  are both wearing terribly thin.  My personal steps towards better self-defense will escalate alongside  that concern.

They, whoever they are)(whatever they are, believe that using the weapons of the coward, they are untouchable, and they have no face. With each episode I learn more about them and their almost predictable nature.  That predictability alone is a dangerous thing for any enemy to have.

Part two of this evening’s story focuses on the return trip home and one vehicle in particular.

My friends, if you ever had a passion for the truth, this is the one not to miss.


The Night,,, was my favorite time, I could slip on a my  long coat and rattle down the steps and out into the night, it was in action (the drifting along sidewalks) that I found a measure of clearer thought.The answwers i searched for could never have been found in a crowd or in the distraction of daylight.   Those same qualities of the nocturnal world that allowed better introspection were also blinds in a sense.The night air the breeze and the mists from rain were too pleasant a distraction, these and the small glimpses light allowed of semi hidden tree’s and dark brooding structures. This narrowed range of vision may have been the source of the peace i found,yet with the knowledge gained over the last few years I wonder ,, I wonder just how alone i really was.  I cherish the memory of those days when i was less aware, when sense ruled less than sensation.   When the exploration of life was an unconcious gloriously simple  thing, and sleep was not a long sought after goal, but as natural as the next breath of air.         A time in which  i could sit down with my back against the large cedar by my father’s grave, and quietly look for the answers to the most mundane of problems.Now?  i see the odd presence of metal in the sky where nothing should be but bats and birds , and the lights of distant planes. I’m no longer surprised when the camera acts again,, as an Oracle like crystal,revealing laterupon inspection,, things,,,that the  human eyes are not intended to see.

light overhead after it moved in closer, i was shooting up with only so much visible from my seat in the jeep.

My question then is how much of this veiled  world around us is a product of Alien technology, and how much is a reality of Uncle Sams, possibly still being tested.  ?  The objects  in the  photo’s with this article  are  not presented  as Identified objects,, ,, no claim could honestly be made on our part as to what they are,,or who is at the wheel. Much of what we found in the  images doesnt  suggest human participation.  The metallic object snaking by in front of me in one photo’ reminiscent of Doc ocs arms in Spiderman,, is a  trapping that have no place or known use  in our corner of the world.

This in particular could point to an unearthly presence, but it could in our position of disinformation just as easily be one more tool used in a program.  The round almost lemon shaped lights that comes on 4 to 6 ft above the pavement in front of our house,, may very well be Alien,, but likewise it could be an earthly man infestations:).

Whether we wish to believe it or not we live in a world that is out of control,  a world where advances are rising before us so fast, that ethical management’s of them , cannot be  considered and put in place quick enough.   Recent world affairs have to dramatically show the decrease in Democratic thought,

detail with thoughts,,,

Far less is this thinking a case for human rights, and more for the rational of developing better more thorough controls , When you put this kind of intense almost( doctorial type thinking) in bed with secretive  science’s  freight training down the road, you have  a multi faceted  problem in the making . One that science has unfortunately every right to create.

If these are indications of  Alien presence,  is there really anything we can do about it?

This marks the third time we have found photographic gobbledygook in our camera, and  incredibly strange things in the air before  and after it.

I feel sure, we would have no knowledge of any of these contacts, were it not for the camera we take everywhere.