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Life Afterwards

Whether you are an abductee, a contactee, or just someone who witnessed a UFO and/or its occupants, or if you have experienced something that you consider supernatural or spiritual, your life will change.

For some it is a gradual change while for others it changes instantly. It was instantaneous for us. Before our abduction in September of 2009, I didn’t give much thought to aliens, ufos, spirits, ghosts, dimensions or the like. I didn’t scoff at the idea that some, if not all, might exist. If we are taught to believe that God is this great and powerful being, then I couldn’t see why he would quit creating after us or why he wouldn’t have been creating before us.

There are many schools of thought out there on what UFOs are, where they come from, what their occupants are like and why they are here. Although our government is one that claims they don’t exist, or if they do, they are harmless and of no concern, it has been rumored that they have worked hand in hand with them. There is a conspiracy theory around every corner.

Stories abound daily about different government activities and how many of them are intertwined with beings from other worlds or dimensions. Everything from HAARP controlling the weather to our highest governmental figures being controlled bounce around the blog sites each day. Underground bases housing aliens or those that are built for the elite, because they know what is coming, also head the list of rumors that abound along with stories that certain factions of governments have participated in experiments on their very own people.

No matter what your belief system is, no matter how many people sign petitions for full disclosure, no matter how many ex-military, ex-astronauts, ex government employees come forward with information they say has been hidden from us, most everyone knows that they are here, they do exist, they do interact with many people.

The plain fact is that many people just don’t care. They figure if it isn’t interfering with their daily lives, if they aren’t touched by what is going on, then it doesn’t concern them. These are the ones who will be in for a very rude awakening if a full invasion was to occur. These will be the ones that are running down the street screaming or huddling in the corner of their basement, afraid to move.

Our life was changed, as so many others have been also. We found what we believed happened to us to be mentally exhausting. We were used, abused, taken and who knows for sure what else. We were promised a lie detector test, regression and counseling, which never came to fruition for our investigator was after information for their own material gains and reputation.

Our little community rallied around us when we went public, and for the most part accepted what we said as the honest to God truth. They knew us, and they knew we were not given to flights of fancy, over imagination or exaggeration. If we said we were abducted, if we said there was human involvement, if we said it was a bad experience, they believed us. We had no reason to lie. We just wanted to warn our friends, family and neighbors that there was something to watch for.

Everyone goes on with their daily lives, some never looking at the sky or reading a report on aliens, unidentified flying objects, dimensional doors or odd occurrences like the fireball over Arizona the other day, and the odd, loud, crunching, grinding or whining noises being heard around the world, but for those that have had an experience, life is never the same.

Securing their houses, their cars, their land and buying protection becomes an immediate concern, even though it is reported that ordinary locks cannot keep out the greys or spiritual forces. Every sound in the night makes them jump out of their skin and they often find themselves walking around in the dark checking all the windows and doors.

They feel as though they are being watched and even possibly being taken again from time to time. They become edgy and on high alert when traveling in less populated areas, and awake to strange noises, hummings and whirrings during the night.

They may also find that some things have changed with them physically as well as mentally. Rich suffered injuries on several occasions during the time we were conducting our research of this area. Large welts on his neck and back, and deep scratches that looked like they were made from some kind of claws seemed to appear out of nowhere.

We also seemed to have developed sharper instincts and some kind of mind meld, where we know what the other is thinking, and this happens, not just once in a while, but on a constant basis. Life has changed.

We will always have many locks on the door, burglar bars on the windows, and ways to protect ourselves. We will always be on alert, aware of our surroundings and aware of noises and movements that don’t belong. We will always follow the news around the world in the main stream media and in the UFO/Paranormal outlets. We will always be looking at the sky. We will always be on watch, for that’s what they also do to us. They watch, they wait, for what, I don’t know, but it will all be revealed some day.

In the meantime, life after continues, just in a different way than it did before

Author: Lori Carter

The Midnight Observer was first started back I 2008, a few months before our abductions. The intent of the site was not to log the weird, dimensional, UFO or extraterrestrial information that it has been inundated with. Our main goal was to track cultic, criminal and possible dangerous situations in our rural county and to alert the citizens, neighbors, family and friends as to areas to be aware in. Before we were done building the site, we were abducted.

For three years, searching for who and what happened to us became our life. The physical, financial and emotional toll it took on us can never be fully understandable to most. We would take our last few pennies to put gas in the “Old Grey Ghost, our jeep, to make one more nightly run. We always found something. It was almost like we were drawn to it, but we never found the answers we were seeking, but we believe we have shown that there is a clear and present danger, always around us, always around everywhere.

The pictures and articles on the Midnight Observer speak for themselves. Our lives have been in danger several times. We were stalked, threated and several times Richard was injured with no indication of whom or what did it and no memory.

We have secured our home and are always wary and observant of what is around us day and night. We never leave the house without a camera, but as Richard has said “we are tired, we are done”

We are not taking the Midnight Observer down. No, instead it will transition into the sight it was meant to be from the start. All the pictures and articles will remain, but new articles about the day to day problems, dangers and precautions of normal life will be posted. There will be commentaries, suggestions, instructions and informative articles posted as we see fit.

An article of the weird, supernatural or UFO type may creep in at some point. They will be posted when we are contacted by someone or hear about it from our friends. Our research has taken a large toll on our lives. For now, we are not planning anymore trips. This may change at some time, but at the present we have our health, physically and emotionally to consider. Please check back often as we will still be posting articles about “Clear and Present Dangers.”

Please continue to enjoy the site and contact us if you wish. Also please remember that everything on “The Midnight Observer, articles and pictures, is copyrighted and is not to be used in any way to gain financial increase. They also are not to be used in articles, videos, at conferences or in books without our explicit written permission. Anyone found violating these rights will be prosecuted.


jurt 001One of the most frustrating, yet stimulating, facts about this study is that you’re always going to be that sophomore in high school.  By that, I mean we’re never going to graduate, never going to know in a complete sense the sum total of knowledge in this subject, we won’t even get close.   I have had, during this learning process, to adjust my thinking and shave away a great deal of my skepticism. I’d be a liar if I said the visual portion of our data wasn’t largely responsible for it. But in this I’m referring to photos of odd machines and vehicle like objects in the sky or strange figures moving about in the fields and woodlands. The issue, I’m bringing up today, needs no proving. It is not a question of the proper interpretation of a distant light; it isn’t a guess at what was on a hillside, or swimming at the vague distance below. Its proof is solid. I can walk up to it and touch it.

Our problem began two days ago when we realized that a modification, a repair had taken place in our home. Until two days ago there had been a large crack an inch wide in places, long and irregular. It stretched across the ceiling where a bay window attaches to the house on the north side.  It had appeared rather quickly so I hadn’t ruled out it was settling of the house. I had no other logical explanations for it, and aside of plans to fix it, I had few other thoughts about it. I was as concerned as Lori was about the size of the gap an inch or wider in places; you could see the lathing strips through it.

But something happened, and it almost feels stupid to complain about a fix instead of a problem, except we had nothing to do with it, had no knowledge of it. (We are certain of this) Oh, we spoke on a number of occasions about making it a priority, but, you must understand that I was consciously steering away from the project because I didn’t yet have the mesh I wanted to use to overlap over the opening.  This could not have been done by either of us alone for good reason. . During our waking hours we are together generally in the same room or only a doorway away separated for very short periods of time. Lori has problems of balance due to previous head injuries in her youth. I was born with epilepsy, treated, yes, but I have dizzy spells occasionally, and for mutual reasons we both look out for the other.

Finally, this adds up to neither of us being ninja like in our movements through the house. Neither of us could be graceful nor quiet enough to work on a ladder without the other knowing. Neither of us takes naps during the day, and again if one of us did the other would be roused by the smallest sounds.  Both of us have lived in areas with a high crime rate, and been victims of violent crime, so we learned over the years to sleep light.  I can’t imagine either of us could, in a crowded room, try to balance on a ladder with a trowel full of some sort of wood putty, work over our head, not without the other behind them, below to steady them. It would be a noisy, messy operation to fill a crack wider than my fingers in places in a 7 foot stretch of separated ceiling. There is this and the fact that I believe her when she says she knows nothing about it.

I think the heart of the problem here isn’t that a needed home repair has taken place; it’s that a situation has occurred, something we have no memory of.    Lori and I take pride in our accomplishments as small as they may be and if either of us had done that, fixed the ceiling, we’d still be walking by it in proud moments of satisfaction, commenting about it.  Another disturbing point is that it looks like it was repaired a long time ago.  Finally, we don’t have the paint that would be necessary to blend the repair into the rest of the ceiling. We have only had a complete absence of memory over an important event once before, and that was the nights of our abductions which included strange human voices on our recorder.

So, what possibilities are there? We are buying the house from a very decent man, but one who now leaves these issues to us, to the people buying the house. No, I don’t expect it is even a remote possibility.  Besides, he is very ill, and doubtlessly his money is being spent for his treatments, not hiring repairmen to fix buyer’s houses without their knowledge. He would not be planning this for the short periods we’re out of the house!!  With no key to our new locks, it’s illogical.   Also there would be the smell of the fresh paint. So what else?

Nothing is quite as disconcerting as the belief that others have been in your home. In this scenario, someone has a way in and is there long enough to perform a fairly lengthy repair job. I’ve resurfaced walls, worked with mortar and trowels, repaired and replaced whole walls. I know it is not a quick job. It doesn’t dry quickly enough, and finally gravity works against you.  The wider the openings, the higher the chance of the bonding agent free falling out of the gap, hence the reason I planned to purchase the mesh.

Yes this is the “Midnight Observer” and not “This Old House” and yes, there is a bizarre parallel I’d like to mention. A year or so back, I was involved in meditation research.  During my exercise I would take breaks and get up and walk through the dark house and stretch my legs, carrying the camera along. I would take pictures from the kitchen through the rest of the house occasionally.  In one I found what appeared, in the picture, to be an opening in one of the walls directly facing me. It was like a near perfect square suddenly opening in the wall. Within it was what appeared to be a possible figure, almost stepping down into it. This was not visible to my eyes or at least I was unable to recognize it.

This was all visible through the doorway to that room, that bay window area on the north side of the house.  Now before you say okay, it could have been the shapes of the windows in that bay area, well, no it couldn’t have been. The man we’re buying this house from had not been able to fix the windows in this space and had boarded them up. This was all painted a very even, light tan shade,  boarded over windows and the walls all the same light shade.  The vantage point down the hallway  of my camera was not barred by furniture. There was no explanation for the dark square about 6 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide; this in the same bay window area the healing of the ceiling takes place.

We’ve examined the logical, the physical possibility that reasoning adults would first examine, but that said, let’s wander a bit and talk about other scenarios, theories  far from new others out there a bit more.  Maybe  this person, a stalker of some kind, like (Dwaine Chilliness), might have been watching us, waiting for us to leave and then picked the locks and entered the house. To do what? To rob us? To lie in wait in a closet to kill us? Or to grab the ladder and joint putty and fix our ceiling???

We have a policeman living next door, within view of our back porch entrance to the house. He is aware of the previous problems we’ve had with a stalker. Would you take that kind of chance breaking and entering just to do home repairs knowing they could return at any time?? I can hear the laughter at the police dept. right now as you try to explain that one.

From there you better get the friendly councilor and the white coat that ties in back ready,,  because the last of the theories vying for the role of possibility is just plain out there.  It is  about Unusual suspects,  and not ones you can round up on the corner or around the block at the bar.  These suspects are from way out of town . Its about realms , dimensions and a possible method that some travelers might use. And frankly, to even begin this portion of the conversation and explain these notions, I can’t strongly enough emphasize  its  of a highly hypothetical nature.

Dimensions; Imagine you had the ability to travel between them, well  maybe not travel between them as much as overlap them.  What if you had this method down to a science? What if you had a highly accurate kind of correlations and computations, allowing you to plan the meeting of the two down to the inch?  They could be so precise you could remain within a building in your dimension and pick an exact spot in another and not necessarily move, but instead, align the two locations together, ever so slightly overlaping them. Maybe you could bring them together in such a way, that for all useful purposes, this target would be attached  to your building at the point of this overlapping. This dwelling  and the room you wished to enter would be open to you through this breach caused by the connection, by the overlapping.

In this way abductions or scientific forays could be performed with the least visibility, with the least trauma for your subjects, giving you optimal access to them and everything in their environment.  But lets say   maybe you put a little too much zing in the “way back machine” and you cracked the roof of your subjects home,,,. No problem. This system would give you easy access to return at the right time for repairs once you realized your mistake.  ( Yea, the stalker with the lock pic kit and the  home repairs fetish sounds more reasonable all the time.)

Richard Carter

 Note: There are cultures that still believe in unseen creatures, ones that sometimes plant crops, repair fences, and mend buildings for the people they like.

Author: Lori Carter

You can actually see about how tall this tree used to be

These pictures are unusual for one reason only. As you can see there is a big break near what looks like the top. This was one of the tallest trees in our yard. The breakage occurred a few months ago, I think around July or August, but because of all the leaves, we couldn’t see exactly where it was broken. We had thought it had been just a large branch. The funny thing about it was the morning we found this hanging across our driveway; there had been no storms or strong winds in the area.

Now that the leaves are mostly gone, we can clearly see that this was the trunk part of the very top of the tree. Looking at the thickness of the trunk and the breakage, we are baffled as to what could have caused this since this was a very healthy pecan tree which was always very green and leafy during the spring and summer.

If you take the part that is broken and hanging down and just imagine it standing straight up, you can see how tall the tree was. What could have broken our tree in such a way that it wasn’t just the top, but the break was many feet down the trunk. That would take some force, much more than any winds or storms we have had around here this year.

The morning we found this, there was no sign of damage to any of the other trees. Usually when there are high winds and strong storms we get a few, small dead branches on the ground from each tree the next day. As I said, the night before this, there was no storm or winds.

The length you see hanging is actually shorter than it originally was. Rich had to hack off quite a length of branches so we could get the car out of the drive way. Figure on about 3 more feet in length than what is presently visible, as the uppermost branches were actually touching the ground in the driveway after the breakage.

Remember, Richard has photographed objects near this area on some of our returns home as is shown in the picture below and the street view shared with us by Stone D’Arte in an Update on an Interesting sighting.

The front yard, not 30-40 feet from the damaged tree. Taken last year

Damaged trees and forestry is not new in UFO sightings. There have been several reports over the years that show they often come very close to homes and properties. I have listed a few links for you below.

I know what our theory is but we would like to hear yours. Are they getting too close?

This picture was taken on different night of the same area.


Salsberry, Mass. 1968


Rendlesham Forest

Poplar Bluff, MO. 1970’s

Virginia as reported to Mufon in January 2011

Author: Lori Carter

Our friend Stone D’Arte, from Toronto, Canada has sent us a picture of the street she had her sighting on with a few notes. We are including these notes and the picture here. Check back often, I am presently waiting on another person here near Rich Hill (13 miles down the road from us) to give me information about a sighting they had. Things seem to be getting very busy everywhere. Could it be a sign of something coming, who knows?

Didn’t know if you wanted a pic of the street that I saw it going down? Here it is if you do. This is the view I get looking out those windows, same level I was sitting at when I first saw it. I did stand up and run over to the windows with the kitties, so it would have changed my visual perspective some. I could see it better. I didn’t draw anything on it, was afraid it would block the view for you.

1. If you look down the street past the little white car and then a red car, that’s the street it went down, Dufferin St. There’s a big brick building on the opposite side of that street which seemed to be a good backdrop because it’s a solid huge building that runs almost a block long. The street that you can see pretty clear to the right is Temple, my street.

2. There’s another big old house that sits on that corner of Dufferin and Temple, and I could see the flashing and twinkling coming before it came past that house. This is why I first thought it was an emergency vehicle. When it came on into view I could see it very clearly in that blank area.

3. It moved kind of slow at first after coming into view. It also illuminated enough I could see the little white car and the people’s yards.  I could see it wasn’t on the street level.  It was above those little cars in height. I used the little white car as size reference. It seemed to turn but then didn’t. Maybe it just amped up the light, I don’t know because it got really bright-shining into my dining room. It went down a bit further and that’s when I couldn’t see the object itself anymore, only the light. It would have been behind those other houses I guess.

4. I could see the light even through all the trees. I got a good view again as it went up in the air and then gone out of sight.  When it zipped up and away, that was really fast.

Hope that makes sense.



Sept the 28th 2012 was almost a no go for a number of reasons, and  there’s no way around it, we were having troubles coping.

I say that because getting ready isn’t that hard. Getting dressed to go is much simpler, and the equipment necessary just not that rough to select.

But we were hesitant, me especially. I had that same feeling I’ve got numerous times before that makes me unsure if its a good idea that night.

Allowing for instincts to play that much of a part in your decision making process, is restrictive to say the least, but that’s if you listen to it.   Lori’s and mine,(our instincts ) are no psychic marvel but they have been very accurate.

They’ve shown us (we believe ) on occasion, times we never should have left the house, and on others taken us out on nights that our best finds took place.

Photos of figures, things following the vehicle were in, actually compressing our roof in a heavy impact, that good/bad stuff. Unfortunately it’s the trace evidence, the proof of things seen that further proves the phenomena.

attempt to sort out a form in an inverted photo, did i get close?

objects to the south of 52 highway as we headed east.

The night was heavy atmospherically. It was humid ,  with a full moon or one very close to it.The area we were looking into was a couple of rural  highways  and the off roads connected to them in a fairly wooded area.  It has been a focus of our attention since we found a Grey in daylight one late afternoon. More importantly, in a great experience of two of our friends, two Nurses saw the same object.  They traveling in the same general direction home, fifteen or twenty minutes apart.  

In this general area another lady working at the same facility, mentioned an experience her son and a friend had while hunting, seeing a  similar object in the woods, it setting on the forest floor close to the area and time of the nurse’s sightings.

We took the country club drive out through Butlers south side to 52 Highway and headed east.  Because of my state of mind I wasn’t taking pictures as quickly as usual, but I focused on the sky to the south as we drove east.  As you’re well aware, using a flash on the night sky reduces your vision even further, down to the perimeter of light caused by the flash, so I was shooting without it, and really just hopeful that later, when the examination of the photos began, some shape or silhouette might be found.

This is not as ridiculous as it sounds. You can trip on objects walking across a dark yard or through a dark house. Your visibility of the sky may seem clearer, further but that’s only while a portion of the sunset exists.  You would be amazed just what can be near you, outside of the circle of vision the night allows.

So I took images at intervals, slowing to a stop for them as we worked our way down O-Highway, and then crossed over to N-Highway on our way back to 52 and Butler.  We’ve  explained why long stops are no good, within the sight of houses or farms, or even on roads or highways remote and sparsely housed.    There were sounds. There are always sounds,  but mostly it was the expected. 

Early on I saw something out to the right of the car. It was a  faint two white lights with a dull glow between, but I had thought it  nothing striking enough to stop for, probably just two stationary lights.  I couldn’t make out the color of the glow but thought it was red. Later I found it was.
There was that and an object much closer, within 100 yards of us, just around a turn. It was crossing over the road about 40 ft up,  probably much less.  It was moving, I think, into the south west and was lost in the darkness again after it had moved a short distance. It is remarkable, though, because it was in the vague outer edge of the cars headlights, just long enough to give up a portion of it’s shape, it’s outline.   Now I’m not suggesting that there wasn’t more higher up, or on the other side of it, immersed in darkness. The shape I was able to discern wasn’t something the pilots at Butlers airport would describe as aerodynamic, and it wasn’t all that was seen that night.

Backing up to a gate, we had difficulty turning. The road was more a trail with grass grown high in the middle. As we backed up I thought I saw something through the bars and jumped a bit, cussing myself as I took pictures, then out my side.  Lori inched back and forth getting out without having to test the four wheel drive in a ditch and we headed back for the small high way.

But, while in that turn, we were near something, something watching us in curiosity ? It was something that appeared to have large orange eyes.  FACES in the brush, in the ditches, or the tree groves are nothing new. We believe we have images of at least 10 different types of (Things). We  don’t say alien for a very good reason. We have no way of knowing exactly what we’re finding,  or its place of origin.  Some of those home addresses may be much more terrestrial than we’d be comfortable with.

The origins of these objects and the pilots  within them is even further clouded with the “Drone Menace !”.  Sounds like a really bad star wars movie, doesn’t it?    If the numbers of them in the air are true, how are we to know  the variety of shapes these might take? Or why they would be flying so low over our neighborhoods and public roads. Of what interest could too old UFO researchers be to our government?

No, I believe these craft (the drones) are obviously at work and at war, but there has been such a variety to the weirdness we have found that I think it even exceeds our countries capabilities, its intentions.   Like God, we apparently are not supposed to understand their motives or thinking.   We don’t try anymore. We merely record what we find and  pray that extraterrestrial life, governments, or whatever the  force seen or unseen, able to rule us, is  a benevolent  one.

These objects must be captured in as many images as possible; deer cameras or more sophisticated video equipment. Almost everyone has a video camera these days within their sophisticated phone or in their camera, even birdwatchers now have the option of purchasing a set of binoculars with a video camera attached to it, to record everything found within it’s two lenses.

The answer is so simple. If you truly want to find something , you generally have to get up and look. These truths all come at a cost. Is it one your willing to pay?

Richard Carter.

Author: Richard Carter

It would be no simple thing to forget, but still one easier than the weight of unwanted knowledge.  Every profession of man is laced with regret of one kind or another and these issues are as much a part of their lives, their professions  as the good they may achieve in them.   We know that the over used example of death and taxes, is also an accurate one, that the Policeman can only make his community as safe as those that work against him allow, that the  physician  sometimes has to walk away from the bed of the patient  too badly broken .

These are regarded as facts, but there are different types of truths, some that ring true only to those exposed directly to them. As most information we take in adapts our thinking even sometimes in nearly negligible ways, it none the less becomes part of the composite of who and what we are. It adapts  our views and responses over time.

Our exposure to what we may define as  almost unbelievable news really isn’t that much different from the news of this weeks shootings or the newest atrocity quite normal in our society.   It’s all about what we know.  Every time I learn a new way to fix something ,the right way, or I find a new art technique that is really nothing new at all, I’m wide eyed with a goofy grin for awhile or a furrowed brow trying to figure how I overlooked it.

Every new job you’re trained for, or development within your career, is a similar, though  maturely concealed, childlike moment.  But,  learning at our age is never a publicly “fun” thing. It  is  mistaken by some of us as an absence of something we should already know, but that’s  just pride conflicting with something that has always seemed a good  practice in the past,  the  open minded acceptance of facts until they are proven or dis-proven.

You can say “well that’s not reasonable”  in a world so full of conflicting views, and disinformation, and your partially correct.  At our age wariness has to enter the equation.   But also, we have been told that eggs were horrible for us at one time due to certain kinds of cholesterol, after a time indefinite that  our ancestors embraced them as one of the staples of healthy eating.  Now eggs are good for us again. There has been a rethinking,  but all the dancing around in labs, changing partners, didn’t cloud the message about them. We still ate them and for the most part were less the worst for wear.

There are all kinds of similar truths, ones that may have political or sociological veneers, but none the less have cores of clear meaning.  The question is “how we choose to respond to what were told?”  Maybe a more pertinent example for this subject would be a  scenario not that rare in the past, when villages had yet grown into cities and a portion of the community’s care was still left with the people of the area.  If a wolf or a rabid dog, or some other animal, that could be a threat to the group, was sighted, whether the witness was considered  believable  or not it was taken seriously, none the less, as a preventive against needless injury until it was proven or dis-proven a reality.

Whether that was because of our faith in one another or the tighter bonds of community then, or whether in certain ways we’ve grown beyond the common sense of the past in our arrogance, and confidence in the rest of what we know.

One last example -(hopefully I won’t mangle it too badly) there is a story in the Martial arts history about an old instructor who  is interviewing a confident young man who wants to be his student.   The old man talks and the young one seems to counter his ideas, with past teaching he’s received. Finally the old man asks for tea to be brought.  He then serves the tea himself to the young man.  As he pours, he continues pouring until the cup is full and it overflows onto the table. The young man surprised says “stop, your overfilling the cup”.     The old man then explains “You are like this cup, too full. To learn you must come as an empty cup with an open mind.

Maybe that is the reason we struggle so hard against acceptance of certain things.  What we’ve been taught is too well ingrained, whether accurate or not.   With subjects of the paranormal especially, those dealing with UFO, and sometimes not so little green men, we may try but eventually balk when examining these possibilities.

To be honest, even with all we’ve personally seen and captured on film, my first instinct, even when covering a thoroughly researched case, is to shake my head.  It can’t be real, but it is and no love for my family or fear of social opinion, no religious dogma can change that fact.

Not hundreds or thousands but  millions, world wide, understand the same truth.  Through what seems like life changing experience, they have accepted an added concern in their lives as real as taxes and death. We all hope that the rest of mankind will someday empty its cup and begin to treat this issue more like the wolf at the door it really is.

In the movie “The Mist”, a fog rolls into an unsuspecting coastal town and within this extraordinary Mist, there are creatures using it as an apparent  cover. It appears the military has made a mistake and  punched a hole through the separation between us  and another dimension.

The creatures were both large and relatively small in comparison to each other. They differ in their types, seem more bestial than  intelligent.

But, then, whose to say what we interpret  as wisdom would be worth a thing in a world totally alien to us, and who’ says they have any need or desire for decorum, or sensibilities, living (possibly )in a world of biologically driven impulses and directives, more pure and basic than our own.

But when we contemplate the arrival of such beings, or creatures much more advanced, can  we be open minded enough to examine these possibilities and our responses to such a scenario, in a more realistic way? Can we frame it  in our minds? Placing ourselves in the same image with the nearly indescribable?

Watching Independence Day or the War of the Worlds, twenty times won’t prepare us, because we have no way of knowing if the threat at hand will be the type you have any physical power against.
Or if that threat will ever be accompanied by the sighting of one  UFO.

If we are to believe the literature on the vast tunnel systems beneath our country,  ones not just full of government records or offices for our leaders to flee to in a crunch, some of these are supposedly inhabited, and not by the homeless of our species. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VijwirfWuqU&feature=share  

Di-sect this, watch it with the skeptics eye, but be open minded enough to search out the individual elements of it, and confirm as best as you can, each point, then  if it doesn’t wind up (in your view)  totally bogus, open your mind to the possibility.

If such is true, then  H.G. Wells day, that has been built upon by writers and the film industry for generations,  may not be  as  predictable. Besides, imagine  you’re a group of beings that can read minds, communicate telepathically. You can take the memories away that don’t serve your purpose,  (These are the their abilities,  as suggested by abductees and people in government positions as well).  If you could read your enemies mind, knowing  their plans to watch and  train their guns on the sky as really happened in the REAL battle of  Los Angeles, wouldn’t it make it seem more effective to attack from the other direction, from below?   This is all speculation but it makes sense. We like to us the phrase “get in the competitions head”.

Well, what if that’s not possible for us?   We have to think of them in much more basic terms to understand(what we may be dealing with).    Realize they, whatever their make up, are beings with needs that ensure their survival, to be here this long and show this much interest in the earth. There must be items here of value or necessity to them.  This may sound overly simplified but if they are really here, if they are inhabiting our unused areas of the earth, then they most likely would be about their business here just as we pursue the issues vital to our survival.

Search lights and anti aircraft fire all meet at a conjunctive point , Thousands and thousands of shells were fired at one object in one place in the sky, and it was never brought down, a few citizens of Los Angelas were killed by stray shells though.

In our moments of interaction, you can see them in the same way you view bugs and pests. They are of course familiar to us,  yet still alien in their appearance. (What happens when you get pests in your house,  mice or bugs?   They have  infiltrated the out of the way places of your home , inside the hidden structures of furniture and the inner walls of your home (the tunnels beneath our soil) and we have no idea how many routes they have to the surface of our counters, our carpeted floors, or our cabinets.   (We have no idea how many tunnels to the surface of our world these galactic pests might have, who are rumored to exist in these underground systems).

If you encounter insects  on their instinct driven  search for food and shelter or the possible gathering of information, they are  only  distracted from their mission long enough to avoid you and find a nook or cranny to escape into . Have you frightened them away?  Not hardly!  They will find a way to work, to search, to eat and breed ,despite you. You may not hear or see them again that night but they are busy somewhere.

It is likely much the same for an alien culture trying to entrench themselves in a distant world . Staying out of sight would be to their advantage, but the need to be about, accomplishing certain objectives might lead to their being temporarily seen(SIGHTINGS) .

But once discovered, would that  knowledge that they’d been seen cause them to turn tail and zip back across space?  It’s probably unlikely.  No, like the ant or the roach, they would probably, as the history of the phenomena shows, just retreat from sight and then once the threat or witness was engaged elsewhere just continue and  go about their business.

Ask yourself “with a wealth of probably hundreds of reports within the military alone of strange extraordinary moments, unexplainable craft and creatures, by Naval Captains, Air force pilots, and Army personnel, if these stories by totally credible individuals are true, what is happening around us?”  Is there some yet unnamed virus or frailty to our minds that erupts disease-like to fill us with  a strange false takes on reality?   Or is  just a wishful thinking by skeptics and those still trying to keep our daily grind relatively simple?

The sailors of ancient times thought men mad to proceed past a certain place on the map of the seas,where the world ended, they were the experts of their time.  Doctors, at one point, believed the best thing you could do for a wounded man was to bleed him further to release evil vapors in the body, evil hid everywhere. They were the established cutting edge of knowledge of their time.  Explorers thought  Gorillas were monsters and not just reclusive primates,  and electricity and radio waves so much a part of the heart of our lives could not at one time exist because they could not be seen.

large object temporarily revealed from inside a cloud over the hospital

Yet, now to speak of what is not easily seen, is a welcome for the derisive thoughts and tongue-in-cheek comments of others.  How little we’ve changed.   If there is one thing we can be certain of  in our  place in this world, it is that we’re not the masters of it.    We have, in our arrogance, clutched our successes to our chest like laurels and rested on them, seeing some (invisible) bar we’ve finally reached  like a diploma of sorts.

With eyes blinded by our own self confidence, we, for the most part, think it impossible that a race of beings of our stature, with our accomplishments could be blind to anything around us, but  the nature of growth is not only in the discovery of harmful agents in our bodies, or of the better manipulation of our resources, towards societies survival.  It is in acknowledging of our  childlike role  in all this.  We are  able to see all the mysteries our vision  allows, aided by lenses that allow us to extend that power of sight out into the galaxy,  but we still forget, to our discredit, the limitations of that same power.

What if -there is something called gravity?, What if -we learn to harness the glowing energy in Ben Franklin’s key? What if – we search just a little further and find the world is not flat?  Man’s history, his accomplishment, is the ability to rise each day, ask the questions that will eventually be answered to the detriment or betterment of mankind.  Like Isaac Newton and Ben Franklin,  some of us have been exposed to a wonder, one that has either great, great promise for mans future or dire consequences.

What if – our world was being taken from us, beneath our very noses?  The evidence for this is at  at hand and it is more than a falling apple or an electrically charged key .

Richard Carter,

object with a metallic surface exposed for a few moments from a cloud over our towns hospital

So whats the reason for the republishing of these other images below?

It’s the fact they all occurred on the same deserted corner , and abandoned lot, that has had strange lights, strange machinery  parked on it , and figures that don’t  meet the description of railroad personnel.

The reason is (this photo) it is made of two taken on different evenings.  I started going up on my bike without lights to initially give me away. Until I started shooting, they were both taken within 30 yards of the other side of the small trestle like bridge, the southern most one still in Butler.

On the first occasion the lights were dimmer, and I believe on the ground. In the second one they were what I would estimate as 30 to 100 ft in the air,



The wide gap, in my estimation, is because we have no way of knowing how large the lights really were. This could affect the possibilities for their position and the lack of  knowing  what they were attached to makes further efforts at measurement  pointless.



Now, the  difficulty we have always seeing this light is due to its type, we believe.   If I understand correctly, light consists of  types of electromagnetic radiation traveling in wave. This is sometimes visible to the eye, but MOST frequencies of light are not visible.  This could account for the clusters of multicolored light found in our photos . There is no way I could be that close to them and not see them in their fullness unless this was the case, unless something was muting them slightly.

This mound, behind these buildings, part of railroad property, is consistently active with strange lights and figures and objects.  There is no explanation for a deserted lot to have this kind of activity, to have squared openings show up in some photos and then not in others taken only days later from the same positions.  Sure, the obvious thing to do would be just to take an iron rod and a machete and go cut away the weeds and tap the rod looking for holes or hollow cavities or entrances covered with wood, sheets of plywood.  But, then, I’d be writing these articles on paper in my cell, because I don’t have the money on hand to waste  paying fines for trespassing on Railroad property.   We’ve made it clear, without the permission of the owners, we never cross property lines day or night. If the zoom on my camera can’t get us where we need to be  were just S.O.L.



The mound first got our attention when we noticed that taking a picture of the property on an  early winter day, we found stuff on our film that just wasn’t visible  at the time,  stuff we went back to confirm, , to see if shadow or angle or some tricky aspect  of vision could have come into play.

As it was, we found nothing looking carefully at it from every position along our way.  There was nothing to suggest the shape of something bell-like sitting amid the tall dead weeds. There was nothing to represent the walking figures, or the metallic colors to the object.

To the right there is the image of something with a round top, kind of bell-shaped, or like a short squat bullet trash can.  The object seems to have figures of some kind moving around it.  All this is old news, but when you take into consideration all this, to west of the trestle, and then take a look at whats going on  400 yards to the east of the trestle over the football field and Bates County Memorial Hospital, you have a lot of activity in a relatively small area,  lot of mysterious activity. Wander down the hill another 4 or 5 hundred yards, and turn north and you can see the courthouse we photographed the night we caught a rounded object clinging to its wall, and then floating out 30 ft or so, only to change to bright yellow and zip off to the south.   Now you’re on the block we live on and everything else, except our journey to northern Missouri to Orrick, all the weirdness in the huge collection of images we have, took place within 15 to 20 miles of here.  Yea, you’re in Missouri in the Midwest, but don’t squint your eyes or look to hard at the woods you drive through,   because you just might see something that starts you wondering if  you’re not in Kansas, but instead  Missouri and Oz, intersect.













Blunt gun metal grey , only slightly reflective                                                                            

Something is revealed in the momentary parting of this Cloud.

The skies over Bates County Memorial Hospital were full of the same strange  clouds that seemed content only to float through.

With back to back to back days of over a hundred and trees suffering from the long drought  it looked more like fall with nearly leafless trees, and piles of potato crisp like leaves at their feet.

As we walked across the parking lot, heading home, there was something odd about the clouds,  So we did what we always do (when in doubt about an object TAKE THE PICTURE)!   Once at home, a number of them came to more clear shocking life within a few minutes time on the computer.

What is fascinating about this is I had a ridiculous theory I mentioned to Lori; that possibly the reason no clouds were amassing and forming rain filled thunderheads was because they weren’t your average clouds.

a darker version closeup along the bottom to the right its body peeks out as well.

Laughingly, I suggested they were just constructs of something within them, (cloud cover of a different kind).  There was something to our suspicions about their odd movements  even if our deductions  seemed a bit humorous .  There were days without wind, days without breeze,  and these waves one after another would move through like they were being driven by a storm on the horizon, such was their pace.

This was over the football field directly across from the hospital.

We have captured clouds parting before, revealing odd frame work and immense geometric shapes, some it seemingly drawn with a ruler. But this is different. One corner, one large slab of this flat grey object, is clearly revealed. Something is inside this cover of mist.  Here is a thought. It’s rumored that by 2020 there will be 30,000 Drones in the sky over America.

As I’ve asked in another article , “could it be that these Drones are not the only creations in the sky?”  Is there a possibility that they might be a cover for these others?

If 30,000 of anything are going to be placed in the skies, that roughly breaks down to 600 a state ,  if they are equally divided. It will have, I guarantee you, an immediate effect.  With six hundred possible objects in the Missouri sky, you will have a period of unprecedented numbers of UFO reports.

are these Drones of some kind, or yet unknown machinery in our sky.
these we found on the square in more than one spot

These will be fielded by everybody from the police to the air force.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Mufon isn’t given a  statement to  pass on to the public in response to similar sightings that could occur throughout the state  .   I wouldn’t be surprised if after a while this has a desensitizing effect on those who normally report, and they, seeing lights in the future, will be less concerned knowing there are possibly 600  Drone spy craft in the American skies. It will make speculation over the possibility of more exotic craft less fruit full.

Another similar object, this one hiding in an alleyway near opur jail

How many UFO sightings then, because of this, will go unnoticed, or once  seen  remain unexplored. “Oh you’re dreaming. That’s just another Drone”,  will be the phrase when talk of any sighting is heard, and more times than not they may be right.   But shouldn’t we examine it closely while this subject is still on the horizon, before we wake to its full blown reality, have fun with it?  Let’s imagine  a scenario, an impossible one, as though we were attempting to write a good science fiction movie.   In our story, let’s say a similar rumor is floating around that  tens of thousands of highly technical machinery are supposed to be in the skies and countryside populated by our characters.  But our tale has a twist.  In our story there are only a few such objects of a strange design planned to be really aloft.   But why, you ask, then the rumors of thousands and thousands of mysterious craft.?  Because the few that were created are just part of a facade.

Some are transported through cities throughout our imaginary country.They are seen on trailers and stopped in busy areas,  all to leave an  impression in the minds of our hapless heroes and their friends , an impression that reinforces these rumors of odd space ship like craft  similar to our real Drones.

People see the flying saucers on trailers being hauled around, but are told they really are unmanned observation vehicles.  Only in the case of our novel, our movie, there are no saucer like spy craft planned. The public is told that there will be, let’s say, 30 thousand, in the sky,  so the average man will not be surprised by the growing number of  real craft from outside our galaxy that are seen in frightening regularity.

The reason for the charade?  Our imaginary government, in the book, knows these beings and their machines are coming, and they know they have no way of stopping them.  An arrangement has been made to shield the public from this reality. The cover story of the mass production of machines becomes necessary.  The public’s fears of so many air borne objects fade with acceptance of this story. Every time they see a saucer like craft they assume its one of the governments line of vehicles, when in reality it is just a mass migration taking place and the tunnels beneath our characters feet are these beings new home.

HA- but we’re lucky such could not be the case in our real world. Imagination, though opens in our minds new lines of thought, new observations about our own very real cast of characters. It also, like a mystery, demands silently that we  look at the past of our suspects, rooting out credibility and past causes for  of malice in each of them.

Two questions , wild speculation I grant you,  but examining the situation I think not that far out of the realm of possibility.

First, again, let’s remember the REALITY, the real known part of this.  30,000  OF ANYTHING turned out and put in place  actively at work in a short time is a  massive undertaking, one not chosen lightly,  and there’s nothing to say many, many more will not, as well, follow that date of the initial units completion.

We also have to take into account that as the date nears completion of the first hoard, 8 years will have passed in which doubtless improvements will take place.    With the short length of time it takes for recent technology to become obsolete  there can be no doubt that the original purpose and capabilities of the firsts models may be very different by the time the final models roll off the assembly line, but then again who says a project of this type ever reaches completion.    Once you stretch a steel net across the sky, create an all seeing eye of sorts, who ever relinquishes that sort of control?

So, with a better understanding of our place in this and a shadow made visible of what approaches, the question still looms, what could be the reason for such a need?     Why such total control? To better protect us from anarchists and revolutionaries, or to protect us from something else entirely.

In 2009 we were abducted, we believe twice in the same evening, once by a strange canister shaped craft with strange beings inside, and we feel later we were,well abducted again, this time by English speaking, very human sounding voices. These were, at one time, on tapes we dreaded hearing. So, our belief in it is in stone.

Even if that testimonial to Bates County’s strangeness is not enough, other people have been abducted here as well and came forward to us with their story.   We’ve mentioned policemen, and hospital professionals who’ve seen things years ago that still haunt them today.   We know there is a phenomena of abduction taking place here. The question then is, is it a result of the efforts of strange beings or humans with even  stranger motives ?

We believe that there is both, that there is a governmental or corporate  organization much larger than one country , a cartel that works in agreement with  and at times blindly against the will of the very same countries they pretend to work with.  I believe there is some sort of  chess game taking place, with terrible stakes involved, that place us in a position all but ignored in a sense.   That sense being our inconsequential wills  dealing with these larger matters.

Could it be possible that these Drones are only, secondarily, a watchdog for democracy, protecting us from chaos and are much more an early warning web stretched from sea to shining sea?  Could the masters of these Drones , our leaders, be watching  intently for the arrival of something else.